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[Image: 5.png]
The Lane Hackers
"Making the corporate weenies cry, so our kids can live in a free and just galaxy."

"The Lane Hackers are a criminal group with the technical expertise to monitor and disrupt Trade Lanes for the purpose of seizing valuable cargo. The powerful alliance between Lane Hackers, Liberty Rogues and Outcasts serves as the dominant unlawful force in Liberty space and most Independent Worlds."


All young Lane Hackers and all former oppressed, stepped on, abused, neglected, defrauded, and recently enlightened Ageira or other Liberty companies' employees, as well as recently converted agents of their military hoodlums are invited to hack this comm channel to request induction into the profitable, hazardous, humorous, diabolical, corporatricidal and pranktifical camaraderie of The Lane Hackers' inner circle. But be warned! Attempt to infiltrate us on behalf of those corporate shrub monkeys and we will subject you to our specially developed diabolical, maniacal, sinister, mania-interrogation methods, and then sell whatever miniscule fragment of your sanity that survives to the Slavers Union!

The Lane Hackers is a Liberty-based unlawful faction designed to present a challenge to even veteran Freelancer players of the Discovery Mod. The philosophy that has guided the faction's development is that limitations create challenge, challenge creates risk, risk requires cunning and teamwork for success, and thus creates fun. Therefore, you will face a number of arguably severe limitations as a member of The Lane Hackers. You will not be allowed to transfer credits from your other characters and you will be limited in what ship and weapons you may use. In exchange for these and other limitations, you will gain a truly immersive and rewarding gameplay experience, as well as acceptance into a team of positive, creative and dedicated players. In order to apply, click the link below.

Initiation into The Inner Circle

The Lane Hackers are known for their paranoid security and extraordinary measures of protection against infiltration and betrayal. Upon successful completion of the recruitment assignment each new member is undergoing a secret initiation ritual. Little is known about the mysterious procedure as all new members have their memories of their initiation wiped out. It is speculated that during Cardamine-induced trance each initiate is behaviorally conditioned to be utmost loyal to The Lane Hackers to such extreme lengths that they would rather commit suicide than face certain capture or arrest. Even after the Professorship is closely monitoring loyalty of their operatives and enforcing obedience through large array of measures ranging from mild manipulation to mania interrogations and invasive brain implants. When everything fails the problem is permanently solved by the dreaded Assassins.

Once you join The Inner Circle there is no turning back. Your life and allegiance has been sealed forever.

PERMANENT AFFILIATION POLICY: By posting in this thread you agree that your character will be permanently affiliated with The Lane Hackers. In case of leaving the official faction you are allowed to continue playing your character only under independent Lane Hacker affiliation in accordance to generally accepted Lane Hacker lore.
** run source hiding script**

** connecting to New Berlin server.....established...passing trough**

** !Warning tracking detected!**

** find source..... "BDM Headquarters New Berlin"**
** send spike..... done... source blocked**

** connecting to New Tokyo server... established...passing trough**
** run simple hiding script.... done**

** connecting to New London server.... established.. passing trough**
** connecting to QCO headquarters... established... passing trough**
** connecting to BS Derby mainframe using QCO codes.... established**
** set timer to random E(3600, 7200)**
** upload message...done**
** clear server logs along track... done**
** connection lost**

(3600 to 7200 seconds later)

(Mactan Base Magellan)
(office of Sr. Director of the Lane Hackers)


"Sir one of our Gunships just detected a strange message attached to one of the Bretonian military broadcasts to their forces in Tau31. It appears to be broadcasted from the new coded transmitter on Battleship Derby..."

"Hmm... why are you bothering me with this.... our signal specialists should deal with that!"

"Sir.. we have have only been able to decipher the start of the message so far, but it says: "To the director of the Lane Hackers""

"What!....... send it to me immediately and find out who send it!"

"But sir it might take a few hours to decode"

"I want it and I want it NOW... set the whole F section on it... they are mostly listening to LSF pilots chatting about what they did last night anyway."

"Yes sir!"


(one hour later)


"Sending it to you now sir,"

"Took you long enough... did you find the sender?"

"ehm... no sir"

"WHAT!... that is not possible... didn't you find anything at all?"

"Our last trace comes from New Tokyo sir.... but we don't think it was send from there"

"Hmm... let me read this first then"


**Message Begins**

To: Senior Director of Lane Hackers

If Lane Hackers are as good as I think, this would take you some two hours to decode.. (director checks his watch and a slight smile appears on his li ps) and by that time all traces of the sender would be lost, so don't waste your resources searching for me. I had to send it this way because I cannot be sure if any part of your organization is infiltrated with Ageira spies.

