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This page contains information about unofficial player groups. For official ones, see Player Factions.

If you wish to add your player group to this list, make sure that ALL fields are filled out properly; please also add either a wiki page or a link to your player group's forum thread. Be certain that you add your faction in ascending alphabetical order. Entries which do not supply the reader with enough information will be deleted.

Also, please do not add nationality-based factions here.

Recent unofficial player groups

Faction Name Logo Tag Affiliation Leader(Forum Name) Description
2nd Dragoner Regiment
[Dragoner] Red Hessians John McClane, Dr. Klent and Diego Erzbaron The 2nd Dragoner Regiment is a former Red Hessians military unit on duty during the war against the Corsairs between 814 and 817 A.S. Once the Red Hessian leadership disbanded the Regiment it deteriorated to a loosely organized group of veteran pilots who attack Daumann and Kruger transports to support the Red Hessian movement and gain profit by selling the captured goods. Now the Regiment isn’t much more than a group of Pirates, but they will always honor the call to arms and participate in special operations against the Rheinland government and the Corsairs.
Artisan Farmers Alliance [AFA] Farmers Alliance Xiphos The Artisan Farmers Alliance is a group dedicated to maintaining the distinct culture and traditions that have made the Kusari people strong throughout the generations
Planetform, Inc.
PFI) Planetform, Inc. Clarissa Carrington [Hidamari] & Lincoln Caldwell A large corperation specialising in Terraforming planets for human habitation. Rumored ties to various Kusarian revolutionary factions. In 822 A.S the Corporation known as PFI dissolved and out of the ashes arose PFI), lead by the new CEO Clarissa Caldwell.
Council of Sirius
SC) Freelancer Counci of Sirius The Council of Sirius is an international organisation which can take action on the issues confronting humanity in the 9th century after settlement, such as peace and security, climate change, sustainable development, human rights, disarmament, terrorism, humanitarian and health emergencies, gender equality, governance, food production, and more. The Sirius Council also provides a forum for its members to express their views in the General Assembly, the Security Council, the Economic and Social Council. By enabling dialogue between its members, and by hosting negotiations, the Organization has become a mechanism for governments to find areas of agreement and solve problems together.
Deep Space Engineering
DSE Logo.png
DSE) Deep Space Engineering None DSE) still has close ties to Ageira Technologies and Universal Shipping Incorporated, but is slowly becoming more independent as a company. They are currently focussing on the clean up of several Libertonian debris field, and repairs of stations, trade lanes, and jump gates.
Gaian Guard
GG- Gaians TheSauron & Mirdynn The Gaian Guard is the currently dominating cell of the Gaians. Composed by a huge variety of individuals, from die hard ecologists and religious zealots to simple pirates and fugitives. The cell is vaguely divided into two subgroups, a trait inherited from two separate cells that founded this organisation in middle 822 AS. The two subgroups are as follows: the Eden Initiative is the religious part of the Guard while the Watchers are the die hard scientists.
Liberty Rogues
LR Logo.png
LR- Liberty Rogues The Rogues are a motley assortment of petty criminals who operate mainly in Liberty, attacking targets of opportunity or occasionally working for larger criminal organizations. However, the LR- have evolved into a more organized group, lead by a Crime Boss and his group of underlings.
Ryukyu Guild
RG| Gas Miners Guild Guild Masters A branch of the Gas Miners that was originally the governing body on Planet Miura which has now expanded to space-side operations.
Seraphim, The
(>S<) Zoner moebus & casualty The Seraphim are a group of involved and motivated zoners dedicated to improve the welfare of human beings across Sirius regardless of their affiliation, origin, history or religion.
Unione Corse
[UC] Unione Corse Corse Quasi-legal faction with focus on lawful trade, smuggling, and mercenary work. Controls portions of the Gallic black market and covertly helps enemies of the Gallic Crown.
Xeno Alliance
XA icon small.png
XA- Xenos A faction of Xenos who have carried out surprisingly effective guerrilla operations against the Liberty Navy in spite of extreme economic disadvantages.
Xtreme Fighters [XTF] Outcast Achilies
Pedro Caballo
A privately owned militia working for the Nación Maltesa known for its blood thirsty attitude towards combat.

