Liberty Police, Inc.

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Liberty Police, Inc.
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Alignment Lawful


Liberty Authorities, Liberty Corporations, Bounty Hunters Guild


Liberty Rogues, Lane Hackers, Xenos, Outcasts, Gaians, Unioners, Zoners

Liberty Police, Inc. (LPI) is a private company that handles the policing of Liberty space to interdict the importation of contraband and to prevent attacks on civilian and commercial traffic. Interstellar human rights organisations have long criticised the Republic for their reliance on private policing, citing the massive incarceration numbers and booming crime rates in Liberty as arguments against LPI's efficacy. The company, however, argues that these facts only justify further contracts with the organisation, as Liberty's needs for policing grow ever larger.

Ships used

Ship Class
Patriot Light Fighter
Armored Transport Transport
Executioner Heavy Fighter
Defender Very Heavy Fighter
Avenger Very Heavy Fighter
Passenger Liner Liner
Upholder Bomber
Rhino Freighter
Liberty Gunboat Gunboat

Bases owned

Base Owner System Region
Planet Manhattan Liberty Police, Inc. New York Liberty
Fort Bush Liberty Police, Inc. New York Liberty
Planet Los Angeles Liberty Police, Inc. California Liberty
Planet Denver Liberty Police, Inc. Colorado Liberty
Planet Houston Liberty Police, Inc. Texas Liberty
LPI Huntsville Liberty Police, Inc. Texas Liberty
LPI Sugarland Liberty Police, Inc. Texas Liberty
Planet Erie Liberty Police, Inc. Pennsylvania Liberty
One Police Plaza Liberty Police, Inc. Colorado Liberty
San Diego Border Station Liberty Police, Inc. California Liberty


Base Owner System Region
Harrisburg Station Universal Shipping Pennsylvania Liberty
Planet Los Angeles Liberty Police, Inc. California Liberty
Newark Station Interspace Commerce New York Liberty
Planet Erie Liberty Police, Inc. Pennsylvania Liberty
LPI Huntsville Liberty Police, Inc. Texas Liberty
Manitoba Station Bounty Hunters Guild Hudson Independent
West Point Military Academy Liberty Navy New York Liberty
Philadelphia Station Deep Space Engineering Pennsylvania Liberty
Willard Research Station Liberty Navy California Liberty
LPI Sugarland Liberty Police, Inc. Texas Liberty
Rochester Base Junkers New York Liberty
Planet California Minor Planetform, Inc. California Liberty
Planet Houston Liberty Police, Inc. Texas Liberty
Fort Bush Liberty Police, Inc. New York Liberty
Trenton Outpost Universal Shipping New York Liberty
Detroit Munitions Ageira Technologies New York Liberty
Riverside Station Synth Foods, Inc. California Liberty
Battlecruiser Yellowstone Liberty Navy California Liberty
Allentown Base Junkers Pennsylvania Liberty
San Diego Border Station Liberty Police, Inc. California Liberty
Pueblo Station Ageira Technologies Colorado Liberty
Planet Manhattan Liberty Police, Inc. New York Liberty
Norfolk Shipyard Liberty Navy New York Liberty
Baltimore Shipyard Deep Space Engineering New York Liberty
Syracuse Station Cryer Pharmaceuticals Colorado Liberty
Thunder Bay Depot Junkers Ontario Liberty
Planet Denver Liberty Police, Inc. Colorado Liberty
Planet Pittsburgh Deep Space Engineering New York Liberty
Battleship Arkansas Liberty Navy Texas Liberty
Cordova Shipping Platform Universal Shipping Magellan Independent
Valley Forge Flight School Interspace Commerce Pennsylvania Liberty
Lewes Shipping Platform Gateway Shipping Tau-31 Tau Border Worlds
Chadwick Station Alaska Security Forces New York Liberty