I can't stand this corrupt firm any longer... I'm out... but I heard rumors about what happened to other employers that knew too much...
Many of my friends were fired and put to jail for no reason... just so that their bosses could point who made the mistake that required another millions of credits to be invested in the project by Liberty government.... who programmend that part of code the needed 5 hotfixes and two system upgrades to get fixed... I could continue... but I don't have time.... THEY ARE AFTER ME!.

After I expressed my concerns about origins of some of these "bugs" in the systems.... I found someone added a new piece of code into my own program.... he logged using my account and authorized by using my fingerprints! When this gets out noone is going to believe me....I need to disappear... I'm leaving in a few hours...

I hoped Lane Hackers could be willing to use my services.

Some minimal information about me:

I'm working in the optronic division of the company designing and testing optronic circuits for the use in military craft... lately I was constructing the communication hardware for the Havoc MKII bomber. During this work I had to test some systems on the ship quite often and I was able to spend over 40 hours all together on the ship simulator. I hacked access codes to the training missions and I was able to complete all of them with exceptionally high scores.

This together with my experience in optronic circuits/communication equipment leads me to believe that I could work for the Lane Hackers.

I promise to do my best to ensure the bankruptcy of the corrupt Ageira Technologies and everyone associated with its leadership. Try to confiscate all the revenues originating in ideas stolen from the Ageira employees as well as try to free as many former employees that were jailed by the corrupt liberty security forces and police.
My recently found piloting skill leads me to believe that I can do my best in interdiction of Ageira and commercial shipments as well as in harassing and termination of the so-called "legal authorities". I believe that this should however be decided according to my performance at work.

If you wish to contact me use the special code I attached at the end of this message to broadcast a message in the Badlands in: (time this message was uploaded to the Tokyo server * length of this message in bits) from the noon of the day the Gallileo by-pass project should have been officially completed.

** Message ends**

~~Incoming Transmission~~

-Source: Colorado System, Unkown location
-Target: LH Directors, Priority HIGH


I'm not sure if anyone will even be reading this, but I have to try. I think they're watching me...

There have been rumors of several higher up employees fleeing Ageira, or outright disappearing. I thought they were only rumors as well until I got the communique, I was astonished to say the least, as I've seen some pretty weird things happening over the last couple of weeks. First it was my managers, replaced three times in a week, then my coworkers: I don't even know them anymore. The office was once boring, but happy. Now everyone is suspecting they will either get fired or worse, arrested. I can't take that chance anymore. I'm using my vacation time to travel back to Manhattan and from there leaving Ageira forever.

I need to make a living for my family, but I can't do it anymore in Ageira. I can steal a ship from the docks on Manhattan, thats not the problem. I can also fly that ship to some degree of accuracy, I flew my dad's old CSV around New York and even got into a couple of dogfights with Rogues. I can learn to be a better pilot, but I need an organization. Please... after this message they're sure to arrest me as soon as I show my face at work again.

Thank you for listening to my case.

//Transmission End.
Transmission detected...
Source detected...
GMT-6 Liberty Space.
Source loss_
Transmission beginning, audio only.

I apologize for my lack of courtesy, I do not mean to be rude in hacking your comms., but I have little choice. I needed to talk with one of your kind outside of the knowledge of my employers. They are all corrupt, and treat my co-workers and I like sh**. I can take it no longer, they are giving us constant wage cuts, throwing several of us in prison for things that I know they didn't do. My brother supposedly sabotaged their newest communications security system... I can get you the codes to that, granted they'll only be good for a little while. I worked on it myself, so when I leave they'll change the codes. I know security inside and out and can make my way through most firewalls, hell anything. To be a little egotistical, I'd say I'm the best in Liberty when it comes to bringing down security measures.... Including those on several of Ageira's neutral net accounts. Not enough to bankrupt them, but enough to be noticed.

If you give me amnesty under your just ruling, I will do whatever you wish of me. Director Moriarty...recognized.transmission.encrypted ..uploading data..
To all Hackers:
As you are no doubt aware, an ion storm has grounded all space flight in Sirius for the forseeable future.
Fortunately, The Lane Hacker Technical Division has just completed work on a new combat simulator.
This message is to notify all Lane Hackers that until the ion storm passes, you may complete your career promotion requirements using the combat simulator.
Specifically, promotion criteria for advancing from Trainee to Technician, numbered 2,3,7,8,9 may be completed using the combat simulator as the basis for completion.
You are not required to follow the guidelines in the recruitment protocols for tagging and ID'ing your Dagger in the combat simulator. You are permitted to get your Dagger tagged and ID'd as efficiently as possible. ALL promotion criteria for the Trainee rank must be completed in the Dagger however!