Inactive unofficial player groups

Faction Name Logo Tag Affiliation Leader(Forum Name) Description
30th Assault Squadron 30th| The Order sadtranslation
30th Squadron primary directive is to enforce The Order's defence in the Omicrons (Primarily Minor, O-100, O-92 and O-Major) against the Liberty Navy's aggressive politics and the growing danger of a Core invasion.
410th Black Nile Squadron BNS The Order Liuetenant Jorge Numark (Aznremix416) The Black Nile Squadron is a newly founded strike force that was based out of Battleship Isis. It’s goals are the same as the Primary Fleet and the squadron is known for their efficiency in combat. The BNS is one of the smallest squadrons in the entire Order Fleet, and while it is a dispatchment of the Order Fleet, BNS pilots are known to go off in other important missions.
42nd Order Recon The Order Meredith Savoy More information:
The Black Dragon Society
BDS Logo.png
[|] Hogosha Kayo Chiba (Yuki) Hogosha translates literally as "guardian" or "protector," reflecting the organization's rather romantic view held not only by its own members, but by a large portion of the Kusari population.
Cambridge Stellar Research |CSR| None Roy Khan (Pásztor Roland), Xaror (Galgamos) A planet exploration oriented research group.
Children of Conviction -[CoC]- Freelancer Jacob Keller (Leonardo) A group of mercenaries for hire that work for the unlawful forces in Sirius by terminating lawful military officers and members of lawful corporations, as well as escorting smugglers and assisting pirates.
Collectors [Collectors] Junkers Ingenious, Tegumiril A group of Junkers who sell scrap for cash, engage in questionable deals, and issue shady loans to shady individuals.
Convoy [Convoy] Bretonia Armed Forces Rubber Duck The Convoy is a special sub-division of the BAF, like the Merchant Navy of old. The company is fully committed in the war against Kusari and is the primary supplier for the war effort.
Deep Trading Consortium Deep_ Junkers Deep_Blue The Deep Trading Consortium is a group of traders and escorts. They share one opinion which makes them one group;

"Traders decide what and when they trade" They formed a group based on this principle and kept together, hoping that one day, they'd have more freedom.