Faction Relationship
Blood Dragons
Unione Corse
Farmers Alliance
Independent Pirates
Golden Chrysanthemums
Sirius Coalition
Lane Hackers
Liberty Rogues
The Order
Red Hessians
Daumann Heavy Construction
Gallic Brigands
The Maquis
The Technocracy
Bretonia Mining & Manufacturing
Bretonia Armed Forces
Bretonia Police
Border World Exports
Kishiro Technologies
Gateway Shipping
Samura Industries
Planetform, Inc.
Bretonia Intelligence Service
Object Unknown
Bounty Hunters Guild
Independent Miners Guild
Cryer Pharmaceuticals
Interspace Commerce
Deep Space Engineering
Synth Foods, Inc.
Orbital Spa & Cruise
Universal Shipping
Ageira Technologies
Liberty Security Force
Liberty Navy
Alaska Security Forces
Liberty Police, Inc.


Planet Manhattan, Landing Site
  • This is gonna sound crazy, but... when I'm out on patrol, I can't shake the feelin' something is watching me. Y'know, like... in the clouds behind me, or somethin'.

  • I don't know how much longer I'm gonna stay in this job. Partner of mine went off to work for the Guild on Deshima, ended up bagging enough bounties to retire comfortably in a year. Me? I'll be lucky if the Chief sends me a Sunbucks gift card.

  • This bar's got the best drinks on all of Manhattan, and the price ain't half bad either.

  • One of the boys got stabbed here last week. Last I heard, he's gonna end up losing most of his fingers. That'll teach ya - don't try to stop a knife with your bare hands.

  • You heard? Apparently one of the guys that broke outta Attica was some big-shot Rogue boss. Word around town is, he plans to gather up some of the bigger gangs and unite 'em... y'ask me? I'm filing for an early retirement the second I catch wind of that.

Planet Manhattan
  • The Rogues are all over New York. Actually, LPI might be out of business if it wasn't for the Rogues. It doesn't matter too much though; some LPI will bring you in for nothing but being in the wrong place at the wrong time. LPI can always use more workers at Sugarland and Huntsville.

  • LPI is almost like two companies: you got the LPI who police Liberty space and run the Sugarland and Huntsville prison stations, and then you have LPI the consumer goods manufacturer making all kinds of products with the captured criminals as their labor force.

  • A lot of LPI officers like the Xenos. The Xenos attack other criminal factions in New York and they don't attack Liberty shipping. They attack Ageira, but only for the guns. Just a bunch of harmless crazies, those Xenos.

  • The Xenos don't usually mess with Liberty shipping, but that all changes when it comes to Side Arms. The Xenos love stealing guns, they've been concentrating attacks on the Detroit Munitions Plant for some time now. Ageira is guarding the plant better, so now they're focusing on the Trade Lane between here and Detroit.

  • LPI is a privatized police force. I am an employee of Liberty Police, Inc. We are actually just executing company policy when we patrol Liberty space looking for criminals. LPI is sanctioned by the Liberty government so we have legal jurisdiction, but the bottom line is about money.

  • Xenos are hitting the Trade Lanes surrounding Manhattan. They are moving in from the Jersey Debris Fields; there must be a Jump Hole somewhere within the Jersey. At least they don't really attack Liberty shipping, just Kusari and Rheinland.

  • One of the Rogues we arrested just spilled his guts. This guy and two of his wingmen had traveled from the Badlands all the way around Liberty space following the debris fields till he reached Baltimore Shipyards. They flew right by one of our patrols and got tagged on their final approach to Baltimore.

  • Xenos in the Jersey are in a turf war with the Junkers right now. I say let the scum kill each other off. It's not like we need Junkers loitering about anyway.

  • The LPI 8th patrol wing is assigned to the Detroit Debris Field. There are no criminal bases there that we know of, but it is a well-populated area for Rogues and Junkers. The Detroit Field lies on the west side of the system, just beyond Manhattan where they can find cover in the Jersey Debris Fields.

  • The Junkers are criminal dirtbags, but they are smart about it, unlike the Rogues. They have a legitimate cover as scrap collectors, but we know they are as crooked as any other criminal. And they will never give up one of their own. You squeeze a Junker to make him talk about other criminals.

