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Origin Flag-outcasts.png Outcasts
Affiliation Flag-corsairs.png Corsairs
Rank Elder
Born January 6 797A.S.
Died still alive


A boy was born in a Maltese prison, his mother, a Maltese woman who was forced in a riot against the Maltese governement was arrested, along with 400 others. Shortly after the boy was born he, his mother and 400 prisoners where loaded on to a slave ship, they where being sold to a slaver. The boys father, an Outcast battleship commander, destroyed the slave liner when it left Omicron Alpha.

A group of mercenaries arrived at the scene hours after the slavers destruction, they found an escape pod holding a small baby boy. They delivered him to the orphanage on planet Manhattan.


A young couple adopted an Hispanian baby and named him Adam, Adam had a normal life, he was happy. He went to the Manhattan pilot academy where he met Kate Ferrer, a girl who came his best friend. When he turned 16 he joined up with a group of mercenaries and he found out about his real parents. He found out how his real mother died and even though he didn't know her at all, he wanted revenge on his father. He travelled to Omicron Alpha to found out more, but an Outcast fighter squadron intercepted him the moment he jumped to the system and they destroyed him.

The Heraklion

Days later he was picked up by the Heraklion, a Corsair cruiser. During his time in medical a girl named Eva Cortez kept him company, she's was the commanders daughter. Once Adam was back at full strenght he decided to stay aboard the Heraklion, with the commanders permission. In 817 A.S. Adam was promoted to gunner control, some months later the Heraklion was attacked by Nomads during a routine patrol and the commander died. Using his last breath to promote Adam to the new commander.


Adam returned to Manhattan to meet up with his old mercenary squad, he finds out that his old friend Kate Ferrer had also joined them. With their help Adam travelled to Outcast space once more to revenge his mother's death. He succeeded and killed his biological father.

The new Heraklion

In 817 A.S. the Heraklion was destroyed during a battle in Omega 41. Adam was promoted to a dreadnought with Eva as his Lieutenant.


On February 15 818 A.S. Adam received a message from his foster father, telling his foster mother died. In order to honour her last wish, Adam returned to Manhattan. Kate who dreamed of going home for a long time now joined him on his travel. Since Eva didn't want to be left behind, she followed them as well. They travelled to Gran Canaria and bought 3 tickets for a Luxury Liner to Manhattan. Past midnight the ship was attacked and destroyed by pirates, no sign of Adam, Eva or Kate was found, neither where their bodies.

Omicron Gamma

On February 26 818 A.S., 2 weeks after the disaster, Adam arrived in Omicron Gamma per shuttle. Not knowing if Eva and Kate are alive or dead. HAF stabbed him in the back and he refused to serve in their ranks ever again, therefor he requested the Council to join them. After a long negotiation they approved his request and Adam became an independed elder.