EFL Oil & Machinery
EFL| EFL Oil & Machinery None Gallia's largest industrial corporation. EFL Oil & Machinery specializes in Technological Development, Engineering, and Fuel Extraction.
EFL Oil and Machinery EFL) EFL Oil and Machinery Entrepreneur Will be added later.
ExoGeni Corporation Cryer Pharmaceuticals ExoGeni Corporation ExoGeni is the leading genetical research department in Bretonia. In addition to funding the establishment of several bretonian colonies, ExoGeni has incidentally secured resource rights to worlds that may have undiscovered resources or remnants of alien technology, such as their newest research outpost on Planet Sprague. They are closely related to Cryer Pharmaceuticals. ExoGeni is known to be contracted by House militaries and privates alike for their bio-genetical implants. One of ExoGeni's subsidiaries is a private military contractor with a highly-trained security force capable of rescue, reconnaissance, and para-military operations. ExoGeni uses its force to secure and protect its assets and high profile employees.
Gas Miners Guild
GMG Logo.png
GMG| Gas Miners Guild Sigma-59 Primary suppliers of H-Fuel to Sirius.
General Sirius News Network [GSNN] Freelancer Jack Rolanski The GSNN was created by Jack Rolanski to provide more accurate news than is broadcasted by Government-run networks.
Guild-41 [G-41] Red Hessians Otto Niemann Guild-41 was formed in 816 A.S. Pilots of Guild are struggling for the revolution in Rheinland space.
Harvesters Harvester_ Junkers Machines controlled by an Artificial Intelligence, the FTGW (First Thought Giver of Will). Their purpose is to obtain the Alpha Code.
Heckler & Koch Militärtechnik
H&K- Rheinland Military Markus Seiler A company which is mainly constructing and testing new weapon technology for the military and the civil usage. All informations about the technology and the fleet is confidential!
Île-de-France Shipping
IDF Logo.png
|IDF| Ile-de-France Shipping None Île-de-France Shipping is the go-to company for shipping and commerce within Gallia, and is currently the leading shipping company in Gallic space, occupying over 55 percent of the civilian space transportation market. The company is fiercely loyal to the crown, with over 40 percent of the stock shares belonging to the Gallic royal family.
Independent Neuralnet Division
IND Logo.png
[IND] Unaffiliated Oita A powerful economic cartel with covert ties to the Outcast government.
Independant Prisoner Transportation [IPT] Freelancer Mark Wells The IPT,or Independant Prisoner Transportation faction measures was created by Mark Wells as a response to what he saw as lax security measures throughout Sirius
Interspace Commerce
IC Logo.png
IC| Interspace Commerce None Started as a banking company, Interspace understood that gaining profit and influence is faster by entering the shipping business. While still providing insurance and loan services, Interspace is working to become a notable player in the shipping industry.
Jupiter Guild [\JG/] Zoners Zoner group of ex-mercenaries and traders who have chosen to stay independent from the houses, now tasked with the security and support of zoner space, bases and factions.
Lancelot Bank LB| Unaffiliated Humphrey Lancelot Financial services firm providing numerous products to the houses of Sirius.
Legacy Corporation Lx Aligned Zoner Mining Group Edsel Kuhn A company dedicated to surveying various portions of space to develop new mining zones.
Liberty Customs & Border Organization LCBO|- LSF LCBO|-Dan-Renolds, LCBO|-Mark.Brown Paramilitary Strike Force and Intelligence Organisation. They are diplomats carrying big guns.
Lost Star Vigilantes .|* Unaffiliated freedom fighters, Anti-Outcast/Slaver Sol. Mithras
A close knit group of individuals working against the slavery, slavers and, their employers, the Maltese. Based in the Taus, they try to block the Outcasts' smuggling and human trafficking operations, while acting as a guerilla fighting force against the Maltese pirates and war parties in the region.
Molly Republic [MR] Mollys The Molly Republic are traditionalists dedicated to freeing the Dublin system from Bretonia control. (This faction is currently restructuring into several seperate groups).
Neo-Terran Front ]NTF[- Unaffiliated Executive Commander Enrico Rossini (Tycho) The Neo-Terran Front is a radicalized, unlawful offshoot of the LSF dedicated to building at least one ship (more if possible) capable of escaping Sirius altogether, and building a utopian civilization at their destination.
NRWS Republican Shipping Northrhine-Westphalia Shipping, a lawful Organisation trade Goods with House Kusari and Rheinland
Pioneer Corporation PC| Zoners lukasz_r128a Organisation focused on trading and exploration of unknown Sirius sectors
RDA - Resource Development and distribution Agency RDA- Independent Miners Guild Jim Young(Geeky), Dylan Hunt, (Remto) A corporate branchoff from the IMG. The RDA value cooperation but only in the way it brings out profit and security needed to get profit.
Reaver Mercenary Co.
Reavers Logo.png
.Reaver Freelancer A bar near you. Folk as have a need to fire bullets. We, as a rule, generally don't shoot at the people paying for the bullets.
