Alex Jaguar

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Alex Jaguar
Alex Jaguar.png
Jaguar 818 A.S.
Origin Unknown
Occupation Member of the XTF
Gender Male
Affiliation Outcasts
Rank Ensign
Status Active (818 A.S.)
Born Unknown

Alex Jaguar a pilot in Outcasts and a member of the XTF, a privately owned militia composed mostly of former slaves. He is the adopted son of James Aslan, one of the leaders of the XTF.


Details of Alex's youth are scarce, it is unknown what system he was born in or even his actual age. At a very early age he was captured in a pirate raid and sold into slavery on Planet Malta where he remained for several years working on the cardamine fields as such he has gained a high dependancy for cardamine. He is approximately 20 years old.

Joining the XTF

The Xtreme Fighters are well known as mostly former slaves as such they have tendencies to sympathize with them. James Aslan, a member of the XTF Senate, grew close to Alex having lost both his parents at an early he felt a kind of kinship with Jaguar, eventually adopting Alex after his owner had met a suspicious end. This was the first time that Alex learned how to fly a ship and was trained soley by Aslan learning the dangers of Omicron Alpha aswell as teaching him of his own cardamine dependancy.

Present Day

Present day he is to be found on the XTF border patrols and on occasion takes charge of the Dream Runner a smuggling vessel where he gets the chance to hone the skills that Aslan passed on to him.

Known to be a little rash at times he is always kept a watch over should he fall into deep waters.