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CTE CT-53 "Heron" Civilian Train
Dsy train.png
Basic Information
Ship Class Transport
Built By Unknown
Tech Column Sirius Civilian
Guns/Turrets 0 / 6
Max Weapon Class 1
Other Equipment
  • 1xCD/T
  • 1xCM
  • Hull Strength 102,000
    Max Shield Class 6
    Cargo Space 3,000 units
    Batteries 320
    Nanobots 320
    Speed and Movement
    Max Impulse Speed 100 m/s
    Max Turn Speed 30.56 deg/s
    Max Thrust Speed 160 m/s
    Max Cruise Speed 350 m/s
    Power Output 50,000 u
    Power Recharge 5,000 u/s
    Ship Price 200,000
    Package Price 206,006

    As the spaces between bases increased and so did their commercial potential, these enormous transports were developed to carry larger loads. Tasked with the shipping of freight beyond the threads of civilization represented by the Trade Lanes the Heron class of transport, the first of the Train class, maintains fantastic manouverability for a vessel of its size and amenity with an economy of movement and production.


    • This ship is too large to use docking bays, it must use mooring points.
    • Max Turn Rate: 30.56°
    • Time to Max Turn: 1.38s
    • Time to turn 180°: 6.09s
    • Maximum Strafe Speed: 16.67m/s
    • Distance Strafed in 0.5s: 2.74m


    • 6x Transport Turret
    • 1x Transport Shield
    • 1x Hyperspace Beacon
    • 4x Cargo Pod
    • 1x Thruster
    • 1x Cruise Disruptor
    • 1x Countermeasure

    Purchase Includes

    • CE-Ta Engine Mk I ($1)
    • Ageira Mark IIc Fusion Reactor ($0)
    • Scanner ($5)
    • Light Transport Graviton Shield ($6,000)


    Base Owner System Region
    Freeport 10 Zoners Tau-37 Tau Edge Worlds
    Harrisburg Station Universal Shipping Pennsylvania Liberty

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