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Hogosha, Xenos

The Junkers are a tight-knit group smugglers and black market traders who operate throughout the Houses, except kusari. Their legal fronts include the salvaging of scrap debris fields, sometimes under subcontract by legitimate corporations such as ALG. Organised into large clan-like families, Junkers are fiercely protective of their own. They are primarily profit motivated and as a result maintain a neutral and businesslike position on most issues.

Ships used

Ship Class
CSV Very Heavy Fighter
CSF Freighter
Gitano Light Fighter
Collector Very Heavy Fighter
Recycler Bomber
Bull Dog Heavy Fighter
Junker Gunship Gunboat
Salvager Frigate
Pilgrim Liner Liner

Bases owned

Base Owner System Region
Trafalgar Base Junkers New London Bretonia
Bornholm Depot Junkers Omega-55 Omega Border Worlds
Liner Brixton Junkers Burgundy Gallia
Rochester Base Junkers New York Liberty
Beaumont Base Junkers Texas Liberty
Allentown Base Junkers Pennsylvania Liberty
Thunder Bay Depot Junkers Ontario Liberty
Invergordon Drydock Junkers Inverness Independent
Invergordon Salvage Yards Junkers Inverness Independent
Kreuzberg Depot Junkers New Berlin Rheinland


Base Owner System Region
Planet New London Bretonia Police New London Bretonia
Buffalo Base Liberty Rogues New York Liberty
Mainz Storage Facility Imperial Shipping Frankfurt Rheinland
Trafalgar Base Junkers New London Bretonia
Tennstedt Base Bundschuh Thuringia Rheinland
Planet New London, Landing Site Freelancers New London Atmosphere Bretonia
LPI Sugarland Liberty Police, Inc. Texas Liberty
Rochester Base Junkers New York Liberty
Planet Houston Liberty Police, Inc. Texas Liberty
Bornholm Depot Junkers Omega-55 Omega Border Worlds
Planet Hamburg Rheinland Federal Police Hamburg Rheinland
Lisburn Rock Mollys Cambridge Bretonia
Halifax Freeport Freelancers Leeds Bretonia
Allentown Base Junkers Pennsylvania Liberty
Liner Brixton Junkers Burgundy Gallia
Planet New Berlin Rheinland Federal Police New Berlin Rheinland
Beaumont Base Junkers Texas Liberty
Saverne Base Bundschuh Cologne Alsace Passage
Invergordon Salvage Yards Junkers Inverness Independent
Skye Base Gaians Newcastle Bretonia
Planet Manhattan Liberty Police, Inc. New York Liberty
Kreuzberg Depot Junkers New Berlin Rheinland
Invergordon Drydock Junkers Inverness Independent
Thunder Bay Depot Junkers Ontario Liberty
Lagos Depot Corsairs Sigma-13 Sigma Border Worlds
Bruchsal Base Bundschuh Frankfurt Rheinland
Portsmouth Shipyard Bretonia Mining & Manufacturing Cambridge Bretonia
Bethlehem Station Zoners Pennsylvania Liberty
Niverton Base Liberty Rogues Pennsylvania Liberty
Holmfirth Base Gaians Manchester Bretonia


Faction Relationship
Farmers Alliance
Bretonia Mining & Manufacturing
Bretonia Armed Forces
Bretonia Police
ALG Waste Disposal
Border World Exports
Cryer Pharmaceuticals
Interspace Commerce
Daumann Heavy Construction
Kishiro Technologies
Deep Space Engineering
Synth Foods, Inc.
Gateway Shipping
Orbital Spa & Cruise
Imperial Shipping
Samura Industries
Universal Shipping
Planetform, Inc.
Ageira Technologies
Kusari Office of Intelligence
Bretonia Intelligence Service
Gallic National Intelligence
Bristol Constructions & Manufacturing
Bounty Hunters Guild
The Core
Gas Miners Guild
Independent Miners Guild
Kusari Naval Forces
Kusari State Police
Liberty Security Force
Liberty Navy
Alaska Security Forces
Liberty Police, Inc.
Kruger Minerals
Rheinland Military
Rheinland Federal Police
Red Hessians


Planet New London
  • Trafalgar is a nice, quiet little corner of Bretonia. It is deep in the debris field, away from the beaten path. We don't get many visitors and that suits us fine. Scrapfields aren't the safest of places to be to begin with.

