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Identification Cards have reputation hacks, which forces your reputation to be below certain level.

A mounted Corsair ID.

Faction IDs are used to identify pilot's faction association for out-of-RP purposes. On the Discovery RP servers every ship is required to mount and carry one ID at all times.

All players start with a generic Freelancer ID, which is a basic ID. Faction IDs are sold in some or at least one of the bases belonging to the faction it represents. Generic IDs are sold throughout all of Sirius, mostly on civilian hubs as well as Zoner bases. A Faction ID is Discovery's primary means determining to which faction a player belongs. A Generic ID represents a character not aligning himself to a specific NPC Factions. Terrorist and other restricted IDs can only be given to you by admins.

It is important that your reputation sheet (and your IFF, should you opt to display one) matches your ID.

ID also serves as a tractor beam, so without it player cannot tractor in loot. Special care needs to be taken that you don't lose your ID while acquiring a new ship. IDs are not automatically transferred to the new ship upon purchase. IDs are closely related to many of the server rules, so a good understanding of their concept is crucial.

Furthermore, IDs will affect the power output of your ship as defined in the equipment tech chart and ship tech chart.

Rules and details on IDs may not be accurate on Single Player mode, or consistent between servers. Ensure you read the rules and restrictions on your ID while online on the server you wish to use the ID on.

Generic IDs

These IDs have no restrictions on Zone of Interest, however has others restrictions, such as smaller cargo space, prohibition to freely engage targets to balance this freedom.

ID Name Lawfulness Notes
Freelancer ID Quasilawful Lawfulness is defined by specific user RP
Miner ID Quasilawful May not dock upon non-generic mining ID bases
Pirate ID Unlawful Hostile to factions, this ID can pirate any ship outside of housespace and within house space it can pirate transports and freighters only.
Recruit ID N/A Used to earn an affiliation. Can only fight in self-defence. Illegal to trade with.

Corporate IDs

Players using Corporate IDs are not restricted to their territory of origin, but any restrictions to where they may travel are defined by Roleplay laws and the presence of bases outside of their House.

ID Name House of Origin Relation to House Notes
Ageira Technologies ID Liberty Loyal "Big Three" Gate/Lane Parts permitted.
ALG Waste Disposal ID Rheinland Partially Independent
Borderworld Exports ID Bretonia Loyal
Bretonia Mining and Manufacturing ID Bretonia Loyal
Cryer Pharmaceuticals ID Liberty Fully Independent Stabiline and Synthetic Marijuana permitted.
Daumann Heavy Construction ID Rheinland Loyal
Deep Space Engineering ID Liberty Loyal "Big Three" Gate/Lane Parts permitted.
EFL Oil and Machinery ID Gallia Loyal (Owned)
Gallic Metal Service ID Gallia Partially Independent
Gateway Shipping ID Bretonia Partially Independent
Ile-de-France Shipping ID Gallia Loyal (Owned)
Interspace Commerce ID Liberty Fully Independent
Kishiro Technologies ID Kusari Loyal (Partisan)
Kruger Minerals ID Rheinland Partially Independent
Orbital Spa and Cruise ID Liberty Fully Independent
Planetform, Inc. ID Bretonia Fully Independent
Republican Shipping ID Rheinland Loyal
Samura Industries ID Kusari Loyal (Partisan)
Solar Engineering ID Gallia Partially Independent
Synth Foods, Inc. ID Liberty Fully Independent
Universal Shipping ID Liberty Loyal "Big Three" Gate/Lane Parts permitted.

Military, Police, and Special Forces IDs

ID Name Claimed Territory Notes
Bretonia Armed Forces ID Bretonia
Bretonia Police Authority ID Bretonia Should stay in Bretonia.
Bretonian Intelligence Service ID Bretonia
Gallic Royal Navy ID Gallia, Taus, Bretonia
Gallic Royal Police ID Gallia Should stay in Gallia.
Kempeitai ID Kusari
Kusari Naval Forces ID Kusari, Tau-29
Kusari State Police ID Kusari Should stay in Kusari.
Liberty Navy ID Liberty, Bering, Hudson
Liberty Police, Inc. ID Liberty Should stay in Liberty.
Liberty Security Force ID Liberty
Marinenachrichtendienst ID Rheinland
Rheinland Military ID Rheinland
Rheinland Federal Police ID Rheinland Should stay in Rheinland.