Renzu Corporation Renzu| Unaffiliated Otis Jethro (Zelot) The Renzu Corporation, a humble business concern that has survived the centuries amongst giants of industry, recently attracted a number of talented young shipwrights by promises of making a fresh expression of their talents outside the well worn channels of Kusarian business practice. Through a limited partnership and considerable speculative investment on the part of the Independent Neuralnet Divisionthese unique vessels have begun to creep into the open, and grey, markets of Sirius.
Sirius Cartel [Cartel] Independant Criminal Organization Don Bendak (Sirslicey) A "Family" of like-minded individuals who organized themselves into something resembling the old Sol Mafia of Italy, they primarily Smuggle goods from one end of Sirius to another or hire themselves out to larger organizations like the Outcasts as Guards or Hitmen
Sirius Robotics [SR] Unaffiliated Unknown (Linkus) Sirius Robotics is a rising star in the field of Robotics. Dedicated to outstanding quality, Sirius Robotics has a long standing history of excellence.
Skynet corporation [Skynet] Independet Kurt Harris SKYNET CORPORATION - was one of bigest the companies who was creating Cyber Technology. Bio-weapons, Nuclear-weapons and more other. But main achievement was production robot machines with artificial intelligence. But we were destroyed, in an instant, on the radar all our bases began to disappear. And when we realized that we were attacked, all important personnel were evacuated. And later for a long time, I decided to head the corporation to regenerate and recover all the lost, and destroy the one who attacked us. No mercy for the enemy.
Stuttgart Landsknechte Lk~ Freelancer Albrecht Koehler (ktayn) Paste-eating Rheinlandic mercenaries
The Black Marketeers {TBM}- Slaver/Smuggler TheEnglishman Smuggling contraband between the House's territory and Unlawful Organizations throughout Sirius & Double dealing with lawful/unlawful factions to gain unnatural privileges. Fight against lawful groups who oppose operations & Assault and seize weapon and equipment dealer's stock and sell on the black market for further profits & Manage the dark side of Sirius.
The Eclipse E~S| Freelancer Oniyuushi Kerrigan (Kerrigan), Adamo Francesca (DarthBindo) The Eclipse Syndicate is a quasi-legal smuggling company, claiming to be a provider for different causes it feels needs support. Thus the motto "Profit for a cause".
The Gentlemen Raiders / Sherwood Initiative GRSI- Unaffiliated Pirates and Smugglers Vlad Wescovitch / Oros Thellere The Gentlemen Raiders are a group of well-to-do millionaires who prefer to spend their remaining days living a life of piracy and adventure instead of a droll one of wine and caviare. They follow a strict code of ethics, called The Gentlemen's Code, which dictates their activities and protocols. They are allied and inseparable from the Sherwood Initiative, a group of exiled smugglers who fight against corporate greed and inequality.
The Kaizoku Gang Kaizoku Freelancer Yuka Kaizoku (Heraklion) A criminal group active in piracy and smuggling.
The Lions |Lions| Bretonia Armed Forces |Lions|Damien A group of the military who aim to push back the Kusari and free Dublin from the Mollys influence. The Lions are also involved in researching the outerworlds of sirus. (More info at
The Medics [+]- Independent Morgan Hammersmith & Grou Mattar A loosely affiliated group of civilians who modified their ships to house medical equipment.
The OCULUS Corporation OCULUS./OCU. Unaffiliated (OCULUSco.) Roy Heliox A mysterious multi-billion credit media and technology company headed by Roy Heliox. Rumours have circulated his intentions, along with his humanity are falsified, and he is mysteriously planning something. Nevertheless, his technological contributions have forever changed humanity.
The Oracles Oracle| ??? Miranda (Tenacity) The Oracles are an organization devoted to learning the secrets of the Daam K'vosh empire, as well as their Nomad creations - and spreading this knowledge to others within Sirius with the goal of altering mankind into a more peaceful species.
The Order Protectors [TOP] The Order Gurney Halleck (lukasz_r128a) The Order Protectors was an organisation dependent on Order High Command but with separate chain of command and purposes.
The Preservers None The Order Kell Tainer (Vape) Order Black Ops unit
The Shaulanca Fleet Shaulanca's- Independent Manuel Smith Undermine the economy and the military power of Kingdom of Bretonia, bring the darkness over sirius and get so many followers than possible and help the Order against the Nomads.
Unione Corse [UC] Unione Corse Joel Orsini (Ghost90) The Unione Corse is a highly organized criminal group that follows traditions of the Corsican mafia of Earth, known for strict secrecy among its members, and access to nearly limitless resources, including support of high-ranked government officials.
FMC Unaffiliated None Mining, Hauling and Military support!
41st Task force 41st| Liberty Navy Jack smith The 41st was created to assist, structure and abolish Crime within Liberty's Borders and keeping those borders safe,and to assist and pre-exsisting the secondary fleets,and defend Liberty from all Rheinlanders and Nomads and Pirates
75th Mosquitos
[75th] Outcasts Hidamari The 75th Mosquito squadron is a small band of scout pilots assembled, lead and outfitted by Claes Leslie. They specialise in exploration and light combat scouting behind enemy lines, using the CX series fighter they are able to penetrate deep into enemy territory without fear of reprisals by hostile forces.
The Aurigae Union Aurigae Logo.png {A} Neutral/Lawful AI Faction Johnathan Nox Carter