  • We Junkers are engaged in only legitimate transporting activities. We need Oxygen, Water, Food, H-Fuel, and Pharmaceuticals up on Trafalgar. Scrapping tends to give you a few cuts and bruises every now and then after all.

  • There's a demand for Cardamine and Artifacts on this world, just like any other. Not that I've shipped that stuff myself of course. And I don't know anyone who has. Noone who's gotten caught anyway, heh.

  • Sure, we find things among the scrapped ships and other debris. All kinds of things. Left over cargo pods with some goods still in them, stashes of Gold or Side Arms, probably hidden by Mollys. Stashes of Synthetic Marijuana, definately hidden by Gaians. All kinds of stuff. That's why you can find Junkers hauling just about anything.

Trafalgar Base
  • Criminals deal with us because we can go where they can't. They could run the gauntlet into Liberty from here, but they wouldn't be able to dock anywhere. We Junkers have a cover. Most authorities don't know if we're hauling scrap or contraband, and that's how we get through. We can get our ships onto almost any planet, so criminals have to deal with us. Still, you got to be smart when running contraband - if you're caught, you'll either have to bribe someone or you won't be docking on your destination any time soon.

  • The war-torn Corsair base Cadiz in Omega-5 is in need of H-Fuel and Engine Components. Be careful getting there. The Red Hessians don't like freelancers helping their enemy, and the Mollys are none too keen on Corsair sympathisers either.

  • If you need cash, you can ship supplies to the Molly base Arranmore in Dublin. They need Oxygen, Water, H-Fuel, Pharmaceuticals, Consumer Goods, Food, Side Arms, and Engine Components. Some of that you can pick up here, the rest you might need to find a Freeport for if you're not too good with the law.

  • The Gaians wouldn't have any place to get their supplies if it weren't for this base, but you should see how they gulp and sniff whenever they set foot in here. I hate dealing with them, but they bring us money in return for the supplies they need for their base in Edinburgh.

  • The Outcast fighter Puno stumbled into one of the Southampton Debris Field radiation zones on the first Outcast drug run into the New London system in 751. It still lies there, untouchable to anyone who values their life.

  • The Gaian base is known as Islay; they call it "the Sleet." Everyone knows that it's in the Islay Ice Cloud, but they don't know where - it's too well camouflaged. It's situated very close to a hidden Jump Hole to Leeds, which is really handy for hit-and-run attacks against BMM and the Trade Lanes, or for hitting the ice mining by Planetform's Perth base at Ayr.

  • The Corsair ship Caraz was making a routine Artifact smuggling run from Cadiz to Trafalgar several weeks ago, but it never arrived. Several intercepted military comms. suggest that it was damaged by an Armed Forces patrol and pursued into the Grasmere Ice Cloud.

  • We buy Engine Components, Basic Alloys, Side Arms, and other basic necessities in New London. That's all legal, of course. We run those goods in small freighters by the dozens, and tag none of them. Those burocrats at docking control never could keep track of us that way.

  • Things are good here, the Mollys and Corsairs make frequent visits for supplies they can't get elsewhere. But therein lies the problem - because both the Mollys and Corsairs make those visits at the same time, more often than not. I swear, one of these days someone's going to start shooting, and they'll take the whole base down with them. I'm not looking forward to cleaning up after whoever's left standing - if anyone even is.

  • Business is booming friend. Want my advice? Snatch whatever workable salvage you can from Dublin and bring it back to us here. We'll pay you a pretty penny for it considering how valuable ship components are becoming to the Mollys and Corsairs. Just be careful when they start fighting, can't guarantee they won't accidentally kill you out of spite for our frugality.

  • I'm hearing talk that the price for gold is skyrocketing. I've also heard that the Essex withdrew from Dublin, so it sounds to me like that's what I'm going to be spending the next few months running into Kusari. We might be seen as "scum" there, but that doesn't mean the right people won't know a good deal when they see it.

