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Please strikethrough or move the entry to the archive as it is dealt with. Use <s> and </s> tags for strikethrough text. See Discovery Wiki:Completed Actions Archive for completed tasks.

The following types will need updating:

  • System pages
  • Weapon pages
  • Shield pages
  • Commodity pages
  • Base pages
  • Planet pages
  • Ship lists - leave this for now because the content generator isn't perfect for it yet.

Editing Priorities

(Things that anyone can help with)

  1. System pages - Please add whatever you can to the systems, look at New York and Pennsylvania for examples of 'complete' pages.
    1. This is high priority because it cannot be automated (especially the system description) since much of it is RP and lore based, not taken directly from infocards.
  2. Category:Images to be replaced and Category:Pages without profile images
    1. Again, not able to be automated, and is best done by lots of people who can submit a few images each. Try to name your images the same as the page name that they're for, it will help organization
  3. Player Factions and Player Groups should be kept up to date by someone in the faction
  4. Player Characters - If you have one on the wiki, it would be helpful to keep it updated here.
  5. Put a link to the faction or group threads on the GC forums onto the faction or group pages here on the Wiki.
  6. Start using the Server specific template on pages which need it.
  7. Remove pages from all unnecessary categories. When they're empty, put a deletion proposal on the category page, if it already exists.
  8. Anything else you think you could add that has value, go for it!

Advanced TO DO

  • Add descriptive "USAGE" instructions to all templates. As seen in Template:System.
  • Add "What needs fixing reasons" to the "Stubs/incomplete" section on all pages that are listed at Category:Stubs.
    • Adding these reasons and things to fix, to the TODO page, so that people no longer have an excuse "I don't know what to do!" for fixing the wiki.
  • If you want to replace the wiki logo, just replace this image, Image:WikiLogo.png

Images needing replacement

Reasons: Pictures don't follow the precedent of other alike images. These are to be edited at a later date, when renders or more suitable pictures can be made. These often will be in use already and can be safely left as is, until a better picture is uploaded. Watch for "dark images", discolored or bad framing.

Some images may need attention due to the content and image subject not really in context of each other. Others may need a better angle or different framing. Others may need better lighting or clearer focus.

Category:Images to be replaced

Missing Images

All factions that require an image: Please add something that is relevant to the faction. Collated missing faction image list


ID list page

  • Consider reorganizing and rewriting the page with IDs grouped by Lawful/Unlawful/Corporation IDs instead. It's currently a bit messy.

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