  • LPI's biggest problem is the Liberty Rogues. Lucky for us they are completely disorganized and usually not great pilots either. The problem is there are so many of them. They are all over the place -- kill one and two more pop up.

Planet Pittsburgh
  • Most of the Junkers in this area aren't really doing anything illegal, just looking for scrap. Occasionally we'll catch one of them trying to steal some equipment, which means we are gonna bust some Rogues that the Junker will rat out to save his own hide.

  • The shipping companies that come to this base are always whining about not having enough protection in this area. We simply don't have enough men to spread around this much space. But our patrols keep the route to this base relatively safe.

  • The police maintain a presence here on behalf of Deep Space Engineering. We try to keep an eye on the Lanes that this base's suppliers use to deliver the supplies needed to keep this place running. The Rogues love to hang out in the Pittsburgh Field. It provides ample cover for their attacks, and they can sell their goods at the Junker base in the Jersey Field.

Norfolk Shipyard
  • This is more navy space than it is an LPI patrol area. We send a flight down the Trade Lane between here and Ft. Bush, but that's to protect against Rogue attacks launched from the Pittsburgh debris.

  • I sure as hell don't like hanging out with all these navy guys around. They are so straight-laced it makes me itch just to watch 'em march around from place to place in here. They need a couple of Liberty ales to loosen those stuffy collars.

  • If we didn't need labor for our consumer goods facilities, I'd kill all the Rogues I came across. I just get tired of putting away the same scum and watching 'em get released a couple years later to start doing the same illegal activity.

Newark Station
  • I don't know why they call them Bounty Hunters -- in my book they are assassins, plain and simple. You hire them to go hunt someone down and kill them. Very rarely are they required to bring someone back alive -- and that's usually the runaway son of some executive.

  • We maintain a presence here at the IC headquarters as a show of support. After all, IC has been insuring investments throughout Liberty for a very long time. This corporation is very interested in curbing piracy. Of course not entirely, or no one would need IC anymore.

  • I don't like being around the Bounty Hunters on this base. I recognize some of them as criminals I've put away before. But Bounty Hunters can go where the LPI doesn't have jurisdiction -- outside Liberty.

Detroit Munitions
  • IC wants us to keep a patrol flying between here and Manhattan non-stop. IC and Ageira are corporate allies, along with Universal Shipping and Deep Space Engineering. All these companies worked together for the creation of the Trade Lanes, so we have a long relationship.

  • I like hanging out at this base; nothing like walking into the machine rooms where all those shiny new weapons are being boxed up by the thousands ready to be shipped throughout Sirius. One of the pieces I carry was a gift from the third shift foreman in the handguns and hold-out weapons wing of the plant.

  • I run a patrol that skirts the edge of the Jersey Debris Field -- that's where you can hit the Rogues headed for the Junker base getting ready to drop their stolen cargo and contraband.

Fort Bush
  • The Xenos sometimes hit the Detroit Trade Lanes, mostly after foreigners. We never bring them in, 'cause if you send one Xeno to Texas, three come back out. Best to just vaporize them on the spot.

  • Manhattan says we have to snag a dozen Rogues a day there. That's a pretty tall order. Guess they're getting shorthanded on the assembly lines in Texas. Looks like I'll be hanging out in the Pittsburgh Debris Field for the next few days.

  • I'm thinking of joining the Bounty Hunters Guild. They always have the best stories, and you get paid much better to boot. Sure, some of them did time in Huntsville or Sugarland, but it ain't always their fault with all the LPI roundups going on all the time.

  • Let me tell you, never stray into Zone-21. One of our patrols got off course chasing some Rogues. They went straight into the mine field and got heavily damaged. Then the navy flyboys showed up and started shooting, no questions asked. One of the LPI guys didn't make it home that night. No apology or nothing from them military folks.

  • I patrol the Jump Gate from Colorado, which means I see a lot of Kusari shipping moving through my patrol path. My buddy patrols on the Texas Trade Lane side of Ft. Bush, which means he sees a lot of Rheinland shipping.