  • Sometimes people wonder where the Junkers come from. It's true you can find us throughout Sirius except Kusari space, but no one knows where we started. The truth is that the Junkers are comprised of all kinds. We are the ones who weren't happy working for one group or another. Our blood is from all the people of Sirius, even the Kusari. Truth is, once yer a Junker you aren't nothing else but a Junker, and whatever you were before falls away.

  • The Artifacts that come into Bretonia pass through here. They are brought to us by the Corsairs from their bases in the southern Edge Worlds. We do run into New London, which can get pretty risky with the police and military hovering about. If you get scanned, it's over.

  • The Corsairs require Gold and Engine Components for their Tripoli Shipyard in Omicron Gamma. If you're friendly enough with them, you could make some very good money - if you can survive that trip. Between Bounty Hunters, Red Hessians and heavy radiation, it's no cakewalk.

  • We sell the Mollys' Gold, Corsairs' Artifacts, and Outcasts' Cardamine in New London. You can make very good money doing it, but don't get caught. We'll say we've never seen you before.

  • Us Junkers, we're a different breed from the rest of our "clientele." We just want to get along with everyone. You know why? Cuz that's the way to make money. We don't care about politics or which group killed this other group. To Junkers it's all about how many credits we can get our hands on, so we get all kinds on our bases and that's how we like it. One rule though: No guns in the bar.

Holmfirth Base
  • Synthetic Marijuana is a big thing around here. It's like the Gaians can't get enough of the stuff. It helps my bottom line, so it's fine by me. Unlike Cardamine, Synthetic Marijuana isn't addictive physically. It also hampers your flying ability rather then enhancing it.

  • The great thing about living in Bretonia is that even the so called criminals here have a moral basis, whether it be the environment or freedom. You can't say the same for Liberty. The problem with that is that they have a moral basis, so they don't like dealing with actual criminals.

  • While the Gaians often times come by Trafalgar to get supplies, out here at Holmfirth we usually deliver. I just brought some things in from Inverness. We come here mainly via Newcastle - being a Junker has it's advantages. Once we've delivered goods and are empty, we can simply head back to Trafalgar by the New London Jump Gate.

  • The Gaians are a strange lot. About half of them are scientists and the other half are common thugs. There is a smaller, organized group of militants in the mix though. They're the ones who might get results some day. Most of them are just a Bounty Hunter paycheck waiting to happen.

Halifax Freeport
  • When the Armed Forces finally took back control of the system, they cordoned off every piece of wreckage as best they could, took everything of value, and left the rest to tumble eternally in the void. They're not exactly expert salvagers, though, so there's still plenty if you know where to look.

  • We haven't run into much competition for the scrap fields here. Of course, the military took most of the low-hanging fruit so to speak, but there's still plenty left. I suppose it's a little like grave-robbing... but it's not like they're going to use it, right?

  • If you're looking for something special, trying asking one of the patrons here. I've probably been asked to haul about a half-dozen different illicit goods just since mooring. Of course, it probably won't be cheap.

Skye Base
  • The Gaians won't survive in their current form, I think. Not much longer. Their numbers have gone down ever since they got pounded hard by the Gallic Navy in Edinburgh. Those that survived that attack are veterans now, but their numbers are few. They're also struggling with their cause. Gaia isn't being threatened by Planetform anymore.

  • The Gaians could fund themselves better if they'd not be so discriminate in who they hit. I mean, think about it. They've surrendered to Gallia, so most of Bretonia probably hates them by now. Why not capitalize on that? They're going to need new sources of income if they keep going like this.

  • I'm not sure if the Gaians are making much headway in any of their actions. But I might be wrong! Either way, their credits are as good with me as the next guy. Seems they hijacked a Cryer transport full of meds and got more than they know what to do with. I've traded a load for some H-Fuel, and will be heading back towards Invergordon soon.