(this links to the forum as well)

The Aurigae Union is a community of artificially intelligent beings who arrived into Sirius in 820 A.S., after leaving their home in the M-37 Sector of the Perseus Arm. Since their arrival they've been working towards the building of a new home, among the humans.
Cerberus Cerberus| The Order Jack Aubrey Cerberus is the codename for a black ops organization that was part of the Order before going rogue. Cerberus has since evolved into a human-survivalist paramilitary group led by a well known Bretonian, many know him just as The Colonel, few know him as Jack Aubrey. Cerberus' core belief is that humanity is under constant threat from possible alien species and that the Order is to hamstrung by law and public opinion to truly act against these dangerous foes.
Childrens of the Great Spirit
CGS| Freelancer Nicolas Stockbridge
The Commonwealth
CW| Zoners Ed- The Commonwealth is an organization formed by zoners which have decided that it is more profitable for one’s economical prosperity to form an association with others of its kind, all following similar interests and sharing economical and logistical might.
Consortium \CS\ Unaffiliated; Has control over many remaining GC assets Zeta Foxtrot Techno-Faschist paramilitary force with intent to Replace or Destroy the Kusari Government and replace it with it's own.
Drakes Wolves Wolfsmall.jpg [D-W] Hellfire Legion Lucas Stone Drakes Wolves are a new Hellfire Legion Organization
Desmond Industries [DI] Freelancer Deccan Azeranka Desmond Industries is a shipping company within the Sirius Sector. Desmond Industries has diversified to become the premier shipping company for high-risk, high-value cargoes such as diamonds, MOX, gold, silver, light arms, and luxury goods and covert government or corporate shipments. Because of this, Desmond Industries has special open contracts with to protect valuable shipments in order for them to reach their destination as long as the buyer pays up.
Fist & Co FIST| Interspace Arthur S3 Fist & Co is Private Security Company owned by David Mahone. This strictly legal company aims to profit through fulfilling security contracts. Unconditionally professional attitude towards business allows it to stand out among all similar groups. Being subsidiary of Interspace Commerce they have one of the best funding avaliable and therefore uses outstanding infrastructure.
The Haimen Alliance Haimen| Freelancer Occam Razor An Alliance of Humans and Human-AI Hybrids.
Independent Communist Miners' Guild ICMG Independent Miners Guild R Sterling(Lobster_Lord)
Elly O'Connell(Ankh)
Jeffrey Parker(Helo)
A communistic branch-off from the IMG. ICMG are gradual reformists, unlike more revolutionary socialist movements within the Omegas.
Liberty Air Force LAF| Liberty Navy Avalanche The Liberty Air Force is the aerial warfare branch of the Liberty government. It is one of the smallest branches of the military due to being partly redundant but the Air Force supports the spearhead in any shape or form possible.
Liberty Revolutionary Front LRF| Unaffiliated, Socialist Terrorists (Tabris) A Socialist Terrorist group devoted to freeing Liberty from the "Corrupt rule of the Corporations" and installing a Socialist Government that will bring the Navy, Police and Corporations under very strict control.
Los Trece
13- Unaffiliated Sirius Followers of the Silver Reaver, dedicated to further her agenda in a balanced universe.
Mining Transport Corpration
[MTC] DSE or IMG No HQ found Transporting and Minning Coropration or Company even Contracts.
Minnesota Mining & Manufacturing (3M)
[*USI*]3M Universal Shipping Universal Shipping (player faction) The original mining and manufacturing company in Liberty that worked with Universal Shipping before Xenos came to fruition. Recently acquired by USI, 3M strives to restate its influence.
New Zoner Alliance
[ZA] Zoner Tr'i Udent Primary role- Construction of specialised equipment and bases.

