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The Discovery Wiki is a collection of information about the Discovery modification to Microsoft's 2003 game Freelancer.

Data Sources

The information on these pages attempts to be accurate with respect to all of the data in the mod, but if there is any difference between data on different servers it will use the current data on the Discovery RP 24/7 Server and the page will be marked with the server specific template. Since the server runs FLHook with Dsacesrv, the static files on your computer are not always the same as the data on the server (notably in ID card text and prices). If you find a discrepancy between the server and a page here, please make a note of it on that page's talk page, or do the edit yourself if you're comfortable - we strive for accuracy.


Anyone can edit the wiki if they find an error, but we have a few things in place of note:

  1. You need to register an account first, anonymous edits are not allowed.
  2. You must read the Wiki Editing Rules
  3. You should check out the Style Guide - items of note are that the wiki is in the English language, specifically the American international form, no matter your home language or preference. The majority of our users are from Europe, this is well known, but the owner of this site and the founder of the mod made that decision, so respect it.
  4. Check out the "wiki editor tools" panel on the left side of the page, it has all the rest.

Contributors of Note / Editor Hall of Fame

This wiki, like the game itself, has had many people contribute to it over the years it has been around. Since unlike the game there isn't a list of contributors sent out in the readme with each new release, Cshake felt it would be nice to remember people who have made an impact.

  • Igiss started the whole thing, and started the mod. He pays for the hosting, and has root access. He may not edit that often since he's busy with the page, but without the bills nothing would be here.
  • Blodo is the longest running active sysop, and has consistently been around to fix things. He wrote a large amount of the templates, contributed greatly to the system pages, uploaded a whole lot of images, and wrote the style sheet along with:
  • Chovynz held the reigns of the sysop for a long time, but has since retired. He played a more active role in day to day admin-ing while he was here than Blodo, and helped many a new editor learn how things went. He handed his position over to:
  • Cshake started editing in September of 2009, and after a while became sysop. He wrote the Wiki Code Generator that rips the game dlls and inis and outputs complete wikitext pages for direct addition to the wiki, and when 4.85 (and its revisions) came out he added every weapon page, and updated every ship, equipment, commodity, and base page currently available (though others added the images except for ships and weapons). Runs the only bot that can update pages when new versions of the mod are released. Currently rather dormant but checks in from time to time.
  • Tracky has spearheaded the system pages project and maintains that entire section of the site, and also has helped many new editors learn what to do.
  • Tumble-Weed/n00bl3t is a general all-around helpful guy who has updated many pages and added a bunch of content. Mostly inactive, but still pops in from time to time.
  • Ironwatsas is in all likelihood somewhat insane, in a complimentary manner. He is an expert at making up crazy stories and chances are if you are reading something on the wiki that is funny, he wrote it. On a more serious note, he has contributed a good amount to many aspects of game RP and background stories for regions and factions.
  • Xxlightagentxx/Crucial has provided many of the images for systems, planets, and stations, and continues to help out with the systems project.
  • Tazuras contributed a lot of code and templates for the wiki. Went missing.
  • Nathrael has been very helpful with styling the wiki and created the current look of the main page, among many other things. Inactive for a while now.
  • Sovereign holds the title for the most helpful edit comments on the wiki, and well deserved with the hundreds of pages he's improved and fixed. Has since gone inactive.
  • Centurion has contributed to the systems descriptions and a bunch of RP info, a steady contributor since mid 2010. Has since left Discovery.
  • Alex has been around since September 2009. He has contributed a lot to the wiki, focusing on mod content in general. He has been the main person combating spam on the wiki since November 2011, and became a wiki admin on 15th of January 2012, two weeks after Discovery 4.86 public beta 1's release. He controls AlexBot, an account authorised to make automated edits on a large scale, and uses AutoWikiBrowser and his own software to do so.

If you think that someone is missing from the list (yourself or someone you know), by all means leave a comment on the talk page here!

Rules and guidelines

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