Anna Brown

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Anna Brown
Origin Flag-liberty.png Liberty
Occupation The Order
Gender Female
Affiliation Order Agent
Born Unknown A.S. Mining ship, Omega-7

Career in LSF

Upon arrival in Liberty, Anna had to keep low profile from the public hiding in the darkest parts of New York. The part how she managed to get Liberty citizenship and full time job at LSF will remain unknown, while some rumors claim that she was chosen by the top men of the Liberty and ex Director of LSF, David Copperfield. After three months of training she was promoted to the "Field Agent" of Security Force, in public known as "Beauty of Justice". Work of Agent Brown was known across whole Liberty and no one really knew how she managed to cover so much field work, shortly after she was moved to another department "TecOps" Tactical Operations where her superiors promoted her into "Elite Field Agent", all information(s) regarding department and her transfer was highly classified.

In the mean time, Associate Director Wolfe was officially declared missing in action by LSF and new one had to be pointed to the seat, that was Anna Brown. For her that was another success.

Many mysteries are surrounding resignation of the Director Copperfield and his decision to set Miss Brown on the top of the Liberty Security Force, of course firstly consulting with the government of Liberty Republic. Miss Brown was first woman who ever reached the chair of the Director, from that day every record of Miss Anna Brown was listed as classified to the public.

Career in Liberty Navy

Shortly after Anna resigned from Directors position in LSF, she found a way to the Liberty Navy with her closest admiral Hale. In that time they shared much common working for the Liberty and they had many, many meetings with government, which resulted in the transfer from LSF to Navy. Not everyone expected that and mainly it was a big shock to the public how someone from the chair of Director will fit to Lt.Commander and new patrol reports, duty tasks.

Personal Life, before escape

She was born in the mining ship where her parents worked, this was a family affair. Her mother died and then her father began to drink, slowly destroying the life of their daughter. Anna was forced to work with fifteen years, her father destroyed by alcohol beat her and locked her in a room where Anna could only sleep. Little time has passed since Anna started working in the mining ship and a month later, her brother was killed in a massive explosion of his ship while he was at work. There is not much to say about this indoor life. Last three years she was thinking of leaving father and starting a new life more beautiful but when her father found out he had used even higher security force, locked her boat so she could not escape. Only he had the password to open her room and cabins of the ship, her life has turned into an even bigger nightmare than he was.

Escape from Omegas

Her escape supported one key man to the whole story, his name was Johnathan Toledo, man who was first test subject for the second-generation of nanomachines. Somehow the beautiful Anna falls in love with him and in a short period he becomes a idol of man to her. Toledo brought some of his friends and together they assaulted a mining ship of Anna's father, where she was actually been locked. Crew members started evacuation and Anna was first one to be fired from the escape capsule. As soon as she escaped Toledo tracked her into his fighter vessel and managed to escape from the scene not seen, as he usually does.

Together they managed to get to Liberty space where Anna last seen Toledo. He supplied her with credits, food, ship and place to stay until he returns. Unfortunately, he never returned.

IRP Anna Brown, her actions in space.