Secondary role- Zoner Military and Smugglers.

Obsidian Zoetic OZ: Zoners Mikrosh Obsidian Zoetic is a zoner group that aims to colonize Omicron Zeta and transform it in a safe haven for refugees all across Sirius and Gallia. They also try to research the nomads in order to gain any advantage against the alien invaders.
Orbital Spa and Cruise
OS&C emblem.png
OS&C| Orbital Spa and Cruise Orbital Spa and Cruise With a tradition of over three centuries in leisure services, Orbital Spa and Cruise is the only corporation with origins in Liberty focused on passengers transport and luxury resorts, for the rich and famous. Known as a provider of high-quality luxury services, this corporation operates in systems from the almost all Sirius houses.
The Orbitals [*O]- Junkers Tibbles A community of war refugees from Planet Leeds that refused to be rellocated to Planet Sprague or Planet Gran Canaria by Bretonian authorities. Right now, they are living in the orbit of populated planets of Bretonia, trying to rescue fellow citizens from Planet Leeds that is under Gallic Blockade, and sabotagin Gallic convoys via guerrilla tactics at Tau systems.
Briseria Republic
Briseria Republic.png
[RoE] Zoners Unknown The Briseria Republic are refugees who leave their home, they are a groupment who want new home, a peaceful world .
Republic of latium [RoL] Zoners Khassym Latins are refugees who fled from their home, Latium, after a devastating war against the faction of the Huns. They wandered for the universe, looking for a new home, when they finished in omicron Iota. Here, they were attacked by Nomads and saved by Zoners. In gratitude, Latins decided to allied with Zoners and to respect their rules and covenants. They also try to recover the refugees dispersed in Omicron for founding the new Republic of Latium.
Republican Express Corporation
RepEx Logo.png
RepEx- Republican Shipping None A former subsidiary of Republican Express Shipping since having become an umbrella entity consisting of RepEx Shipping and the security company Black Talon, which has connections to the upper echelons of the Rheinland government, including Vizeadmiral Freelamen of the Kriegsmarine.
Rheinlands Arbeitergewerkschaft
AGS Logo.png
AGS- LWB and Unioners Saar and Duesseldorf The Rheinlands Arbeitergewerkschaft is a conglomeration of LWB and Unioners members hoping to fix their respective issues cooperatively.
Rot Front
[RF] Red Hessians Vladimir The Roter Frontkämpferbund or Rot Front is the Red Hessian branch inspired by the what was left of the ancient archives of Sol history and Coalition propaganda and agitation, thus gravitating towards the communism as their world-view. Rot Front is governed by the Council and organized on the basis of "From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs".

Usual zone of Rot Front's operations is Omegas and some Omicrons. Also there are several groups within Sigmas and respective Rheinland systems which are still under Kanzler's control.