  • We run regular patrols into the Pittsburgh Debris Fields. Lots of Rogues back there. A few Junkers, but they're not smuggling anything in that area, so we generally leave them alone.

  • Ft. Bush has been around since anyone can remember. Plenty of action around here, but not like Texas or the Tahoe Cloud in California. That suits me fine. Kind of miss the planetside life to go home to at night, like the Manhattan boys.

  • Caught a Junker stealing some Superconductors from the Baltimore storage depots yesterday. He dropped it and ran. I let him go. Not worth the trouble.

  • The Xenos aren't really making things too tough on the Junkers over in the Jersey; they don't have the men or the equipment, at least not yet. Personally, I'm kinda rooting for them. They aren't as smart as the Junkers and that means more arrests for us, which means I get a bigger bonus.

  • Sure, there's a lot of piracy out there, but the LPI is hindered in ways that the Bounty Hunters are not. We have well-defined patrol area boundaries and a company policy that prohibits us from killing outlaws. We are to capture them if possible for rehabilitation at our factories.

Baltimore Shipyard
  • My father was a joint fitter who worked on the Shetland when it was under construction here. They laid him off, and our family struggled for many years. When I got old enough I joined the LPI because I knew there would always be work catching criminals.

  • The employees who work at this station are prime examples of the disappearing working class in Liberty. If you aren't an ultra-rich Manhattanite or a technocrat, you are working too hard for your money. Some of the labor force here is temporary. Between big contracts they do other things, like fly for the Rogues.

  • A lot of the workers here think about turning to crime between contracts when Deep Space will lay off a few hundred or even a thousand employees. Then if they aren't careful, they will end up making toys on the Sugarland instead of making ships in Baltimore.

Planet Los Angeles
  • Had a long patrol today. Went all the way to the New York Gate. We ran into some Rogues at the Mojave Trade Lane bend. Seems to be a popular place for the criminally minded.

  • They got me on California Minor patrol. Pretty boring. Nothing like the Tahoe Cloud. That's the hardest place LPI goes in all of Liberty.

  • California is Rogue central. We got 'em in all the asteroid fields. No Xenos, though. Never been any mining or manufacturing workers in this system.

  • Los Angeles is the dream post for an LPI trooper. Nice climate, and they give you a special cost of living adjustment for all the high prices. Living quarters are kind of tight, but you take what you can get.

  • Last week the Rogues attacked the prison convoy bound for Texas somewhere near the New York Gate. It's tough keeping that area under control -- no bases nearby. They didn't succeed, but it was close there for a while. It shut down the Trade Lane for a couple of hours.

  • We think there's an illegal access route from Cortez into the Tahoe Cloud somewhere, but that's not our problem. I won't set foot off the Trade Lane in that area.

  • Sometimes I really can't take the superior attitude of the Synth Food and Ageira types with their fancy houses and all. They expect us to keep their little world perfect, but at the same time, stay invisible. We're just honest, hardworking Joes trying to make a living.

  • I'm on leave from the Yukon. That's the battleship parked in orbit above LA. They gave a group of us some time to recuperate after doing patrols into Cortez. Liberty is a joke compared to the Independent Worlds. The LPI wouldn't last two seconds out there.

  • The military handles most of the tough Lane Hacker and Outcast areas of the western Tahoe Cloud. They don't want us interferin', they say. Just a bunch of privileged, arrogant hotheads in my opinion.

  • I'm heading out on a patrol into the Sierra Ice Field tomorrow. It'll be my first time on an assault crew. I'm pretty pumped. We're looking for Rogues to fill this week's prison convoy bound for Texas.

  • Next week they're transferring me to the Los Angeles-San Diego Trade Lane patrol through the Tahoe. You're liable to run into Rogues, Lane Hackers, even Outcasts. It's an assignment for gung ho young 'uns straight out of the academy, or bored vets about to join the Bounty Hunters. I'm neither.