Guild and Autonomous Organization IDs

ID Name Primary Operating Zone Classification Notes
Artificial Intelligence ID Edge Worlds, Omicrons Non-Human Can attack any ship in systems that do not contain a jumpgate, except transports and freighters
Bounty Hunters Guild ID Sirius Guild Not welcome in Kusari.
The Core ID Border Worlds, Edge Worlds PMC Not welcome in Kusari.
Coalition ID Border Worlds, Edge Worlds Nation This is not a Terrorist ID.
Colonial Republic ID Coronado, Cortez, Magellan, Taus Nation Not welcome in Kusari.
Gas Miners Guild ID Kusari, Sigmas Nation, Guild
Independent Miners Guild ID Bretonia, Taus, Omegas, Edge Worlds Guild
Nomad ID Omicrons Non-Human Can attack any ship or station at will, restricted by specific RP and ID limitations.
Nomad Trial ID Border Worlds, Edge Worlds Non-Human Restricted to the Morph and may only attack in self-defense or when assisting Nomads or Wild in combat.
The Order ID Edge Worlds Terrorist Cell Not welcome in Kusari, Liberty, or Gallia.
Zoner ID Border Worlds, Edge Worlds Quasilawful Capital Warships along with Heavy and Super Transports not allowed within House Space.

Revolutionary IDs

ID Name Territory/House of Origin Main Goal
Blood Dragons ID Kusari Restore the government previous to the Sakura Coup
The Council ID Gallia, Roussillon Overthrow the Gallic throne, then replace it with a democratic system
Hellfire Legion ID Liberty, Vespucci The destruction of the Liberty Navy and the replacement of the corrupt Libertonian Government.
Kusari Exiles ID Kusari, Taus Return to Kusari to reestablish Emperor Jien Kogen and the imperial government.
Mollys ID Bretonia Liberate the Dublin system from Bretonian rule
Red Hessians ID Rheinland, Omegas Eliminate the Rheinland Bundestag along with Kruger and Daumann

Quasilawful Organization IDs

ID Name Primary Operating Zone Political Support May not demand cargo or credits within
Gallic Junkers ID Gallia, Taus GRN, partially Gallic Crown Gallic house space
Hogosha ID Kusari, Taus Samura, FA, partially Kusari Exiles Kusari house space
Junkers ID Liberty, Bretonia, Rheinland, Border Worlds Themselves, partially Outcasts Liberty, Bretonia, Rheinland house space
Unione Corse ID Gallia, Taus Maquis, Brigands, partially GRP Gallic house space

Pirate and Criminal IDs

ID Name Primary Operating Zone Political Support Targets
Bretonian Privateer ID Bretonia, Gallia, Kusari, Taus Bretonian Crown, Council, GC
Bundschuh ID Rheinland Hessians, Order, Liberty Navy
Corsairs ID Border Worlds, Edge Worlds Kusari, Unioners Blood Diamonds, Cardamine
Gallic Brigands ID Gallia, Taus Council, Corse, Maquis
Golden Chrysanthemums ID Kusari GMG, Interspace
Lane Hackers ID Liberty Outcasts, Liberty Rogues Ageira, Interspace, IND, DSE
Liberty Rogues ID Liberty Outcasts, Lane Hackers
Outcasts ID Border Worlds, Edge Worlds Bretonia, Rogues, LH, GC Artifacts, Stabiline
Unioners ID Rheinland Corsairs

House Terrorist Cell IDs

ID Name House of Origin Targets These are not Terrorist IDs!
Farmers Alliance ID Kusari Synth Foods ships & commodities This is not a Terrorist ID.
Gaian Terrorist ID Bretonia Planetform and OS&C This is not a Terrorist ID.
Landwirtrechtbewegung ID Rheinland Synth Foods ships & commodities This is not a Terrorist ID.
Maquis ID Gallia Gallic Lawfuls This is not a Terrorist ID.
Xenos ID Liberty Non-Libertonian transports This is not a Terrorist ID.