Samarran Raiders
Samarran Raiders
(SR~ Freelancer Jared Nomak (Project Lerdi) A raider clan founded by exiles from planet Samarra, located beyond the Nomad worlds and the Edge Nebula...
Shades of Sol *SoS*- Unaffiliated Barbaros Hayreddin The Shades of Sol are an inter-House para-military militia, terrorist group and pirate organization bent on the unification of all the Colonies in one big human state. They are an unlawful group operating against the House authorities. Their activities include surgical strikes against ships transporting important administrative charges, terrorist attacks on planets, and the claiming of "cohercitive donations" from private and corporate traders, alike. They're also known to work with several underground elements, most notably the Liberty Rogues.
Shadow's Mercenaries
Shade's Mercenaries
[Shade] Freelancer Erevis Kael Сompany of mercenaries founded by Lord Erevis Kael. Shades doing very different work, but prefer the orders for murder or hunting for criminals.
Sirius Research and Development
SRD| Zoners Littleone A group of scientists, mercenaries and traders that aim to discover all of Sirius and take over the technology market.
Slomon Nyctores
Nyctores| Nomads Moveit56 The devision of the Slomon K'Hara that focuses more on infiltration and influential activities rather the standard violent approach of the Nomads against the Human race.
Societe Militaire Patriot
SMP The Maquis Mazagran Depot,Champagne,Leader hidden for now SMP is a militant, radical groups, with a Gallic origin. Primary intention is to offer Council support in the fight against GRN and the Crown. Financed through mercenary service from all over sirius.
Solar Engineering SE]- Solar Engineering Alley Solar Engineering researches new ventures in Gallic technology, as well as supplying Gate/Lane parts and investigating alien artifacts.
Solar Runners (SolarR Zoner Shizune
Exploration and Research Zoner's with strong diplomatic ties to their allies.
Steelworkers SW) Junkers Graig DeWells The Union of Steelworkers is a small group, which want to revenge their families, their friends and enjoy their newly found freedom out in space. The Union represents all the different kinds of workers in sirius and their families. You can find people from all orgings there, e.g. Ex-workers, relatives of the workers, Ex-Police officers, Traders, etc.
Task Force 141 141| The Order Mercarryn One Order agent named Marcus Dawn was not satisfied with the situation within the Order. Having served for almost 20 years and seeing that the primary fleet was switching more and more to a defensive role against the nomads and the Bounty Hunters Guild Core, he set up an idea of an independent force within the Order.
The Outer Project [ToP] Smugglers Peter Brimstone (Uncle Pete) The Outer Project is a community of ex-convicts, exiles, social pariahs and other less fortunate, who have been drafted together under the leadership of Peter Brimstone, better known as Uncle Smelly Old Pete. Their main objective is maintaining and defending their community inhabiting Slum-City by doing business with a large variety of customers, generating income to supply the community with all commodities needed.
The Zoner Republic of omega 15 [TZR]- Zoners djordje_petrovic [To Come]
Universal Exports
Universal Exports
[UX] Zoners Jack Morrows (Jagtai) Universal Exports is a shipping company with Zoner and IMG ties, that seeks to gain as much profit as possible, while maintaining good relations with as many groups as possible. They are less than stingy with their clientele, as per the Zoner tradition.
Watanabe Kazoku
Watanabe Kazoku
WK| Blood Dragons Hirotada Watanabe (Mare123King) The Watanabe Kazoku is an adoptive Blood Dragon family that is descended from one of Hideyoshi's Royal Guards that fled to Chugoku after the Sakura Coup in 321 A.S.
Yashida holding
Yashida| Samura Industries YashidaHolding The Yashida Holding has been set up to make Kusari a better place for kusari and it's civilians
Cryer Technologies
[QQ] Cryer Pharmaceuticals Techpriest Cryer Technologies is an independent Cryer division created by Cryer Pharmaceuticals to improve its founding company through research.