  • We're pretty sure there's a Rogue base in the Whitney Field, but the higher ups say that's a Bounty Hunter problem. We should just find it and clear out the nest. My guess is that Bounty Hunters are paying off the LPI execs back in Houston. They don't want the criminal population to be reduced too much. Bad for business.

Planet California Minor
  • This is as far off the Trade Lanes as we get in Liberty. They'll build one to the planet once Planetform is finished. Then Synth Foods will shift Food production here.

  • I hate this place -- cold, it's always windy, really thin air. I get headaches all the time. We're supposed to make Planetform happy by being here. What did I do to get this transfer? Must have pissed someone off back in Los Angeles.

  • We run patrols around California Minor. I think it's a waste of time. Not enough bad guys around here. I heard that the real reason is that Synth Foods wants to move up the schedule on Planetform a lot. They been resisting, saying there were too many shipping losses.

Planet Denver
  • We got a short-term holding tank for any low-lifers that we round up here. Prison convoy leaves once a week, bound for Sugarland. It's getting harder and harder to find undesirables on Colorado to fill it. Gotta fill that quota and keep the factories hummin' -- that's what HQ says.

  • Caught myself a Rogue smuggling Artifacts behind Denver in the Cheyenne Field last week. He tried to run for it but smacked straight into an asteroid. Gotta tell ya, it cracked me up watching that ship explode. Stupid Rogues.

  • We don't stray too far from the Trade Lanes most of the time. They don't pay me enough to risk my neck going into assault patrols in the asteroid fields. Some of those young bucks get into it, though. They do a daily into the Cheyenne Field, and do a quick pass into the southern Alamosa.

  • The Bounty Hunters handle most of the asteroid fields. One of my nutso buddies decided he wasn't gettin' enough action with LPI, so he went and joined up a couple of months ago. Keeps bugging me to join him. That's not for me, I got a family and a life to go home to.

  • Those Xenos are kind of crazy. Rogues, I can relate to them. Just trying to make a living on the wrong side of the law. But Xenos, they hate everybody. Even the Rogues can't figure them out. Who cares about foreign shippers anyway? They still have stuff to steal.

  • Sometimes I think the rich folks here in Denver don't really appreciate all we do for them. We don't really get paid that well, and we take care of all the dirty business that they don't want to deal with. Sometimes it gets kind of dicey, coming up with a reason to arrest some crazy loner out in a shack, just for being what he is.

  • They're always trying to cut costs at LPI, make everyone meet their criminal quotas of the week. Guess that's what you get with privatized police. I heard they don't do it that way in the other Houses. Those guys seem pretty happy. Go figure.

  • We've cleaned out almost all of the economic undesirables from this planet. Still a few hanging on up in the hills, but we'll root 'em out and put them to work in the Texas prison factories soon enough.

  • We patrol the Trade Lanes in the eastern half of the system; the navy boys the west side. Mostly Xenos in their part of the system. We get more Rogues on this side. Also get a few Lane Hackers in the Alamosa Field.

Planet Houston
  • We offset the cost of housing Liberty's criminals by putting them to work making products for the good citizens of Liberty. If you are on the Sugarland, you will be working in the scrap smelters; if you are on the Huntsville, you will be making Consumer Goods.

  • If it wasn't for LPI, Liberty Police, Inc., Liberty would have been bankrupted by the sheer cost of housing all of her prisoners. But they were smart enough to privatize their department of corrections, and that is how we were formed.

  • There is a Junker base in this system, and that's where you are going to find a lot of the criminals that haven't been dragged to one of our prison stations yet. But it's just a matter of time.

  • We've got permanent residents at the prison here. They are the ones called NCRs, or "no chance for rehabilitation." In other words, they are going to be staying in Texas for the rest of their lives.

  • A lot of the original LPI employees were police that had worked for the state. When the police went private, the pay decreased, so we had to make up for the shortfall, if you know what I mean. Fortunately, we have a little more latitude than we did as employees of the government.

  • Fifty percent of the population living within this system has either served time at an LPI facility or is currently incarcerated. We house all of Liberty's prison population on the Sugarland or Huntsville, or within the penal colony planetside.

