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AFC - Archangels Fighter Club, an unaffiliated race club.

A.S. - After Settlement (of Sirius).

A.G.S. - After Gallic Settlement.

AT - Armored Transport.

AI - Artificial Intelligence.

Arigato - "Thank you" in Japanese.

Auf Wiedersehen - "I'll see you again", literally "Goodbye" in German.


BAF - Bretonia Armed Forces.

Bats - Shield Batteries.

bb - Nanobots and Shield Batteries.

BC - Battle Cruiser.

BD - Blood Dragons.

BDS - Blood Dragons Ship e.g. Dragon Battleship.

BDM - Büro Der Marineintelligenz.

BH/BHG - Bounty Hunters Guild.

BIS - Bretonian Intelligence Service.

Blindfire - An aiming technique used by battleships.

BMF - Bretonia Mining and Fabrication; BMM's player faction.

BMM - Bretonia Mining and Manufacturing.

Bots - Nanobots.

Bowex - Borderworld Exports.

BPA - Bretonia Police Authority.

BS - Battleship.

Bunboat - Bounty Hunter Gunboat.

Bundies - Bundschuh.

Bunter - Bounty Hunters Guild.

BWT - Border Worlds Transport.


Cannibals - Derigatory term to describe Corsairs.

Cap/Capship - Capital ship (Gunboat, Cruiser, Battleship).

Capwhore - Derigatory term used to describe a player mainly participating or preferring to use in combat a capital ship.

CD - Cruise Disruptors.

Char(s) - Character(s).

CID - Corsica Intelligence Division (Maltese Secret Service).

Civ/Civvy - Civilian.

CM - Countermeasures.

CMS - Colonial/Crayterian Military Ship, e.g. Colonial Battleship.

CNS - Corsair Navy Ship, i.e. Legate.

Codes - Codenames.

Commies - a Derigatory term used to denote communists. Usually referring to the Sirius Coalition or, less frequently, to Red Hessians.

CPS - Coalition People's Ship.

CPW - Coalition People's Warship.

CR - Crayter Republic; older Colonial Republic.

Cupholder - An unofficial term to refer to the Upholder.


Dessie/Dest - Destroyer.

DHC - Daumann Heavy Construction.

Disco - Discovery Mod.

Disco forums - The official community forum to the Discovery Mod, found at

DiscoLauncher - The primary application used to execute Discovery Freelancer and managing your FL accounts.

Drift(ing) - Another term used for sliding, an Engine Kill maneuver used in the fight by fighters.

DSAM - Discovery Account Manager.

DSE - Deep Space Engineering.

DWR - Die Weiße Rose (in normal latin letter: Die Weisze Rose) (German for: The White Rose) The Bundschuh player faction.


EK - Engine Kill. A method used to preserve the kinetic energy to mimic Newtonian law. That means that the ship will continue to fly on it's vector (i.e. direction) when engine was killed.

EFL - EFL Oil and Machinery.


F1 - Method of disconnected, reconnecting, or closing Freelancer. Also refers to a deliberate disconnection from the server to avoid being pirated, shot, or otherwise avoiding a roleplay interaction. Against the server rules.

FA - Farmers Alliance.

FAM/FLAM - Freelancer Account Manager, a program made by Korrd to save and import/export accounts. It is now discontinued in favor of Discovery Launcher.

Farming - Killing NPCs.

FL - Freelancer (the game).

Form - Short for "Enter formation" or "Form Up".

Formed - Short for "I have entered formation" or "Formed Up".

Frogs - Derigatory term to describe gallic people.

FP - Freeport.


Gaijin - Derigatory term used by Kusari nationalists to describe foreigners.

Ganking - Creating an unfair fight. Can be done via superior ship size or superior numbers.

GB - Gunboat or Gallic Brigands (determine which from context).

GC - Golden Chrysanthemums or Planet Gran Canaria (determine which from context).

