Adrian Thrax

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Adrian Thrax
200 x 200
Origin Samarra
Occupation Raider
Gender Male
Affiliation Samarran Raiders
Rank Reaver
Status Executed (818 A.S.)
Born 778 A.S.

I am Adrian Thrax,

a bastard of a clan which was massacred.

An outcast at fifteen, a casteless thug at eighteen, a raider at twenty,

who bathed in blood and tears, slew men, women, child, and harvested life, that Adrian.

Reaver of the Samarran Raiders, right hand of the Great Sheik, commander of the raiding hosts,

companion of the devil inside, friend of the desert without,

who looks within the eyes of death everyday, who rushes towards that death.

The one the angels of death weep, beg and pray every night to take away,

that Adrian.