Restricted IDs

These ID's can only be granted via special permission by the admins.

ID Name Notes
Administrator ID For server administrators only. Please follow all directions given by someone with this ID.
Criminal ID May not be removed without permission. May not participate in military or unlawful actions. Tractor disabled.
Neutral ID Can only attack in self defense, can only be attacked in guard systems.
Special Operative ID Must obey the RP restrictions of their tag, but may use unconventional weapons/equipment/ships.
Terrorist ID Can attack any ship or station at will, restricted by individual RP.

Player Faction IDs

These IDs can only be used by players that are members of the associated player faction.

TriangleWarning.png This section contains server-specific content and should not be used when playing on any server except Discovery Freelancer RP 24/7.
ID Name Faction Notes
Temporary Autonomous Zoners ID Temporary Autonomous Zoners
Sirius Coalition Revolutionary Army ID Sirius Coalition Revolutionary Army Can attack any non-civilian target at will, restricted by specific RP.
K'Hara ID Slomon K'Hara Can attack any ship or station at will, restricted by specific RP.
Primary Artificial Intelligence ID Primary Artificial Intelligence Can attack any ship in systems that do not contain a jumpgate
Reapers of Sirius ID Reapers of Sirius
The Wild ID Aoi Iseijin and Das Wilde Can attack any ship or station at will, restricted by specific RP.
Omicron Supply Industries ID Omicron Supply Industries Can dock all transports in house space, including the Zoner Whale.
Junker Marauders ID Junker Marauders

Discontinued IDs

The following IDs are no longer in use on the server or require admin permission to acquire. That being said these are the ID's that are not handed out. Discontinued IDs are often quite valuable as collector items.

ID Name Faction Notes
Liberty Police Guard ID Liberty Police Removed in Version 4.86
Liberty Navy Guard ID Liberty Navy Removed in Version 4.86
Kusari Naval Forces Guard ID Kusari Naval Forces Removed in Version 4.86
Kusari State Police Guard ID Kusari State Police Removed in Version 4.86
Rheinland Federal Police Guard ID Rheinland Federal Police Removed in Version 4.86
Rheinland Military Guard ID Rheinland Military Removed in Version 4.86
Bretonia Police Authority Guard ID Bretonia Police Authority Removed in Version 4.86
Bretonia Armed Forces Guard ID Bretonia Armed Forces Removed in Version 4.86
Junker Guard ID Junkers Removed in Version 4.86
Liberty Rogue Guard ID Liberty Rogues Removed in Version 4.86
Zoner Guard ID Zoners Removed in Version 4.86
Blood Dragon Guard ID Blood Dragons Removed in Version 4.86
Bundschuh Guard ID Bundschuh Removed in Version 4.86
Corsair Guard ID Corsairs Removed in Version 4.86
Farmers Alliance Guard ID Farmers Alliance Removed in Version 4.86
Gaian Terrorist Guard ID Gaians Removed in Version 4.86
Gas Miners Guild Guard ID Gas Miners Guild Removed in Version 4.86
Golden Chrysanthemums Guard ID Golden Chrysanthemums Removed in Version 4.86
Hogosha Guard ID Hogosha Removed in Version 4.86
Independent Miners Guild Guard ID Independent Miners Guild Removed in Version 4.86
Liberty Security Force Guard ID LSF Removed in Version 4.86
Molly Guard ID Mollys Removed in Version 4.86
Outcast Guard ID Outcasts Removed in Version 4.86
Red Hessian Guard ID Red Hessians Removed in Version 4.86
The Order Guard ID The Order Removed in Version 4.86
Unioner Guard ID Unioners Removed in Version 4.86
Landwirtrechtbewegung Guard ID LWB Removed in Version 4.86
Lane Hacker Guard ID Lane Hackers Removed in Version 4.86
Xeno Terrorist Guard ID Xenos Removed in Version 4.86
Civilian ID Freelancer Replaced by the Freelancer ID
Vigilante ID Freelancer Removed in Version 4.86 Betas
Smuggler ID Freelancer The Smuggler ID was replaced by the Freelancer Smuggler ID in the 4.86 betas, which was subsequently removed in 4.86

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