William Frederick Cody

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William Frederick Cody
W.f.cody potrait.jpg
Origin Flag-liberty.png Republic of Liberty
Occupation Weapon Dealer
Gender Male
Affiliation Freelancer
Status Active (818 A.S.)
Born 26 Feb 770 A.S.
Died Still in business.

W.F.Cody - weapon and equipment dealer - is one of the most popular and richest men within liberty. He's doing this business now since 817 AS. His name is well known by most of the people in whole sirius.

Biography (written by Reginald Waverly, CFO, Waverly LLC, Port Canaria, R.I.P.)

"William Frederick Cody is the true example of a "self-made" man.

Little is known about the man, except that he has a thick Rheinland accent, an unruly beard, and needs to bathe more often.

He rose from obscurity to fame and fortune, by equipping the residents of Sirius, both new and veteran, with highly sought-after (and highly overpriced) weaponry, and vital ship equipment.

He quickly expanded from a single Outlet to a "chain" of shops strategically placed at Norfolk Shipyard, New York. Wherever there were "rubes", "marks", and those in need, William and his knowledgeable Staff were there to empty their Neural Net accounts.

While others travelled the length and breadth of the Sirius Sector, exploring and searching for exotic weaponry, William was content to sit "at home", picking the brains of these explorers, and picking their pockets as well by offering a pittance for their "finds".

In the process, he became one of the foremost authorities on weaponry, the best locations to find those "hard to get" items, and their value on the Open Market. In short, he could "get you coming and going".

William has never been secretive about his market strategies, openly admitting that his prices are exorbitant. Yet he has managed to become the premier weapons dealer of choice throughout the Sector. His numerous "Testimonials" from satisfied customers show the result of this "reverse marketing" ploy.

William has also become a master of the "Brown-Nose", making both his deliverers and customers believe they are the "Center of the Universe". This useful skill was common in most businesses back in the ancient "Capital Swine" period on Terra. Apparently, this is why he keeps his Main Store and office in Liberty as well.

I expect you will find one of Bill's shop Stations in New York in the not-too-distant future. W. F. Cody, the man, the legend, the tycoon, has that much sand.

As a fellow tycoon, multi-billionaire, and entrepreneur, I wholeheartedly endorse Mr. Cody and his excellent, outrageously-priced products."

~Reginald Waverly, CFO, Waverly LLC, Port Canaria

His Shop

William Frederick Cody's Weapon & Equipment Shop