Lagos Depot
  • Getting kicked out of the Yanagi Depot was harsh, but expected I suppose. Corsair and Outcast smugglers aren't always subtle, especially when they meet up. The GMG had enough suspicions for them to finally move to evict us. Still, we got wind of it well ahead of time, so we warned our two biggest "clients" to make arrangements in advance. You're sitting in one such arrangement now.

  • The loss of the Yanagi Depot means we'll have a tougher time making headway in Kusari. The Hogosha resist us at every turn. It hasn't hurt our smuggling operations that much though. This place is in a more convenient spot then Yanagi was, especially now the Berlin Hole is gone. From here into Munchen or Frankfurt is ideal for getting stuff in and out of Rheinland quickly and quietly.

  • The Corsairs are a vicious bunch, that much I can tell you. Crossing them tends to leave you floating, but I don't need to worry about that. They won't touch people running Artifacts for them - that's one of the ways they make money. Of course, you'll have to watch for the Outcasts and Hessians when you've got Artifacts in your hold. The law will confiscate them and fine you, but Corsair enemies will simply space you.

Planet Manhattan, Landing Site
  • Dealers around here tend to be a lot less pompous and a lot more discreet, which I tend to appreciate. Of course, there's no running to the LPI when a deal goes south.

Planet New London, Landing Site
  • Anything sells for something here, there is always need, what with the population overflow.

  • Strictly business for us here, lots of scrap to be salvaged.

  • Do not try to talk to the people here, it is not for your good.

  • You can get a good price for Gin on our battleships in Tau and near Omega. Pilots need to unwind when they are off duty, or at least I hope they are off duty when they drink!

  • You hear about the break in? Someone made off with a good deal of Gold from one of the warehouses. I guess Graves Mining will have to step up their shipments to cover the loss.

  • ALG scored a big win in getting the contract for the war salvage, just as well for them, as they were making all kinds of people mad.

Planet Manhattan
  • In Manhattan we purchase Water, Oxygen, Food, and Basic Alloy for use at our Rochester base. It's completely legit -- so if you ever want to run supplies for us Junkers without getting your hands dirty, you can.

  • People like dealing with Junkers, because we always offer a square deal. That's why we transport so many goods from Rochester, our base in this system. We bring in Gold, Diamonds, Niobium, and Luxury Foods. We don't ask many questions on where they come from; that's none of our business.

  • If you don't mind working around the law, you can always ship Artifacts from Beaumont in Texas here into Manhattan. If you ever wondered where Manhattan gets all her illegal goodies, it's from us.

Rochester Base
  • If you're looking to make a fortune right now, you should consider running Cardamine to us. Scarcity has sent prices soaring, but it's also made product harder to sell, considering that everyone either wants in on the business now or needs their fix. So if you do have the stomach for this sort of thing, I'd invest in people to have around as muscle, keep the upstarts out of your hair, as well as particularly pushy clientele.

  • You'll meet a few Rogues and Outcasts around here. It's not a good idea to be seen flying with them. However, if you stay close enough to track them and still stay off the scanners, you might be able to share in the profit when they hit big convoys.

  • We get our Artifacts from Leiden, up in the Galileo system. The Hogosha hand them over to the Rogues there.

  • Talk to the veteran Junkers around here if you need work. They can make you rich as long as you don't mind dangerous runs and making your own rules as you go.

  • We get our Artifacts from Beaumont,in the Texas system. That's the last stop on their long journey before coming to New York.

  • You should learn your way around the scrap fields if you want to survive here. Don't ever use the trade lanes if you're hauling anything you don't want the law to see. Remember, they are always watching.

  • I can't stand landing on Planet Manhattan. There's too much corporate greed and harassment by the LPI. Just leave me in the scrap field and I'm happy.

  • The Combat Service Freighter is made by Junkers and sold here. It's one of the best in Sirius. Learn how to fly that well and there isn't a pilot around who will be able to catch you.

  • Rochester ships black market H-Fuel to Manhattan. It's all stolen property that we are selling back to the very people who owned it in the first place.

  • You can learn a lot from what you see on this base. It's never a good idea to talk about what you see here though. We've found the station's fusion reactor leaves no trace of those who talk about things they shouldn't.