LPI Huntsville
  • All of the work done at this ship actually takes place onboard. If you were ever to find yourself an inmate on the Sugarland, you might be put on a work detail clearing radioactive debris from one of the debris fields in this system.

  • Many of the civilians in this system have four choices: work for LPI on one of the penal ships, become a Bounty Hunter, work at Houston in the Nanocapacitor plants, or become a criminal. I chose working for LPI; it was the safest choice.

  • The East Dallas Debris Field is where many inmates are transported from the other penal ship Sugarland to clean up the scrap. The radiation has died down quite a bit in that field since the Dallas incident, but it is still too dangerous for civilian workers.

  • The convoys that run prisoners to this base from other systems in Liberty are under constant attack. Criminals are always trying to break their comrades out before they reach this base. Once they get here the apprehended criminals are here to stay.

  • We don't do a lot of security patrols in this system. We leave most of that to the Navy or Bounty Hunters. This is more of a corrections area for LPI than anything else. We are most concerned with keeping the prisoners here and putting them to work once they arrive, not necessarily catching them.

  • Any Outcasts that are captured are sent to the Sugarland; if they come here they will die. Xenos hate Outcasts because they are so different and foreign. So any Outcast who comes will be killed within days by the Xeno population.

  • This facility houses all the Xenos we apprehend in Liberty space. The Xenos are a relatively small faction, but their numbers are constantly growing. This place is where they do their recruiting.

  • One of the patrols that we make in this system is the Trade Lane from Houston to the New York Jump Gate. There are too many attacks on that small part of Texas space to ignore.

  • I oversee the workers in the textile wing of this prison facility. The clothes you are wearing right now were made by convicts who work under my supervision.

LPI Sugarland
  • I run the escort patrols around the East Dallas Debris Field. The work convoys we send out to clean the debris are vulnerable to prison escapes and criminal raids. That is the point from which they can most easily free their captured fellow criminals.

  • Xenos attack the Outcasts and Junkers in this system, so sometimes they actually make our jobs easier for us. The Kusari government, though, has been kicking up a fuss about the Xeno attacks on foreign shipping. The foreign corporations are pretty angry about it too, except for the Liberty companies that benefit from the Xenos attacking foreign shipping.

  • The other prison station, the Huntsville, produces the majority of Consumer Goods in Liberty, although they're sold on Ft. Bush. We manufacture Basic Alloys from scrap metal, although it all gets shipped to Manhattan for further distribution.. These ships were built to alleviate the overcrowding of prison facilities planetside in Houston.

  • This ship holds all the captured Outcasts. Most of the Outcasts that come here end up dying for some reason we can't figure out, but some of them survive long enough to serve their time.

  • Even though the name of our company uses the word "police" in its title, I'm more of a factory manager than a law enforcement officer. I'm more concerned with squeezing all the production I can out of the miscreant workers here. Usually they are more inspired to work if I hold back their Food rations for a day or two. That always helps boost productivity.

  • Our inmates are clearing the debris fields left by the Dallas incident. Many of the fields have pockets of radiation and are too dangerous to clean yet. The first one to get cool enough to begin clearing was the East Dallas area. It is still too hot for civilian workers, but our inmates do the job. We stock plenty of anti-radiation pills in the dispensary.

  • We used to house Xenos at this base, but somehow they always managed to get to the Outcasts no matter how much we tried to keep them separate. In the end, the only way to stop the two factions from killing each other here was to put them on two separate ships.

  • This ship produces the Basic Alloys that Liberty uses in Houston and New York, and all our labor is done by convicted criminals. That's how we offset the cost of their housing. Without LPI, Liberty would be overrun with lawlessness, and would not be competitive with the other Houses.

Philadelphia Station
  • Our patrol ran into a few Rogues harassing an Universal convoy the other day. First it was the Universal ships that tried to run, but when another patrol arrived, we had the upper hand. Even the Universal escorts decided they'd join in for a bit of payback. Can't say I blame them.

