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Governing House Flag-rheinland.png Rheinland
Region Rheinland
Connected Systems New Berlin

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System Overview

Astronomical Bodies
Stellar Objects
Medium Blue
  • TYPE: B2
  • COLOR: Blue
  • MASS: 2.12 x 10e30 kg
  • DIAMETER: 1.69 x 10e7 km
Planetary Objects
Planet Owner
Planet Holstein Daumann
Stulingen Uninhabited
Planet Heidelberg Uninhabited
Nebulae & Asteroids
  • Halle Debris Field
  • Hausenfeld
  • Sector-7
  • Sector-9
  • Taunusfeld
  • Weisserfeld
  • Westerwald
Industrial Development
Space Stations
Station Owner
Mainz Storage Facility Imperial Shipping
Mannheim Station Kruger Minerals
Fulda Border Station Rheinland Federal Police
Bruchsal Base Bundschuh
Carrier Saar MND
Schatten Research Facility MND
Battleship Schwerin Rheinland Military
  • Commodity Mining
    • Scrap Metal
  • Faction Presence
    Lawful Factions
    • Imperial Shipping
    • MND
    • Rheinland Federal Police
    • Rheinland Military
    Corporations & Guilds
    • Daumann Heavy Construction
    • Kruger Minerals
    Unlawful Factions
    • Bundschuh

    System Map

    Rh04 map.png

    Areas of Interest



    The Westerwald Cloud is a large, copper-hued nebula that covers the western side of Frankfurt. Bundschuh and Unioners frequently launch raids from the cloud. Armed MND convoys are regularly observed entering and leaving the area. Local authorities caution against traversing this region, citing treacherous navigation conditions. Civilian vessels venturing into the cloud are intercepted by MND patrols and compelled to change course.



    All information concerning Sector-9 is classified by the MND and the area protected by a minefield. Any unauthorised ships approaching Sector-9 will be nullified without exception or exemption.

    Asteroid Fields

    Halle Debris Field


    The Halle Debris field is a dark reminder of the Rheinland Civil War that was fought from 827 to 828 AS. Halle was formed from the wreckage of a number of different battles between Federalist and Imperial forces. In an attempt at reconciliation, ALG was offered a generous contract for battlefield cleanup across Frankfurt. While some initial progress has been made in decontaminating Halle, the process is complicated by the nearby Westerwald which ALG is unwilling to enter, as well as frequent Unioner attacks.



    All information concerning Sector-7 is classified by the MND and the area protected by a minefield. Any unauthorised ships approaching Sector-7 will be nullified without exception or exemption.


    A small field of rocky asteroids. The field was never fully charted, with planned expeditions cancelled by the economic crash following the 80-Years War. While Hessians once launched raids on nearby Mannheim Station from the field, these have sharply dropped in recent years. Corsair pirates are often sighted in combat with Red Hessians in the area.


    A large field of rocky asteroids. The Taunusfeld was extensively mined during earlier centuries, however these operations were abandoned during the 80-Years War after much of Frankfurt's workforce was conscripted. The economic crash following the war ensured mining would never resume. The Rheinland Federal Police believe the Bundschuh originate from the field, though they have so far been unable to locate a base of operations. In recent years, Corsairs have also become a significant threat, launching attacks on nearby Trade Lanes from the field.



    A small field of rocky asteroids, split off from the nearby Weisserfeld. For many years the field was used by the LWB to launch attacks on Fertilizer shipments, however this presence has more recently been entirely displaced by Corsairs and Unioners. Initial surveys indicated mineral rich rocks that react with the radiation from the nearby sun, creating a powerful electromagnetic disturbance in the field. Preliminary mining operations were abandoned with the economic crash following the 80-Years War, with the navigational hazards and criminal activity deterring further corporate exploitation.


    Pellucid - F/G-6

    The Pellucid is registered to the award winning investigative journalist Ute Gloeckner. The Starflyer has been extensively modified with custom sensor packages designed to provide long-range visual capture and telemetry. The ship's data banks have been removed. Gloeckner was reported missing in late 833 AS.


    Cazadora - F/G-3/2

    The Cazadora was a Corsair fighter flown by novice Alcia Castaneda. She had been escorting a supply convoy to the frontlines of Dresden. The convoy was ambushed and destroyed by the Bundschuh, with the Cazadora left in place as a grim warning to other Corsairs.


    Kastner - B/C-4

    The Kastner was a Federalist fighter launched from the Carrier Saar. Lieutenant Paul Weissmuller was recorded as missing in action after fighting in the rearguard to cover the Saar's initial escape from New Berlin. The Kastner appears to have escaped into the Westerwald Nebula before succumbing to damage.


    Schwab - E-5

    The Schwab was a notorious Imperial raider that fought in the Rheinland Civil War. While the pilot's identity is unknown, the Schwab was renown for its daring strikes on Federalist positions across Munich, scoring over 10 fighter kills. Weapons damage indicates that the Schwab was caught by Bundschuh fighters while returning from from a sortie.


    Scharfschütze - F-4

    The Scharfschütze was piloted by Lieutenant Eric Werner, who was commissioned to the Battleship Schwerin in 834 AS. Apparently overwhelmed by the thrill of battle, Werner disobeyed orders to disengage from the enemy, pursuing a fleeing Corsair freighter into the Taunusfeld. It would seem the ship's name was applied ironically by his colleagues.


    Jump Gates/Holes

    Target System Type Location
    New Berlin Jump Gate B/A-7
    Sigma-13 Jump Gate D-2/1
    Sigma-15 Jump Gate G-4/3
    Frankfurt Jump Hole B-2/3
    Frankfurt Jump Hole F-7
    Thuringia Jump Hole G-6
    Hamburg Jump Hole B/A-4
    Dresden Jump Hole D/E-7
    Sigma-15 Jump Hole F-2

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