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Governing House Flag-liberty.png Liberty
Region Liberty
Connected Systems New York

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System Overview

Astronomical Bodies
Stellar Objects
Medium White
  • TYPE: G8
  • COLOR: White
  • MASS: 2.00 x 10e30 kg
  • DIAMETER: 1.85 x 10e7 km
Planetary Objects
Planet Owner
Planet Sayre Uninhabited
Bradford Uninhabited
Planet Tremont Uninhabited
Planet Hallam Uninhabited
Clarion Uninhabited
Planet Bruin Uninhabited
Susquehanna Uninhabited
Planet Dudley Uninhabited
Planet Tyrone Uninhabited
Planet Erie Liberty Police, Inc.
Lansdale Uninhabited
Nebulae & Asteroids
  • Appalachian Asteroid Field
  • Driftwood Ice Asteroid Field
  • Meadville Ice Asteroid Field
  • Pocono Asteroid Field
  • Ralston Ice Field (Helium Mining Zone)
  • Scranton Asteroid Field
  • Wilkes-Barre Asteroid Field
Industrial Development
Space Stations
Station Owner
Allentown Base Junkers
Philadelphia Station Deep Space Engineering
Bethlehem Station Zoners
Niverton Base Liberty Rogues
Milford Base Xenos
Valley Forge Flight School Interspace Commerce
Battleship Alma Liberty Navy
Harrisburg Station Universal Shipping
  • Commodity Mining
    • Helium
    • Water
  • Faction Presence
    Lawful Factions
    • Liberty Navy
    • Liberty Police, Inc.
    • Zoners
    Corporations & Guilds
    • Deep Space Engineering
    • Interspace Commerce
    • Junkers
    • Universal Shipping
    Unlawful Factions
    • Liberty Rogues
    • Xenos

    System Map

    Li09 map.png

    Areas of Interest


    Pocono Asteroid Field


    The Pocono Field is a particulate cloud filled with asteroids and subject to intense electrical activity that significantly hinders most scanners. The field contains the New York Jump Gate, a vital trade artery for all of Pennsylvania's imports and exports.

    Meadville Ice Asteroid Field

    Asteroid Fields

    Scranton Asteroid Field

    A medium-sized field of rock asteroids. Barely explored, this field is located in one of the most remote regions of Pennsylvania and often serves as a hideout for Rogues and other dangerous criminals chased by Bounty Hunters or Police patrols.

    Appalachian Asteroid Field

    The Appalachian is a medium-sized rocky asteroid field. Its proximity to the New York trade artery makes it a prime staging area for pirates. It is rumored that the Liberty Rogues have a base within the field, but Liberty security forces haven't been able to pinpoint it's exact location. Preliminary commercial surveys of the field were abandoned due to persistent pirate attacks.

    Ralston Ice Field (Helium Mining Zone)

    Ralston Ice Field is located within the Hallam Nebula. The field is notable for significant amounts of helium trapped in the asteroids that form the field. Extremely low temperatures within the nebula do not allow to use asteroid miners in the field, however, standard cargo tracking equipment installed on most ships allows to mine out this element in small quantities.

    Driftwood Ice Asteroid Field

    A large field of ice asteroids on the outskirts of the Pennsylvania system. Xeno activity is significant within the field.

    Wilkes-Barre Asteroid Field

    A desolate medium-sized rock asteroid field. Traces of valuable metals have been found by initial surveys conducted by Zoners, but no further research has been made due to increasing pirate activity in the Pennsylvania system.


    Lenox - C-2

    The remains of a Liberty patrol within the Appalachian Asteroid Field. The catastrophic hull damage indicates it was ripped apart by explosives. Given that Xenos are often sighted in the field, it is highly likely the patrol was ambushed by a raiding party. It is likely a mine or missile connected with the engine of the ship, ripping it apart.


    Albion - B-3

    The Albion was a Rogue fighter that had been smuggling Cardamine from Niverton Base. A Junker informant ratted him out, and the ship was soon intercepted by an LPI patrol wing. The Albion was critically damaged while attempting to flee, and the pilot arrested and shipped to Sugarland. The wreck of the Albion is a reminder to the criminals of Liberty of the risks of smuggling Cardamine in the system.


    Verne - F/E-3/2

    The hull of a Zoner freighter, originally bound for Bethlehem Station with essential supplies. Originally flying from New York, it is suspected that the vessel was intercepted by Liberty Rogues or Xenos. The freighter was shot to pieces and left to drift, later falling into Planet Dudley's orbit. The Verne was long-ago picked clean by scavengers.


    Stardust - D-2

    The Stardust belonged to prolific Erie smuggler, Rufus Blackwell. After years evading the police, a near miss with a LPI wing earned him a warrant with the Bounty Hunter's Guild. A gang of Hunters succeeded in placing a tracking beacon on the Stardust after extorting one of Blackwell's Erie acquaintances. The Hunters sprung their trap near the California Jump Hole; Blackwell fled towards the Pocono Field, but his assailants' faster and more agile fighters quickly overran him, applying full stop to his daring career.


    Lynch - F/G-7/6

    The Lynch belonged to ace pilot David Brenson. A neural net message sent to Brenson with information on his next target was intercepted by the Lane Hackers, who were ordered to eliminate the troublesome Hunter. The assassins caught up with Brenson in the Driftwood Asteroid Field, quickly killing his wingmen. Despite being heavily outnumbered, the Lynch dispatched 5 of its attackers before a mine struck its cockpit, killing Brenson instantly. To this day, Brenson is known as one of the most successful and notorious Hunters to operate in Liberty Space.


    Ogre - C/D-6/7

    The Xeno pilot who flew the Ogre was atypical for his lot, mild mannered and unassuming in appearance. This humble countenance contrasted harshly with his absolutely reckless style of flying, often ramming enemy vessels and shattering their cockpits. Judging by the state of the wreckage, it appears the pilot bit off more than he could chew, but there are signs that he could have ejected and is still at large.


    Weedville - C-7

    Rumors say the Weedville's pilot left Allentown in 814 AS to explore a "remote orange nebula." No one knows if she was referring to a nebula within Pennsylvania or elsewhere. The ship, oddly enough, doesn't show signs of piracy or an ambush, but the body of the pilot was never recovered. The ship's weapons look old but recoverable, and the rations in the hold suggest the pilot was leaving for a long voyage.


    Gaeta - E-4

    A Zoner convoy escort, destroyed in 830 AS during the annexation of Pennsylvania. Reports show the Liberty Navy intercepted the convoy on suspicion of supplying Zoner Militants. It is unclear which party fired first. The entire convoy was wiped out, and the Gaeta the only recoverable ship from the carnage.


    Redwich - G-6/7

    The Redwich was a freelance explorer hailing from Erie. After registering a flight plan headed into the Driftwood Asteroid Field, the Starblazer never returned. Some Zoners believe that this field is haunted, and caution pilots to avoid it.


    Jump Gates/Holes

    Target System Type Location
    New York Jump Gate E-2
    California Jump Hole C-3
    Kansas Jump Hole C/B-6/7
    Texas Jump Hole F-7/6

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