Amanda Cloud

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Amanda Cloud
Templer 2.png
Origin Flag-bretonia.png Bretonia
Gender Female
Affiliation Terrorist
Group Correctly In Jail
Rank -----
Status Alive and Kicking
Born March 24 798A.S.

In The Beginning...

Amanda was given birth to a poor family, poor but proud, she was given the best education her parents could afford and Amanda grew up to well succeeding commander in the Bretonian Armed Forces. When Amanda was given the rank of colonel and with that the command over the cruiser "HMS-Violation" her parents bought her a pair of pistols, with the marking of her rank.

The Plot

In 817 A.S there was a skirmish between bretonian forces to kusari ones The main forces of both sides were hit badly and forced to leave, leaving after them a lot of flee covering fire. With the massive amounts of fire was release, and the unstable gravity well, created by the star in the system A rare astronomical phenomenon accrued, causing any ship in range to be disabled, frying the ships systems. none of the sides was able to send a distress signal. The kusarian cruisers where far enough to avoid the pulse, but the heavily damaged Violation wasn't. Amanda watched as the Kusarian cruisers stopped in place, change pace and moved to attack the helpless Violation. Amanda took out her pair of pistols put them on her desk, Saluted the old ship when the Kusari destroyers charged their weapons. Then Flash. Amanda was ready for the impact, but instead the ship recieved massive shockwave as the kusarian ship exloded taking with them many of the disabled fighters and bombers of the kusari side, and few of the bretonian side, the remaining kusari forces chose to die and not to be held by the bretonians, no one in kusari knew about the incident that happened that day. Amanda was amazed, she promised herself the find the answers. Amanda informed her superiors she is leaving the millitary service, and with her many of the soldiers that were on that day when the incidente occured. Amanda have a lot of respect to the Zoner group and laws, and is proud to be called as one.

The Thrill

Amanda, woke up, all she could remember was her spatial get attacked by unknown vessels, she recognized them to be sabres, all she remember is them saying "They will fit" and then the flash of the shots. Amanda tried to rise up, she couldn't. There was a chain locking up her leg. A tall man entered the grey room. "So you woke up eh?" , "You were one of the few lucky to survive, we really expected all of you to get out in the escape pods". Amanda shoke her head "Who are you?" , "Thats not important right now, I have a story to tell you". The man leaned against the wall, and started to talk.

The Tale

"I represent a... group... they are called Crossbones. We have the idea to unit sirus, by force if needed, under one goverment, or any other ruling body." The man paused and then continued: "We could have a great use of you among our ranks." Amanda gazed for abit "You are a madman, I wish to avoid violence and not create a chaos." The man croched, bringing him to her eye level: "You really think that I want violence too? NO! But it's nessecery in order to prevent much more violence created by the houses, which fight each other." He continued: "Miss Cloud, we could have a great use of you, you know lots of back doors, the way to soldiers heart and the way they think! Just think of it... But of course such uniting will require extreme measures, murder, piracy smuggling and many more ilegal activities." Amanda looked on the floor for a few moments then: "I will join you, but don't expect me to murder innocents" The man laughed: "Don't worry, you will do it from YOUR will. All you have to do now is to go via a small treatment to show you our ways." The man walked her into anther room, guarded by 2 men, he escorted her into the room, it was a white room with 1 chair and a screen. The man left the room, he yelled then someone which seemed to be a doctor, the doctor came and the man told him: "I convienced her, it will be an easy one." After one hour in the room Amanda walked out she told the man: "I understand now, I saw the truth, as painful as it is. Now where do I start?" The man laughed: "I told you havn't I? Now follow me Agent Cloud."

Some say...