GJ - Gallic Junkers; removed old faction.

GMG - Gas Miners Guild.

GMS - Gallic Metal Service.

GR - Gallic Republic; the Gallic state created by the Council.

GRI - Gallic Royal Intelligence.

GRN - Gallic Royal Navy.

GRP - Gallic Royal Police.

GRS - Gallic Republic Ship, e.g. "Redemption" Council Battleship.

Großadmiral - (translating in English to Grand Admiral) is the highest rank in the Rheinland Military.

Gottkanzler - God-Chancellor, the way some Rheinland citizens refer to the Chancellor of Rheinland.

GS - Gunship.

Guten Abend - "Good night" in German.

Guten Tag - "Good day" in German.


HF - Heavy fighter or Hellfire Legion (determine which from context).

HMS - His/Her Majesty's Ship, e.g. Bretonia Battleship.

Hunter - Bounty Hunters Guild.


IC - Interspace Commerce.

ICV - Imperial Capital Vessle e.g. Core Battleship.

ID - Identification card. Identifies the player's mounted ID. This piece of equipment also serves as tractor beam.

IDF - Ile-de-France Shipping.

IFF - Identify Friend or Foe, i.e. one's tag and reputation.

IKN - Imperial Kusari Navy. Formerly used in Kusari to denote ships that belong to the Kusari Naval Forces, but after the Emperor was overthrown, it wasonly used by the Kusari Exiles. Since the civil war has enden it has became to normal tag KNF capital ships e. g. Kusari battleship; so it replaced KDS.

Import - A ship model or faction from another science fiction universe, eg. Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica or Homeworld. Import models were common in 4.84, and are gradually being phased out to be replaced with unique Discovery models.

IND - Independent Neuralnet Division.

Indie(s)/Independent(s) - Players who carry out acts according to a role they play without belonging to the official faction which is representing that faction. Indies are Discovery Freelancer's most common players.

Infectee - An umbrella term describing humans possessed by a Nomad Incubus.

IO - Imperium Omicronis.

Ion Storm - Term used to describe in a roleplay way, a server crashing and rebooting. It is also used to describe lag.


J - Junkers or The Junkers Congress.

Jellies - Nomads.

JG - Jump gate connecting two systems.

JH - Jump hole connecting two systems.

Jousting - Head to head firefight. Usually ships move in more-less straight line towards each other shooting with all guns. They turn after each pass and repeat.


Kanzler - The term referring to the Chancellor used by the Rheinlanders.

KDS - Kusari Democratic Ship, e.g. Kusari Battleship. Still in use but not common since the Republic does not exists anymore.

Keiretsu - In corporate culture, keiretsu refers to a uniquely Japanese form of corporate organization. The keiretsu system is based on an intimate partnership between government and businesses. It can best be understood as the intricate web of relationships that links banks, manufacturers, suppliers, and distributors with the Japanese government. For more information see Keiretsu.

KIG - Kusari Imperial Guard. Also in use for Kusari capital ships.

KKS - Kaiserliches Kriegsschiff (Imperial War Ship), e.g. Unioners Hel; was used from the Rheinic Empire for their military ships like RNC today

KNF - Kusari Naval Forces.

Konnichiwa - "Hello" in Japenese.

KoS - Kill on sight.

KPT - Kempeitai.

Kriegsmarine - Rheinland Military.

KSP - Kusari State Police.

Ku - Kusari

KusEx - Kusari Exiles.


LABC - Liberty Assault Battlecruiser.

Law Enforcement - Umbrella term describing a House's military and police.

LF - Light Fighter.

LH - Lane Hackers.

LN - Liberty Navy.

LNS - Liberty Navy Ship, e.g. Liberty Dreadnought.

Lolwutter - A player who does not bother with proper roleplay, goes out of character and uses chatspeak. Held in very low esteem by other players.

LPI - Liberty Police Incorporated, a private company which exercises police authority in Liberty and is also responsible for the prisons.