  • Dealing with the Xenos is often easier done then said. They'll usually avoid a confrontation, so we just approach them at half engines and give them time to run. Unless they've got it in for some foreigner convoy, in which case we usually have to blast every single one of them before they do the same to us -and- that convoy.

  • Smuggling is a problem here in Pennsylvania, more so then piracy. The Junkers are probably involved, although we've only been able to catch them once or twice. Most of the time, the cargo they carry is legit when we scan them.

  • The Zoners are a rowdy bunch. Down on the planet the LPI has adopted a tolerant approach. We simply don't have the manpower to enforce Liberty law on that entire planet. On this station it's a different story, as there's only a few hundred people here. It is easier to keep order on spacestations.

  • Samura pilots often file complaints about Xeno attacks. We do what we can to prevent them, but frankly, there's just too much ground to cover. What annoys me is the tone in which they complain, as if they're entitled to be escorted. That doesn't help to motivate our officers.

  • We run regular patrols around the bases and Trade Lanes, right up to the New York Jump Gate. If you stray away from the lanes or bases however, you're on your own. Not even the Navy patrols much in the deep reaches of this system. Pennsylvania is just too big for that.

Planet Erie
  • Now, if you're of the more sane variety, you can catch a ride to Gran Canaria. Now that's a trip worth making. Blue skies, fields of green, women who are built like statues of... hot women. Ah, that's the life, my friend. Not that I've been there, mind you. Couldn't budge em off Erie for nothin'. But you look like you're the sort who might like that sort of thing.

  • If you've got your own ship, then you should talk to the dealers down at the space port. Erie's main export is Neon, as the atmosphere has an unusually high concentration of the stuff. You can ship it to Freeports, research stations, storage depots, all the major planets. People are mad for Neon, brother. Stark raving mad for the stuff!

  • Got my second bonus this month, with this planet opening up for our operations it's been really easy to book people for petty crimes. I think I'll aim for a promotion next, corner office maybe? Bah! Another round will do for now!

  • This place is nice and safe, enjoy it. At least, that is what my friends tell me. The problem is, they're all earning the big bucks at Houston while I'm stuck here watching paint dry and listening to Zoner cattle ranchers having a quiet beer after a day of farming. I'm telling you, this place ain't for me. I've requested a transfer several times, but I always get told that there are no available positions. Those damn pen pushers up at the city hall really annoy me sometimes.

  • If you want to catch the transport to Freeport 9, you had better hurry down to the space port. I hear it's pretty hard to get a ticket, demand is so high. Beats me what people want to go out there to the Omicrons for. Nothin' but Corsairs and Bounty Hunters from what I hear. Oh, yeah, aliens too. Lots of squishy aliens who infect you with all sorts of mung. Can you believe they ship them aliens in to Cali Minor for terraforming? The whole sector's gone nuts!

  • I'm told that Liberty has invested loads into this planet, but it sure doesn't look like it. There isn't even a single strip club on the planet. Sure, there are plenty of bars, and there is an entertainment complex for movies and stuff that was built back in 812 AS, but that's about your lot. I hear that the entertainment facilities on Philadelphia are better, though. Gotta check them out sometime.

  • Looking for a good time, eh? Well you won't find one here. While the Zoners own this planet officially, they'll only keep it as long as they stay in Liberty's good graces. Therefore you'll not find too much illegal stuff going on here. Certainly nothing like you'll find out at Freeport 2 in Bering. Shame, really. It might liven up my job a bit.

  • I just pulled a typical eight hour shift here. Once I'm done, I'm done. I don't care if someone commits a crime in front of me, I'm off home. The company doesn't pay overtime. Besides, the chances of a crime happening on this planet are remote. Half of the time I even get put in charge of traffic control. You know how many I've arrested this week? Yeah, that's right. I haven't arrested anyone. This posting sucks.

  • I got transferred here from Denver, my routine used to be locking up strung out vagrants with nowhere else to go. Now I'm just chasing down kids in flashy speeders who think being rebellious is cool. Can't say if this any better or worse, but it does feel like the brats deserve some time on the Wall unlike the old timers.