Once the ion storm is passed, all first time Lane Hacker pilots will set up their ships using the recruitment protocols.

Naturally, since it is a simulator, no pilots or weapons are required to be turned into the clan. You may dispose of them however you wish while in the simulator. Once the ion storm has passed all operational criteria will return to normal.
My special envoy, LH~Svengali will be using the simulator to meet his promotion requirements. You may contact him on the simulator with any questions. terminated..

.... .connection.initiated...
GMT+2 Librety

I am in dire need of assistance.
I am sorry for hacking to this comm, but I must find someone who will take me under there wings.
your my only hope.
I am an employ to a large company, which works with [IND] Independents.
recently, I have found notes which imply the a few of my bosses are involved in a massive scam, going all the way to [IND].
after finding those notes, I was attacked.
they destroyed the notes, and blew my ship.
I am now stuck on Manhattan, with a starflier which I got for half the price, and a lot of credits.
and still, when I tried to leave the planet, the [IND] tried to take me out.
Also, I know the [IND] security system very very well.. I believe I can assist into hacking and, at the end, the destruction of the [IND]
I must have your assistance, will you help that which begs it from you?
if you do accept me into your ranks, then my skills are yours.


S.O.S signal.

this is my second and last transmission.
I'm a net coder and security manager in the company.
and still I cannot save myself.
again I ask for your assistance.
if you would help me, then luck has not forsaken me yet.
again, Save our Souls.

after this will end, I will not cntact you again... for I hope you shall contact me soon.

End.Transmission. ..uploading data.....

Thank you, Hackers, for your assistance in my escape from the corporate oppressors! My time with you has been mind expanding beyond all expectations or assumptions. My eyes have been opened to the lies of the commercial oligarchy! I have none but you to thank for saving me from my own ignorance.

I cannot remember life before the Hack, and life after has been most enjoyable. We may yet win the war against the corrupt pets of the kleptocracy known as Liberty!

I cannot be more thankful for my acceptance into the world of the technological elite. terminated.....
... |connection.initiated| ...
... || ...
... |bypassing.secu.rooms:done| ...
... |hacking.throught.system:done| ...
... |processing.connetion| ...
... |connection:established| ...
... |encoding.msg:in.progress| ...























... || ...
... |connection:lost| ... Director Moriarty...recognized...transmission.encrypted...uploading data...

The following Recruits are cleared to begin the prescribed Induction Protocols :

Magoo! : LH~Knave

Lucend : LH~Jean.Le.Rouge

ParanoidAndroid : LH~Le.Chiffre

All Hackers are instructed to inform a Lane Hacker Director once any of these Recruits have arrived at Mactan Base in a Dagger. They are to receive NO assistance prior to their arrival. terminated...

[font=Courier New]Sniffing channels...
Set verbosity low.
Lane Hacker Secure Comm recognized.
Injecting transmission...

>Due to my current circumstance in the heart of Liberty I have been
>unable to contact you by any other means. This transmission was
>not my Plan A; I was, and still am, unsure how you react to such
>I have been a Hacker aspirant since my arrival in Liberty. I grew up
>on a base near the Hispania wreck with my mother and a number of
>other families. We were in constant conflict with the Corsairs and
>managed to survive as long as we did only because they did not
>consider us a threat of any significant magnitude. It did not last
>forever, naturally. The Corsairs blame our "downfall" -- read
>"Obliteration a la Corsairs" -- on cardamine. No comment, as I'm
>sure you understand.
>Since then, I have trekked through Sirius, more or less aimlessly.
>In Liberty I decided to establish more of a permanence for myself,
>and I dare say it has worked out to my satisfaction.
>I have made valuable acquaintances within the LSF as well as with
>a number of miners in New York and Colorado. This may not seem
>becoming of a hopeful-to-be Hacker, but I assure you I have aspired
>to join your ranks since I made these acquaintances. The
>incompetence, immorality, and a number of other less flattering
>descriptors are all what Liberty seems saturated with.
>As an aside, I do not understand the recent debates about Area 21.
>I have been there (escorted by an oblivious LSF agent, I might add)
>and there is nothing there but rock, ice, aliens, and a prison or two.
>I'm surprised the Liberty corporations don't simply give it away and
>let someone else take care of it. I do not see how maintaining that
>system is worthwhile.
>I have been passing my time mining silver in Colorado. It keeps the
>LSF et al out of my hair, but is barely profitable, let alone interesting.
>My time could be better put to use righting the wrongs of the House
>of Hypocrisy that is "Liberty."
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