Planet Jiangxi

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Planet Jiangxi
Planet Jiangxi.jpg

Owner CoalitionArms.png Coalition
Location 5F, Omega-52
Edge Worlds
Technical information
Population 120.000
Docking Yes
Terrain Temperate
Diameter 13,396 km
Mass 6.03 x 10e24 kg
Temperature -78°C to 87°C
Escape velocity 11.83 km/sec

A Planet of extremes, Jiangxi harbors lush jungles around it's equatorial belt, vast deserts beyond a mountain range on the southernmost continent, vast oceans with trenches that almost touch the litosphere, and massive frozen wastelands at the polar regions. The Coalition settled Jiangxi not long after their arrival in Omega-52, but found the climate and native wildlife to be unpredictable and dangerous. Mining colonies and small industries were established on the surface, providing the raw materials needed to build up the Coalition fleet.

The planet suffered a major catastrophe in early 817 A.S., when enemies of the Coalition breached the systems defenses and laid siege to the Planet. Much of the Planet's industry was destroyed along with nearly every civilian settlement, in what was meant to be the deathblow to the Coalition. A population of over 400.000 was reduced to a mere 70.000 in minutes. The attack also caused fires on a planetary scale, consuming much of the planet's equatorial jungles and boreal forests. The resulting ash clouds still cover much of the planet, and have triggered a global cooling trend which will most likely result in an ice age.

The attack failed to destroy the Coalition utterly however. Relief forces ended the siege three days after it started, and security around the planet has been tight ever since. On the surface, the arduous task of rebuilding has begun, with the least hard-hit areas being given priority. The capitol has been relocated to an island in the northeastern ocean, where several small settlements escaped destruction.

Only a handful of areas were spared and continue to thrive: the vast oceans protected the Santiago de la Omega colony in the South West Archipelago, and the areas around New Hong Kong in the Southern Ocean managed to rig their asteroid defense grid to destroy most of the missiles bound for their colony.

The wastelands are areas of land which were subjected to the most severe bombardment during the planetary attack. Most of these regions were major population centers, cities or military installations. Today, they are dead zones, heavily irradiated and pockmarked by deep impact craters. Broken slabs of concrete, melted steel and gnarled fingers of twisted and mangled buildings dot some areas of the wastelands. It is here that scavengers or mutated survivors can sometimes be found exploring buried basements, subways, parking garages, and other subterranean constructions. Some of the mutants and gangs use the dwellings as temporary settlements or shelters. A recently discovered tunnel complex in the Northern Contaminated Sector connected 27 different dwelling areas, and had 15 different access point covering a 900ft (270m) area and housed 250 scavengers.

Despite Propaganda myths about rapid re-growth, the wastelands are dangerous and barren lands devoid of usable resources and life. The heavily irradiated soil and polluted waters can support only the most hardy of foliage and fauna. Low levels of radiation permeate atmosphere of these regions. Although not deadly, subjection to prolonged exposure (a few months) without protection can result in a variety of cancers, particularly skin cancer, and sterility. Official Coalition records put the current number of people living on Jiangxi at 120.000, but the actual number is likely to be much lower.

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