  • We like to get along with everybody around here; the more the merrier I always say. Of course, that only counts if "the more" means more people with money. The more criminals that need us means we have our hands in all that many more pockets, and that's really what we want.

  • If the heat from Liberty Police ever gets too bad, we just serve up some petty criminal or deadbeat hauling some illegal cargo. LPI doesn't really care as long as it looks like they are cracking down on criminals; an arrest here and there with some confiscated contraband usually gets them off our backs for a while.

  • Everyone is welcome here to do business and we don't ask a lot of questions, but if you are up to know good and you try and sneak onto the station while the navy is watching, you may find yourself getting tossed out an airlock.

  • The New York Debris Fields give us plenty of cover to operate in; we've pulled most of the scrap and salvage from Jersey, but we still find plenty of goodies in the Pittsburg and Detroit Fields. You might run across an occasional fragged ship floating in there too. Those are the guys who crossed us.

  • We ship Artifacts to Manhattan - one of the riskiest runs for a Junker there is.

  • I used to be a captain in the Liberty Navy, but I never really fit their mold of what an officer should be. Now I have the freedom to do all the things I could never do in the navy.

Planet Houston
  • We supply the upperclasses of Manhattan with its vanity item of choice: Artifacts from Beaumont. You were surprised? Everyone has bad habits; we just make it easier for them.

  • Some of the finest quality Basic Alloys are brought to this base from Beaumont. The income we receive from selling these allow us to re-supply our base from here with H-Fuel and Nanocapacitors.

  • Our base is nicely hidden within this system. A lot of shipping come through Texas, which means there is a lot of piracy, too. That just means we get to take part in the shipping of goods in Texas. If you want to do business with us, look for our base in the North Dallas Debris Field.

Beaumont Base
  • We bring in some of the stolen Diamonds from Rheinland and sell them on the open market in Houston. No way they can tell where they came from, is there?

  • Beaumont serves as a criminal supply center for many of the Rogue bases in Liberty. Consumer Goods, Light Arms, H-Fuel, Water, Food, and Oxygen are all shipped to Buffalo, Dawson, Fortaleza, and Alcatraz.

  • The Outcasts stop here on their long Cardamine runs in from the Edge Worlds. I don't trust them a bit. They don't like any of us; we're just pawns to them. One day something bad will happen.

  • We have a problem here in Texas with the Xenos: those crazy bastards hate everybody. It doesn't make any sense. If they had dealings with us, we could both profit. But as it is, they run attacks on us. The Junkers could be good friends to them.

  • The first Junkers in Sirius came from Gallia. They came here to spy on the houses for Gallia. After being here for a few generations, they realized they could make more money and have more freedom working for themselves than they ever could serving some far off king. So don't believe what you hear from the Xeno propagandists and their political friends in the government. Junkers are Liberty Patriots just as much as anyone is.

  • Our legitimate cover business in Texas is mining Scrap Metal from the Texas Debris Fields and shipping it to Sugarland for recycling. We're providing a useful service to the Liberty government.

  • The income we get from hauling scrap to the Sugarland from the debris in this system goes into our Xenos account. The Xenos account is the money we use to hire Junker-friendly smugglers and pirates to attack the Xenos and defend us against their attacks. What a waste of money.

  • We provide a lot of the essential supplies for criminals in California and New York. It's just a quick trip through the Holes.

  • You can make a healthy profit running artifacts into Manhattan from here, but make sure you have a fast ship or you'll never make it past the patrols.

  • If you can slip past the patrols getting into Manhattan, you can make a fortune as a smuggler. If you aren't quite ready for that then try taking your cargo to Buffalo or Rochester in the New York system. It doesn't pay as much, but it's much safer.

  • If you're looking for some quick money while still learning the ropes around here just ask some of the other Junkers about collecting scrap in this system. It's a small part of our operation, but there's plenty of work for those who need quick cash.

  • Occasionally bounty hunters come snooping around here. If Junkers were to attack them it would bring too much heat from the navy so we just tip off the Rogues and the Outcasts so they'll know just where to find them.