Harrisburg Station
  • I got into a scrape with a few Xenos on the lane the other day. I'm not sure what they were up to, but they fell back as soon as I caught sight of them. Didn't pursue them too far - too risky to get caught alone out there. They probably had a few buddies waiting in the asteroid field. The lane was clear again, that's all they pay me for. Let the Hunters chase them down in the roids, that's what Interspace pays -them- for.

  • This system is rather quiet compared to the hustle-and-bustle of New York. The biggest trouble on the way here is also in the New York system, nice little corner of space they call the Badlands. Lots of Rogues out there, but that's for the New York boys to sort out. Our juristiction goes as far as the Jump Gate, and no further.

  • I really wish they'd open up a Sunbucks outlet on this station. Or on any station in this system for that matter. A good pot of coffee and a nice double-glaze donut is just what an officer needs to start the day.

  • Pennsylvania doesn't have its own jail, not even down on Erie. There's simply not enough crime in this system to warrant building one. Besides, the Zoners would likely throw a fit. So for the time being the Gettysburg is where we hold them. Once there's enough to fill an Armored Transport they get shipped off to Texas.

  • Harrisburg is usually a quiet place. Sure, you got a couple of nutter civvies taking potshots at eachother from time to time. They usually don't even scratch eachother's shields. Guess it's just some juvenile Zoner behaviour.

  • The Rogues got feisty the other day. A group of them hung around the base perimiter waiting for a transport to arrive. We signalled Erie and West Point to hold traffic, then prepared a little surprise for them. A group of Hunters took up position behind Bruin, while additional officers from Erie arrived to intimidate the Rogues into turning tail. When they did, well... Let's just say the Hunters got down to business quickly.

Carrier Ohio
  • Some say this Dreadnought was disabled by pirates in here before we set up shop on Springfield. The pirates left the Navy folk to die after disabling comms and engines. When the first LPI boarded it... let's just say it wasn't pretty.

  • Promotion is never a good thing... as a result most LPI are very humble about their accomplishments and prefer to let others take credit.

  • Colorado isn't the only way into the system. There's a jump hole farther out that leads to a system called Oita. Through it, you have the option of Hiroshima - KNF - or Ellesmere - LSF. We run patrols all the way to the Oita JH, and have sent scouts through.

  • It's not over-crowding in Texas that led us to build a prison station here (we can pack 'em like sardines for all we care), but the necessity to shove the worst elements of crime under the rug.

  • If you're in Attica, you haven't seen the inside of a court room, you haven't got a lawyer, you haven't got a phone call. Your rights are revoked as far as we're concerned.

  • No one really knows how we got this Dreadnought in here. I don't think the Navy even knows we have it...

  • Its always a big thing when the Chief and his Deputies come for the monthly inspections, everything has to be perfect, or we could end up living on Attica...

One Police Plaza
  • The coffee on Deck Three just isn’t as good as the others, but their glazed donuts are so much better. You’d think the recipes would be the same at all these Sunbucks stores…

  • If you're looking for our specialty double-glaze donuts, it'll be a few minutes. A training class let out early... and there's no force in the universe that can keep a TO from a box of double-glazed.

  • Keep an eye on the time. Our public hangars have automatic ticketing systems, and if you overstay your allotted one-hour business, we’ll begin to assess parking fees.

  • We're currently offering a special - two donuts and a small coffee for just two credits.

  • The Rio Grande was a good ship with a good crew; the fighter jocks coming out of the Ohio aren’t nearly as charming… nor as reserved with their trigger fingers.

  • Try not to mention the word “Attica” around any of the higher-ups. If you don’t want to spend the night in an interrogation room, that is.

  • If you somehow find yourself in that storm in Kepler, I suggest extra doses of prayer, potassium iodine, and hull patch-kits.

  • It’s gotten a lot more crowded at the Galileo gate - between the Kepler storm and Ohio’s escorts clogging up traffic, we’ve had to start keeping tankers on standby for trade ships that run dry waiting in customs.

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