LR - Liberty Rogues.

LSF - Liberty Security Force.

LWB - Landwirtrechtbewegung.


Merc - Mercenary.

Metagaming - Gaining knowledge outside the scope of the game, such as through forum posts or Skype chat, and then acting on the knowledge which the person's character would not normally be privy to. Considered OOC behavior and strongly frowned upon, and against the rules (though hard to report).

MND - NCP/Free faction of the (Rheinic) Navy Intellegence; in German Marinenachrichtendienst.

MNS - Maltese Navy Ship, e.g. Outcast Battleship.

MR - Mini Razor.

MIA - Missing In Action. A person or ship that has gone missing while on active duty. Generally implies that they are dead/destroyed or captured.


Nanos - Nanobots, items used to repair hull damage. Can also mean the New Berlin system

NB - New Berlin or Planet New Berlin (determine which from context).

NC - National Council; the government and player faction of the Nazione Maltese (offical Outcast name).

NFZ - No-Fire Zone around Freeports which is put in effect by the Zoners.

NL - New London or Planet New London (determine which from context).

NM - Nación Maltesa offical name of the Outcast house; the second Hispanic house.

Nommie(s)/Noms - Nomads.

NT - New Tokyo or Planet New Tokyo (determine which from context).

NP - New Paris; seldom also Ile-de-France

NPC - Non Player Character, i.e. a ship controlled by the game's AI.

NY - New York.


OC - Outcasts.

OCV - Order Capital Vessel, e.g. Osiris.

OOC - Out Of Character. Expressing oneself in a manner not suitable for roleplay on the server. Should be avoided if not necessary. The commonly used notation for something which is OOC is "//" (//Please do not re-engage). OORP, Out Of RolePlay, is also a term used for this.

OORP - Out of Role Play. See RP.

OSC or OS&C - Orbital Spa and Cruise.

OSI - Omicron Supply Industries.


PC - Player Character, i.e. your or another player's ship.

Perishable - Items listed as Perishable and Highly Perishable degrade over time. If you are carrying these items you will notice a slowly decreasing bar under the icon. This shows the spoilage of one unit of cargo. When the bar reaches zero one unit will be deducted from your cargo and the bar will fill again for the next unit of cargo. During a normal run (For example New London to Denver or Kurile to Cambridge) you can expect to lose about 10 units of cargo depending on trade lane disruptions and your docking quickness. The number lost is not based on your cargo size. Losing 10 cargo out of 80 might not be worth it, but losing 10 out of 5000 is negligible.

Pirate - A pilot who uses violent methods to extort money or cargo from other vessels.

Powergaming - The use of exploits, loopholes, borderline RP behavior, or roleplaying another player's character without consent to gain advantage over other players. Extremely frowned upon.

Powertrading - The practice of repeatedly performing a trade run for profit rather than roleplaying reasons, and not responding to any RP by other players (pirates, other traders, etc.). A person who does this is a 'powertrader'. Not against the rules, but bad form.

PRIME - Primary Artificial Intelligence.

PvP - Player versus player combat.

PVP Whore - Refers to players who care only for the pvp aspect of game and do not wish to involve in other forms of interaction.


Quickdock - Cruising or thrusting very close (less than 100m) to trade lane ring, docking ring or station hangars and pressing the docking button which almost instantly initiates docking. Saves time and is quite effective in case the ship is pursued by enemies.


Razorino - Mini Razor.

Regens - Shield batteries and nanobots.

Rep - Reputation. Indicates the attitude towards the other factions. Scales from hostile to neutral to friendly.

Rep fixing - Changing oneself's reputation toward a NPC faction.

Rephack - This Discovery mechanic locks reputation of specific factions to be below certain level and is based on your mounted ID. The only positive rephack which cannot drop from max level is the one that maximizes the reputation of the faction which represents your mounted ID. Almost all IDs have rephacks. The game applies any necessary adjustment (rephack) to the ship's reputation, each time the ship undocks. [Rephack viewer]

RFP - Rheinland Federal Police.