Amanda looked at big barge that was stuck in the fields of omega 7... It was crowded with people all fo them could join the dream. Amanda sighed, she could use a hencheman to be around with her. She openned the communications with the ship, offering the personal salvation and join the cause. The reply was a solid no, but one escpae pod that float to her direction. Amanda aboarded him, then send them a message: "Is that all, just one person? I am quite offended actully." the reply was of a man, with a surprise in his tone: "One, what are you talking about, we sent NOBODY" Amanda sighed, she didn't bother to argue, the helpless barge had very small chance against her attack. the big barge exploded with a massive explosion, sending a shock wave that was quite felt at Amanda's ship. she looked at it, amazed. she openned the cargo bay door she found quite nervous younge guy, he recognized himself as Collin. Amanda was put incharge to train him, and raise him to be a man of the idea. Amanda taught Collin on daily basis how to fight, and often explained him about tactics. But Amanda was no woman with moral, and often Collin was the one to calm her, and stop her for murdering innocents.


Amanda sat down, did her daily report, a man entered her roc when Collin left to leave her alone for the report, she was ordered by the man to assassinate a group of civilians, the convoy was to pass in the omega 3 system 3 hours later. Amanda sat in her roc, waiting for the convoy to arrive. as it arrived, Amanda set her guns to aim the defenseless "Armored Transport" it stood no chance, she took down the shield generators with quite an ease, she brought her roc behind it stood ready, held her fist behind the SNAC launcher bottom, and then she was pushed aside by Collin, the civilians managed to escape, Amanda was angry. She drew out her pistols and gave 2 shots at Collin's chest, Collin was knocked out to the cockpit doors.He leaned against them, and whispered "You can't kill a thing that was never alive" and right in-front of her, Collin faded. Amanda was shocked, it was now it hit her. She behaved emotionless, when her mind and soul screamed for no more. But she ignored it, creating Collin, to hold her back. She was in a deep sorrow for what she has done. She threw herself against the floor, and started to cry. a real tears. water dropping from her eyes, on the people she have killed, on death that could be avoided. Civillians that were brutaly murdered by her, leaving their bodies in the cold, dead space. Amanda stood up, washed her face, she knew what she had to do. No more to the civllians killing, Amanda was aiming toward the real goal - saving sirus's people from themselves. That what the cause really meant, long forgotten. The only way to achieve so is by doing one thing - Anarchy. No ruling body, whatever it shall take her. Death of innocents in the name of a real cause, a good cause, is now alright.

The Red Witch

Amanda sat down in a small holding cell. Two BPA policeman, heavily armed, were guarding it. The nick-name that they gave her was "The Red Witch". The reason is quite obvious - Amanda was always wearing red, and the witch part is after the many deaths she have caused. "Hey there you, guard! What's going on, where am I being taken?". The guard laughed: "You have been sentenced to 3000 years in jail under the authority of Bretonia, for the crimes you have done here. But we now take you to Rheinland in three days, you can expect a death sentence there!". Amanda frowned, she wasn't ready to die she did so much in the passing year! Anther Prisoner was put in the cell with her, He looked at Amanda with a scared look in his eyes. "No need to be afraid Gaian" Amanda said to him. The two guards went off to the other side of the room. Amanda whispered to the Gaian: "Hey, can you get a message out of here?" The Gaian nod. "Alright, I can get some nice toys to whoever free me, to me more exact - biological bombs. All you need to pass over is the message: "The Witch is on the broom in 10/21/818 A.S". Got it?" The Gaian grinned: "What will I get from it?" Amanda thought for a moment: "What would you say about a donation to the Gaian movement?" The Gaian smiled.

Freedom is priceless

Amanda stood in the corsair ship that freed her. "Oh my my my, you have no idea how smart you are for doing the right thing" She hands him a small data-pad "This includes the coordinates to 3 Nuclear warheads, all read to go. Now if you take my leave..." Amanda Ejected the ship manually and was immediately picked up by The.Flying.Dutchman. "Ah! Jack my dear!" She gives him a little friendly hug. Jack: "I have kept the ship for you ma'am, I will take my team to escort you now. As soon as I get a new ship to do it with". "oh Jack my dear, no need to rush, let's enjoy my freedom. So, I heard in my absence that the Bretonian mining operations grew bigger? Never mind, we'll minimize them soon enough, but first to Islay to celebrate my Freedom!".