Alexander Yamakazi

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Alexander Yamakazi
Origin Flag-kusari.png Kusari
Occupation Blood Dragon Associate
Affiliation Blood Dragons
Born 21th June 783 A.S.
Planet Kyushu

Alexander Yamakazi, (born June 21th, 783 A.S.) is a former Kempeitai operative and field-commander of the elite counter-intelligence wing known as the Dragon's Tooth. He is currently an associate of the Blood Dragons due to several key-events which reshaped his allegiance towards the Kusari House and the current Emperor of Kusari.

Early Life

Born and raised in Planet Kyushu to parents Cassandra Moon and Shiro Yamakazi, Alexander was given a name that reflected his multi-house origin. Given Kusari's rather xenophobic nature both influenced from its culture and economy, Alexander was prone to be bullied in school. Living most of his youth without any close friends, Alexander developed a lone-wolf personality and continuously wanted to prove his loyalty and passion for Kusari in hopes of gaining a shred of external validation.

Continuing his path of patriotism that stemmed primarily from his tough youth, he successfully graduated from Kyushu Military Academy at the age of twenty and was ready to be shipped to the front-lines of the war against Bretonia. His planned future was set sail and after ten years of service he was promoted to the rank of Kaigun Chūsa (Commander). Now an experienced combat-pilot and a charismatic leader, he had gained the respect and recognition of the same people who had despised his presence during his childhood.

He had also gained notice from another front, it was during this time-frame that a new section within the Kusari Intelligence Agency known as the Kempeitai was forming, and they were searching for the most talented pilots Kusari had to offer. Vice-Admiral Keiji Shibazaki, the master-mind behind this elite-squad which was later to be called the Dragon's Tooth, formed his team of operatives under the direct command of Alexander Yamakazi who was a seasoned leader and had experienced war in its deadliest form.

The Dragon's Tooth

A specialized Dragon's Tooth Bomber Wing codenamed "Kitsune" launches Operation: Burning Arrow from Omega-5.
Alexander Yamakazi spent five years within the Kusari Agency whom with his team of Dragon Tooth operatives executed a wide range of operations which included sabotage, cargo interdiction, assassination and intelligence gathering. Two more famous operations were Operation: Blue Bolt and Operation: Burning Arrow. The former included elaborate infiltration into the Liberty House with the mission to collect evidence of Liberty Navy Pilots of the Primary Fleet utilizing Bretonian Technology which was at a later date presented to the Rheinland House. This operation was the benchmark of the current Rheinland-Kusari relationship which grew ever stronger as more evidence of Liberty-Bretonian cooperation was found.

The latter mentioned operation known as Operation: Burning Arrow was launched as a response to the Bretonian Privateers who had in the past continuously conducted cargo interdiction against Kusari trade-routes. The Dragon's Tooth Delta-Squad with Commander Alexander Yamakazi at the front, conducted major cargo interdiction operations in all the core systems of the Bretonian House. Halting for a longer duration of time the promising transportation of gold-ore from Dublin to the Liberty House as well as blockading shipments inbound for the Bretonian House. This operation was further boosted thanks to the Corsairs who offered a base of operations in the Omega-5 system which functioned as a backdoor into Bretonia.

Kusari Criminal

The Emperor of Kusari had during Alexander's time in the Dragon's Tooth made continuous efforts to isolate Kusari from the rest of Sirius by embargoing the vital markets with Liberty and consumed assets in dealing with the Junker presence in the Sigma systems. It wasn't after the recent conflict with the Gas Miners Guild that Alexander finally voiced his hidden criticism against the Emperor stating that his self-serving decisions jeopardized the welfare of Kusari.

Alexander's patriotism for the Kusari House pushed his opinions further demanding that the Emperor should step down from his throne due to his incompetence in leading Kusari towards a brighter future. He also accused the Emperor of Kusari for dealing with Hogosha thugs by protecting the artifact trade which was primarily conducted by the Samura Corporation. Alexander's rather strong demands was met with both hostility and silence from the Kusari Authorities. Knowing that he was doomed for execution under the banner of desertion, he decided to contact the revolutionary organization called the Blood Dragons who shared the same goals of dethroning the current Emperor of Kusari. Several operatives of the Dragon's Tooth Squadron still viewed themselves loyal to former-Commander Alexander Yamakazi and decided to follow his decision to join the Blood Dragons.

Present Time

By the request of the Blood Dragon Shōgun, Alexander was tasked with restoring his honour for abandoning his former master. In order to achieve this, Alexander has to prove his allegiance to the newly-found allies by aiding their attempts to eradicate forces who stand in their way to reach their primary goal.

Forty-Seven Ronin

The revenge of the forty-seven Ronin is an old, legendary tale originating from Planet Earth in a country called Japan. During the middle of the Edo Period which places the clocks of history to Year 1700 AD, a certain daimyo was forced to commit a ritual suicide known as seppuku for insulting a shogunate official. This action left forty-seven samurai to become masterless and in return they all swore to avenge their daimyo's honour. With careful planning and patiently waiting for the right moment to strike - this oath was fulfilled. For this reason these forty-seven Ronin were all forced to commit seppuku themselves.

According to Alexander Yamakazi, this story speaks of the necessary sacrifice that must be made in order to restore the Kusari House to its former glory. He adopted the message behind this legendary tale to inspire those Dragon's Tooth Operatives who followed his footsteps and to honour these words they tag their vessels with the numbers "47".