  • The Xenos are a small group and they are poor too. That's why they have no chance against us right now. Everybody owes the Junkers a favor or two, and we have plenty of money so we can buy protection as well. The problem is that the Xenos keep growing. Seems like every third ex-con that walks from Huntsville becomes a Xeno.

  • This side of the Texas system is the major corridor for smuggling into Liberty. Smugglers take the jump hole from Hudson. Then they either come here or take the jumpholes to California or Pennsylvania.

  • I've been poking around these fields for twenty years. Had a few radiation scares. Heard there's some great loot in those dark clouds, but I'm not going in there. Radiation's supposed to be lethal to even a decently shielded ship.

LPI Sugarland
  • The Xenos in this system make life difficult for us, but we fend them off by using our varied business contacts. Of course, it costs us money to do this, which is aggravating. Junkers shouldn't have any enemies; we want to be friends with everyone.

  • We bring Light Arms to this ship from the Beaumont within this same system. If you wanted to haul Light Arms, you could always come by "the Beau." She is tucked safely into the recesses of the North Dallas Debris Field. I know, it's a bit out of the ordinary for the LPI to buy weapons from Junkers rather than from Detroit. But we sell them a little cheaper, while the officers here charge the full price on their requisitions. They then get to pocket the difference. No harm, no foul, I say.

  • Believe it or not, there is a large black market within the prison population aboard this ship. The only incarcerated Outcasts in all of Liberty are here. We sneak them small shipments of Cardamine to keep them alive. Their brothers and sisters look after them well.

Allentown Base
  • The Rogues sell the Neon and Basic Alloy they loot from passing transports to us. We ship it to the stations in Newcastle, or the Zoner space stations in Omega-50, or just sell it back to passing Freelancer smugglers. Either way is a profit for us.

  • There is a jumphole in the Meadville Ice Field that leads to Texas, but it's not an easy trip. The ice field is full of Xenos, and there is a radiation field on the Texas side that will breach the hull of a small ship in no time.

  • If you are willing to run a substantial risk for a substantial profit, you can smuggle indentured workers out from here. There's a ton of folk on Houston and Pittsburgh who are either too stupid or too desperate to read the smallprint on their contracts. Funny thing is, folk call it slavery, but it's more legit then most of the cargo that comes through here. There's a need for this kind of forced labor in Rheinland and on Malta. Bit of a trek, but well worth the credits.

  • Not far from this base is a jumphole to California. It's in the south end of the Appalachian Asteroid field. It's a safe easy way to get to Alcatraz base on our supply runs to the Rogues.

  • Many people become freighter pilots for us because it's an exciting way to make some fast money. You can get rich running some of our supply runs. Of course many pilots don't last that long, so we're making a healthy sum building freighters too. If you're interested, see our ship dealer!

  • There's no place to buy a Salvage Frigate around here. Each Junker family builds their own and it becomes their most prized possession. A well built Salvager will provide safe travel to many systems.

  • Who wouldn't enjoy life out here. Sitting here with a drink in my hand, I could stare out that window forever. I'll never set foot on another planet again.

  • Navy has been giving us a rough time recently, imposing scans even when we're being legally compliant and plying by the lanes. Something's got them all riled up and ready to vaporise ships at a moment's notice, so with all the talk I'm hearing of a zoner resistance, I bet they're the reason. Damn do-gooders making life hard for the rest of us.

  • The jump gate to New York will take you to one of the most dangerous parts of the New York system. I don't know what they were thinking when they built a gate there. Be prepared to encounter pirates if you are traveling that way.

  • We try to stay out of the conflicts around us. We make more money that way. One of our pilots became too filled with hate after the Xenos killed his family and lost all interest in peace. He flew off alone into the Meadville Ice Field in a rage and hasn't been seen since.

  • All Junkers know how to use jump holes. From here we can get to Bretonia or Rheinland without ever touching a trade lane of a gate. It's the only smart way to travel for us, since we like our activities to go unnoticed.

