Planet Gaia

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Planet Gaia
Planet Gaia.jpg
Location 3E, Edinburgh
Flag-bretonia.png Bretonia
Technical information
Docking No
Terrain Terrestrial
Diameter 12,515 km
Mass 5.96 x 10e24 kg
Temperature -34°C to 52°C
Escape velocity 11.01 km/sec


Gaia is a tropical paradise -- a rich, green world of Plants and Animals -- the likes of which have not been found anywhere else in the Sirius Sector. When the Gallic Royal Navy invaded Edinburgh, the science teams on the surface had already evacuated, and the Planet was left deserted. The Gallic Navy has surveyed the planet and sent down a few exploration parties, but without any pre-existing infrastructure on the planet, has decided to ignore it as it has no military value, and is still too close to the front line to begin colonization. Currently, no more than 200 people are thought to be planetside, in a few small research posts previously established by the Cambridge Research Institute.