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This template allows giving out a full faction name by merely referencing its acronym or short version. This can be employed anywhere, but is mostly useful for use in lists or similar.

{{FN|<faction acronym>}}
Acronym Faction Name
101st 101st Ghosts of Razgris
81S 81 Syndicate
ALG ALG Waste Disposal
Aoi Aoi Iseijin
Ageira Ageira Technologies
AGS Rheinlands Arbeitergewerkschaft
BAF Bretonian Armed Forces
BD Blood Dragons
BDS Black Dragon Society
Benitez The Benitez Family
BHG Bounty Hunters Guild
BMM Bretonia Mining and Manufacturing
BPA Bretonian Police Authority
Bowex Border World Exports
CO Corsairs
Corse Unione Corse
CR Colonial Remnant
CRep Colonial Republic
Cryer Cryer Pharmaceuticals
DSE Deep Space Engineering
DHC Daumann Heavy Construction
EFL EFL Oil & Machinery
FA Farmers Alliance
FL Freelancer
Gateway Gateway Shipping
GB Gallic Brigands
GC Golden Chrysanthemums
GMG Gas Miners' Guild
GMS Gallic Metal Service
GRN Gallic Royal Navy
GRP Gallic Royal Police
HF Hellfire Legion
IC Interspace Commerce
IDF Ile-de-France Shipping
IMG Independent Miners' Guild
IND Independent Neuralnet Division
Kishiro Kishiro Technologies
KNF Kusari Naval Forces
KoF Kings of Freight
Kruger Kruger Minerals
KSP Kusari State Police
LH Lane Hackers
LN Liberty Navy
LPI Liberty Police Incorporated
LR Liberty Rogues
LSF Liberty Security Force
LWB Landwirtrechtbewegung
M Mollys
MM Mandalorian Mercenaries
Nomads Slomon K'Hara
NTF Neo-Terran Front
Order The Order
OC Outcasts
OSC Orbital Spa & Cruise
OSI Omicron Supply Industries
Phantoms The Phantom Empire
PFI Planetform, Inc.
Reaver Reaver Mercenary Co.
RepEx Republican Express Corporation
PFI Planetform, Inc.
Renzu Renzu Corporation
RFP Rheinland Federal Police
RH Red Hessians
RHA Red Hessian Army
RM Rheinland Military
Sails The Black Sails
Samura Samura Industries
SC Sirius Coalition
SCRA Sirius Coalition Revolutionary Army
Solar Solar Engineering
SRD Sirius Research and Development
SMN Sirius Mercenary Network
SSC Shattered Star Confederation
Synth Synth Foods, Inc.
TAZ Temporary Autonomous Zoners
TBH The Brotherhood
UC Union Corse
Union Unioners
USI Universal Shipping Incorporated
XA Xeno Alliance
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