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This page contains numerous guides explaining how to perform and excel at many activities on the Discovery RP 24/7 Server and in the Discovery Mod in general. Before do anything described in these guides it is very important that you read and understand the Discovery RP 24/7 Server Rules. If you do not you may unintentionally violate them and lose a good deal of time and money.

Combat and PVP

Most of the community can handle swarms of NPCs. Many have taken down multiple battleships during the SP campaign, but when it comes to fighting other players it often gets rough. Some players are more experienced than others, so this set of combat tutorials should serve to "even up the odds" and make combat more interesting for both sides.

Money Making

As credits buy everything on the server and most things on the forums, making credits is important. Being a new player in such a complex environment can be complicated and intimidating. These guides and tutorials are designed to give new players a head start.

Business Schools & Credit Making Strategies

Mining and Trading:


Other Endeavors:

General Gameplay

These guides explain and give examples of some of the basics of gameplay on the Discovery RP 24/7 server.

Server Rules

These guides explain and give detailed examples of the server rules on the Discovery RP 24/7 server.