  • The Rogues really love their Light Arms. They can't get enough of them! You can make a tidy profit bringing us some fine Light Arms from Detroit... and we don't ask for any receipts.

  • Navy has been giving us a rough time recently, imposing scans even when we're being legally compliant and plying by the lanes. Something's got them all riled up and ready to vaporize ships at a moment's notice, so with all the talk I'm hearing of a zoner resistance, I bet they're the reason. Damn do-gooders making life hard for the rest of us.

  • Many people don't even know this base is here. It keeps things peaceful here and allows us to keep an eye on what people are doing without being noticed ourselves.

  • If you can get along with the people on this base, you will discover the means to travel anywhere you want. People from all over Sirius come here to visit Liberty without being seen, if you know what I mean.

  • The radiation on the other side of the jump hole to Texas will cook your ship fast, but Junkers thrive on that. No one goes there, so there is still a huge deposit of valuable components among the debris. A brave Junker can make a healthy profit there.

  • If you're here for any of the good stuff we sell, then I hope you have the credits for it. Our deliveries are all getting set back by days if not weeks thanks to patrols across every major artery of the system. And if it's not Hamish's lapdogs making life hell for our freighters, it's the Xenos killing them off the grid while the Rogues sit on their hands. They're trying to put the squeeze on us for more money to intervene, don't they realize they need us more than we need them?

  • If you're here for any of the good stuff we sell, then I hope you have the credits for it. Our deliveries are all getting set back by days if not weeks thanks to patrols across every major artery of the system. And if it's not Hamish's lapdogs making life hell for our freighters, it's the Xenos killing them off the grid while the Rogues sit on their hands. They're trying to put the squeeze on us for more money to intervene, don't they realise they need us more than we need them?

  • Planet Erie looks beautiful from space, but when you land there you will see it's just like the rest of Liberty. The corporations run everything and the police harass everyone who doesn't play their game.

Thunder Bay Depot
  • The location for this base was carefully chosen. We have two routes to leave Liberty in only two jumps without ever touching a trade lane or a gate. That may become more difficult in the future if DSE and other corporations keep expanding in this direction.

  • Do you need to get somewhere, but need to keep a low profile? Talk to one of the captains that come through here. Junkers can get you almost anywhere in Sirius without attracting attention. It's not exactly Spa and Cruise, but the price is right for what you're getting.

  • If you are looking for an easy route to Bretonia, head for the St. Lawrence Ice Field. There is a jump hole there that will take you to California. From there it's only one more jump to get out of Liberty.

  • In addition to an increased naval presence, we have seen big increase in research vessels and scientists coming through this system heading for Alberta. We haven't figured out what they're doing yet because we haven't been able to get close to them.

  • The Liberty Navy seems to leave us alone out here, but we watch them very closely. There is no reason for them to have the presence they have here unless they are planning something big for the future.

  • Everyone thinks this is a quiet place where nothing ever happens, but we think DSE is trying to change that. We've been spying on their convoys flying through the system. Soon, there won't be a place to conduct business that isn't under the thumb of corporate giants.

  • Thunder Bay is not a good place to get in a fight. Some of the most notorious Junkers in Liberty are hiding out here because their "exploits" made them too popular around Beaumont and Rochester.

  • This is one of the quietest Junker bases in Sirius. All travelers are welcome here, but they should respect the peace of this base. Anyone who brings trouble here, especially from the law, will find themselves unwelcome fast.

  • I love being a Junker. My ship ain't fancy but it's mine. I can fly where I want and haul what I want. I make my own rules day to day and life is good.

  • We never attack the navy directly, but the pirates in this system will go after their shipments, especially Platinum and military vehicles. We don't get involved in that, but there is often a chance for us to profit after the fact if there is any loot left.

  • If you are looking to make a name for yourself among Junkers you should head down to Rochester. People come to Thunder Bay when they want to avoid being noticed. Of course if you are looking to conduct some discreet business, then you have come to the right place.

  • It's not a good idea to wander too far from this station alone. It's rumored that the Xenos have a base in the Georgian Ice Field and you won't be experiencing any hospitality if you encounter them.

