New York

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New York
Governing House Flag-liberty.png Liberty
Region Liberty
Connected Systems California
Planet Manhattan Atmosphere

The New York system is the capital of Liberty and one of the most populated areas of Sirius.

System Overview

Astronomical Bodies
Stellar Objects
Medium White
  • TYPE: G8
  • COLOR: White
  • MASS: 2.00 x 10e30 kg
  • DIAMETER: 1.85 x 10e7 km
Planetary Objects
Planet Owner
Planet Manhattan Liberty Police, Inc.
Planet Pittsburgh DSE
Maine Uninhabited
Atmospheric Entry Point Xenos
Nebulae & Asteroids
  • Badlands
  • Detroit Debris Field
  • Jersey Debris Field
  • Pittsburgh Debris Field
  • Zone-21
Industrial Development
Space Stations
Station Owner
Newark Station Interspace Commerce
Trenton Outpost Universal Shipping
Planet Pittsburgh, Xeno Hideout Xenos
Battleship Missouri Liberty Navy
West Point Military Academy Liberty Navy
Detroit Munitions Ageira Technologies
Fort Bush Liberty Police, Inc.
Baltimore Shipyard Deep Space Engineering
Baltimore Drydock A Deep Space Engineering
Baltimore Drydock B Deep Space Engineering
Buffalo Base Liberty Rogues
Rochester Base Junkers
Chadwick Station Alaska Security Forces
Norfolk Shipyard Liberty Navy
  • Commodity Mining
    • Scrap Metal
  • Faction Presence
    Lawful Factions
    • Alaska Security Forces
    • Liberty Navy
    • Liberty Police, Inc.
    Corporations & Guilds
    • Ageira Technologies
    • Deep Space Engineering
    • Interspace Commerce
    • Junkers
    • Universal Shipping
    Unlawful Factions
    • Liberty Rogues
    • Xenos

    System Map

    Li01 map.png

    Areas of Interest




    The Badlands is a particulate cloud filled with asteroids and subject to intense electrical activity that renders most scanners inoperable. Two government research stations, Bedford and Ithaca, were constructed here to study these unique environmental phenomena. However, the Badlands also provides a natural refuge for all types of criminal elements. The Battleship Missouri has since been deployed to protect Liberty interests in the area and deter pirate attacks against nearby Trade Lanes.

    Asteroid Fields



    All information concerning Zone 21 is CLASSIFIED by the Liberty Navy and the area protected by a minefield. Any unauthorized ships attempting to breach the Zone 21 minefield or enter Zone 21 itself will be nullified WITHOUT EXCEPTION OR EXEMPTION.

    Detroit Debris Field

    An industrial dumping ground left over from early expansion efforts, it is now frequented by Junkers and Rogues.

    Jersey Debris Field

    A floating junkyard, the byproduct of orbital development around Manhattan. Some criminal activity is present, chiefly drug runners and smugglers, along with itinerant Junkers who comb the field looking for scrap and parts.

    Pittsburgh Debris Field

    A cloud of abandoned ships, parts, and other scrap pulled into the planet Pittsburgh's gravity well from the Baltimore Shipyard over the centuries. The Pittsburgh Debris Field is frequently used as cover by Rogues who like to attack traffic in and out of Pittsburgh.


    Flint - C/D-6/7

    Wreckage of the Rogue Fighter Flint, which has been missing for several weeks. There may be Cardamine cargo aboard.


    Aggressor - D/E-6/5

    The wreckage of the Aggressor, the ship of infamous Bounty Hunter, Harry Riggs.


    Patrol 27 - E-6

    Probable remains of missing Liberty Navy Patrol 27.


    Patrol 27 - E-6

    Probable remains of missing Liberty Navy Patrol 27.


    Patrol 27 - E-6

    Probable remains of missing Liberty Navy Patrol 27.


    Jump Gates/Holes

    Target System Type Location
    California Jump Gate B-6
    Colorado Jump Gate D-2
    Texas Jump Gate G/F-6
    Alaska Jump Gate G-4
    Pennsylvania Jump Gate D-7/6
    New York Jump Hole F/E-7
    New York Jump Hole G/F-6/5
    Colorado Jump Hole C-3/2
    Texas Jump Hole E-7
    Planet Manhattan Atmosphere Jump Hole D/C-3/4

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