RH - Red Hessians or Rheinland (determine which from context).

RHA - Red Hessian Army, player created faction.

RHC - Red Hessian Capital ships, e.g. Hessian Battleship.

RM - Rheinland Military.

RNC - Rheinland Navy Capital ships, e.g. Rheinland Battleship.

RNS - Royal Navy Ship, e.g. Gallic Battleship.

RP - Roleplay. Acting and conducting oneself in a manner that fits the player's current status and his factions modus operandi.

RS - Republican Shipping.

Run - Trade run from point A to point B and back.


Sairs - Corsairs.

Sanctionlancer - A term used to describe the act of reporting a player on a hair trigger instead of an attempt at reason, or just letting the incident slide and for the purpose of getting the player sanctioned.

Sayonara - "Goodbye" in Japanese.

SCRA - Sirius Coalition Revolutionary Army.

Shieldrunning - It is the act of actively stopping the attack in the enemy vessel when your shields have dropped, and instead focusing on dodging until the shields are back online. Considered as a controversial tactic.

Sirian - Person who lives in Sirius but outside Gallia, only Gallic citizens use this term to define people from outside Gallia.

SHF - Super heavy fighter.

Sliding - Another term used for drifting, an Engine Kill maneuver used in the fight by fighters.

Slider - A player who uses the sliding technique.

SNAC - Supernova Antimatter Cannon, but also used for every Antimatter cannons.

SNACCED/Snacced - Getting shot by/killed by a hit of the Supernova Antimatter Cannon.

SP - Freelancer's Single Player mode.

SRP - Special Roleplay Request. Needed to be filed to the forums to play with an unusual ship/ID/weapons combination. More info here

Squids/squishies - Nomads.

Screen/SS - Screenshot.


Tag or Player Faction Tag - Prefix or affix used to indicate player's NPC faction.

TAZ - Temporary Autonomous Zoners.

TBH - The Brotherhood.

TCD - Train Cruise Disruptor

TCL - The Commonwealth of Liberty

Tech Chart or Guidelines for Technology Usage - A component of the rules that determines what guns and ships any player may use as determined by their ID. See here.

Tech Nerf - An adjustment to power regenaration based on your ID choice and technology/ship you have. Native technology to your ID has no technerf. Technology from allies usually sets your regenaration rate to 90%. Technology from friendly or neutral factions sets it to 75%. Technology from unfriendly or hostiles sets it to 10%. [Technerf viewer]

The Angels - A player created faction helping other players.

TL - Trade Lane.

TLAGSNET - The system used by ships with a mounted Police ID that allows them to monitor the trade lane and jump gate network of their House when they are in-space and inside their House.

Toaster - Derigatory term for Artificial Intelligence.

Torp(s) - Torpedoes.

TS - Turret Steering, the ability of capital ships, transports and freighters to operate effectively while in Turret View.


UC - Unione Corse.

UN - Unioners.

USI - Universal Shipping Incorporated or Universal Ship Identification. The latter is the system used by Interspace Commerce to track all ships and their cargo each time they use the trade lane or jump gate network, excluding Gallia.


VHF - Very heavy fighter.

Volksrevolution - Literally meaning "People's Revolution", and is the main political goal and platform of the Red Hessians and their supporters.

VWA - Vereinigte Widerstandsarmee.


Whale - Term used to denote one of the two ships; either the Kujira - T-482-T GMG Transport or the ZBT-100Z 2 - Zoner Borderworld Transport.


XA - Xeno Alliance

Xeener - A nickname for Xenos.



ZoI - Zone Of Influence. A collection of systems where a faction's presence is frequent. This is usually the RP explanation for the server rules to restrict factions from conducting hostilities outside of this Zone.

ZGS - Zoner Guard Ship, e.g. Nephilim.