  • We do a small amount of business with the Lane Hackers hiding in the St. Lawrence Ice Field. Most of what we sell them comes from Rochester, and most of the goods we fence for them go to Rochester as well since there isn't much market for them out here, except for the small amount we ship to the Rogues and Zoners in Alberta.

  • You may have noticed that Junkers like to keep a low profile. Thunder Bay is near the edge of this system far away from any normal shipping routes and even pirate activity. This is where we hide our projects we don't want anyone else to see.

  • We used to be able to travel through the jumphole to Alberta without ever being seen. Now the navy is always around and sees everything we do. It's getting very hard for us to get though this area with cargo that is not strictly legit.

Planet New Berlin
  • If you want to find Diamonds cheaply, go out into Omega-11. That's where the Hessians find them. They bring 'em in to Kreuzberg, we sell them to the Berlin Diamond traders. It's all perfectly legitimate.

  • Just picking up supplies for our base in the Ruhrfeld. We need a wide variety of goods for all the people who might just happen by our base. Side Arms and Engine Components are two of the higher-value items that have proved popular with the criminally minded.

  • If you want to make the real money, haul in some Cardamine or Artifacts from Kreuzberg. Just remember, if you get caught by the police, I've never seen you in my life.

Kreuzberg Depot
  • Hans just brought in some Artifacts Crete. He had a close call in the Omegas with some infected, but otherwise it was a quiet trip. We've had to improve our shielding and general weaponry a lot just to survive out there. It's a short trip from here but still dangerous.

  • There are multiple dead ships floating in a radiation pocket of the Ruhrfeld. They are most likely Unioners, maybe a Red Hessian or two. Most of them have been stripped clean, but there may still be a few with one or two weapons left on them.

  • You'll want to be careful in the northern areas of the Ruhr. There are some nasty pockets of radiation that'll cook your ship pretty fast. The Jump Hole to Hamburg is up there too.

  • The Hessians don't like our tolerating the Corsairs in Sigma-13. They're locked in some death struggle for control of the southern Edge Worlds. Word is that the Hessians are winning because of all the fresh recruits they can find in Rheinland to send into the meat grinder.

  • I can't keep all the bad guys straight here, personally. The Bundschuh are elitist Berlin University types who are trying to change the world -- go figure. The Unioners have it in for Republican Shipping, while the Red Hessians aim more at Daumann. The LWB prefers to prey on Synth Foods. Of course, a lot of them will just knock over a passing ship if it's an easy mark.

  • There's a daily ship that makes the trip to Berlin with Hessian Tears that the Hessians bring in from Dresden and the Border Worlds. We usually stock up on Mining Machinery, Manifolds, and Consumer Goods, which are tough to come by for most of the criminals that frequent our little depot.

  • Good Scrap is getting difficult to find around here. There are still some good pockets, but they're in the radioactive areas, so that's no good. At least it's cheap paying off the police in Rheinland. Makes it much easier to do business.

  • If you want to risk it, we need Artifacts run into New Berlin, just make sure you have a fast ship. The police could care less about the Diamond trade, but they don't budge on drugs and trinkets. Verboten. End of discussion.

  • A lot of the local thugs use our depot as their bed for the night. They make raids out into the Lanes, then retreat to the comforts of home. Nothing like a nice big stein of Kreuzberg Weissbier after a hard day's work blasting Synth Foods transports into oblivion.

  • We'd like to supply Liberty with Artifacts and Cardamine from our Yanagi base using the Unioners as the couriers, but they won't bite. They've got principles, they say. Diamond smuggling is perfectly legitimate in their eyes, I guess.

Mainz Storage Facility
  • It is always better to purchase supplies from desperate people. The people of Rheinland have lost almost everything. We purchase Fertilizers and Terraforming Gases for a good price from this base.

  • Our reputation requires us to keep stock in all manner of Commodities at our base; Yanagi is no different. We ship many basic supplies to Yanagi from this locale.

  • Optronics, Consumer Goods, and Basic Alloys are part of the trade we do with this base and the Yanagi. We get excellent prices from these Rheinland boys, poor bastards.

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