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This is a player-owned page. I know it's a base infobox, I just like the classified thingies

Dreadnought Mellieha
Flag-outcasts.png Cadiz Cartel (previously)

Flag-outcasts.png Outcasts

Usually in Omicron Alpha
Technical Data
Gravity None
Docking bays CLASSIFIED

The Mellieha is a "Ranseur"-class Outcast Dreadnought that has been used for a short period of time by the Cadiz Cartel as one of the many Capital Ships within its fleet, and is currently belonging to the Maltese Navy. The Mellieha is currently tasked with the defense of the Omicron Alpha system.


The Mellieha has been commissioned by the Outcasts, and began building her in 824 A.S.. In a surprising amount of time, the Mellieha has been built in less than 2 years and joined active service right after its production. Through active lobbying from the Cadiz Cartel, the Mellieha has been reallocated to the Cadiz Cartel fleet, serving as a support dreadnought. The Mellieha has not been actively used in combat, but rather as a deterrent for potential intruders.

After the inevitable disbandment of the Cadiz Cartel, the Mellieha has been reallocated to the Maltese Navy, just like meant to be, as a mean to defend Planet Malta and the Omicron Alpha system.


The key element of the Mellieha is the low amount of personnel required to run the ship at maximum potential. New piloting algorithms, automated path finding systems and targeting software developed jointly between the Lane Hackers and the Outcasts were integrated into the Mellieha. It also got an emergency system that allows a crew of less than 20 crew members to effectively run the ship.

This does not come without any inconvenience. Right after being deployed, critical flaws in the hull of the Mellieha has been found, and serious lack of armor at certain vital sections of the ship were found as well. Those were taken care of multiple months after being deployed, as the Maltese Navy deemed it as "unimportant for the moment".