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Annabelle Mychaela Heinrich
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Anna Heinrich on Weisbaden (823 A.S)
Origin Omegas
Occupation Generalmajor of RHA
Gender Female
Height 6'2"
Affiliation RHA
Rank Generalmajor
Status Active (824 A.S.)
Born March 9th, 792 A.S.
Died Still alive

"Your place is under my heel."- Anna Heinrich at some date when I decide to make an evil comm

Anna Heinrich is the first female ever to hold the rank of Brigadegeneral and Generalmajor of the Red Hessian Army. She is also the Army's best fighter pilot.


Annabelle Mychaela Heinrich was born on March 9th, 792 A.S. into a slightly poor family taking refuge on Freeport-5 in the Omega-41 System. Her mother, Mychaela Heinrich, was a refugee from Bretonia delivered to Vogtland station after her ship was found drifting in space by a Hessian patrol in Omega-3. There she met Anna's father Liam Heinrich, an ex-Daumann security chief and a Lieutenant in the Red Hessian Army with substantial talent as a fighter pilot. Liam met Mychaela in the infirmary after serving as one of the "test crewmen" aboard the first developed "Heimdall" class gunboat alongside Siegfried Draay. The couple got married and left for the Omega-41 system while Liam served the RHA a little longer. During this time their one and only child, Anna Heinrich was born. She, like all other inhabitants born in Omega-41, had a genetic disorder from the radiation that polluted the system. Her iris brighten with an attractive blue whenever she enters a dramatic state of anger, pain, sadness, happiness, or love. As a child Anna carried her mothers warm heart and personality, her mother educated her for the first 8 years of her life, Anna inherited her mothers accent and a large portion of her personality. For her 8th birthday Liam came home and stopped his service in the Army. He began to teach Anna how to fly and it became apparent that Liam's talents as a fighter pilot thrived in Anna's blood tenfold more than Liam. She spent more time learning how to fly and became a decent fighter marksman by the time she was 10 years old.

For her 10th birthday Anna's family managed to a ride aboard an Orbital Spa and Cruise liner from Omega-41 to Omicron Theta and back. All seemed well, Anna was spending more time with her father and they had plans of eventually leaving for Bretonia to mask Anna from the hell of living in the Omegas and Dresden. A few day's into their trip a Corsair raiding party disabled the ship with the intent of taking its cargo -merchant valuables-. A shot from one of the Corsair fighters pierced through a window where Anna and her mother were starring off into space. Anna managed to escape the room before the emergency bulkhead closed but her mother remained trapped. Mychaela absorbed drastic amounts of radiation and her condition turned vile within weeks of their return to Freeport-5. With no doctors willing to risk their perfect records, and the Freeport's lack of advanced medical technology, Mychaela died. Anna suffered dramatically from her mother's demise, in her mother's dying words she asked that no matter where Liam took her she would always retain her warming personality and that she would never involve herself in her "fathers war". With the Corsair front expanding from Omega-5 to Omega-41 Liam took Anna to Vogtland station.

Life on Vogtland station

Anna and Liam moved to Vogtland station and quickly recgonized the reality of the place she could only describe as "Hell". With no "law" or law enforcers violent acts surged through the station unchecked. With sexual discrimination against women running high the next 4 years would sink into Anna's personality and never leave. Liam taught Anna self defense to an extent, knowing even with all he could teach her she still would never be able to overcome a grown man bent on killing her or worse. Several men attempted to rape her both in her apartment and on her way home running chores, when she turned 15 she was being assaulted by some stranger who followed her home. Her father shot him point blank to the head while he had Anna pinned on the ground, marking her first exposure to real violence outside of nearly being a rape victim. Liam's attitude turned more and more aggressive, Mychaela's wishes and arguments with Liam seemed to haunt him as Liam ignored them and brought Anna to Vogtland anyways in hope's of her serving. He became much more disciplinary and imposing, showing little to no positive attitude towards his own daughter when she needed it the most. The next day after her exposure to murder her father gave her his brass knuckles he acquired during his escape from Leipzig station to Vogtland during a Hessian raid. Her father's brass knuckles would save her life in countless instances to come, the first of which being her next walk to school. On her way to school the next day she was jumped by an older male student with intent of raping her, she managed to fend off and wound the student drastically while she ran outside crying in depression of her life. While she cried outside another boy walked over to her aid. Florian Muller would become her first and most loving friend in her struggle to live on Vogtland station. Florian and Anna became best friends, hijacking Taxi's and stealing from smugglers served as good fun and exercise. Florian served as an undisciplined influence on Anna, teaching her to steal, to bend the rules and even break them completely. Florian taught Anna how to -live- on Vogtland and have fun at the same time. Anna's relationship with Florian eventually turned romantic, when she turned 18 her feelings for Florian didn't stay hidden. The best friends became lovers and spent their time living limitless.

Life seemed to take a turn for the better when Anna met and fell in love with Florian but that all changed when she was 20 years old. Shortly after her 20th birthday Florian was killed right before Anna's eyes by some smugglers looking to rob him in an alley. Anna was devastated and heartbroken but more importantly, she was in a state of rage. After crying for hours, Anna took her father's pistol and found the names of the men who killed Florian. She went to each of their houses and gunned them and their families down without mercy. Everyone, the children, mothers, fathers, relatives, even suspicious neighbors. Anna's actions were as unyielding as her rage, and a new vile personality was born within her.

Joining the Armee

Anna's rage wasn't satisfied even after slaughtering Florian's killers and their families. With his demise, the loving personality that had dimly burned in Anna's heart was diminished, and a new person was born. In her anger and hatred her father told her who was responsible for her mother's demise. Liam had his doubt's Anna would make it past the rank of Leutnant even with Liam's good word to the Army recruiters due to sexual discrimination. Anna denounced his father's attitude and was determined to see herself in power and kill everyone responsible for the deaths of the people she loved. After a year of training with her father Anna applied to the Red Hessian Army, at first the recruiter looked to deny Anna, but when Liam presented her case she was accepted without question. She was shipped off to fight in the never ending stalemate of Omega-5, the Army hoped that they could overcome the Corsair threat with shier numbers. Killing came as easy as breathing for the enraged young woman, she killed dozens of Corsair pilots at the Omega-5 front. Even with the drastic number of kills and saving pinned fighter squadrons entering the system she was shown little to no respect by her commrades due to her gender. One man in particular attempted to assault Anna one night in the crew quarters. Without patience or hesitation Anna shot and killed her "commrade" and shot and killed the others that stood with him. As much as she was hated she had a reputation not to be bothered ever again.

Dozens became hundreds in the years spent fending off countless Corsair offensives and running several offensive missions to try and gain ground. Eventually she was given the rank of Lieutenant for what could only be described as her ruthless attitude in the field and back on base. After being promoted she was stationed as an escort for Hessian supply lines, anyone that saw the shipping line routes through the Omegas was to be killed without question. No one was better at blindly following those orders and killing civilians as well as hostiles moving through the Omegas, the cold hearted, unyielding, incorruptible personality was reaching its peak. Around 817 A.S. her convoy was delivering munitions and resources from Omega-47 to Omega-54 in preparation for the siege of Leipzig station. Their convoy was attacked by a corsair raiding part in Omega-11, Anna managed to destroy each of the corsair vessels but not after being wounded herself. A mine detonated and took down her sheilds while at the same time destroying a Corsair fighter, the shrapnel from the wreckage was sent through her ships hull and pierced through the pilots seat and sliced a giant opening into her back. After losing all other escorts and being critically wounded Anna docked at Vogtland station and struggeled to get to the infirmary. Upon arrival she went unconscious from loss of blood, when she awoke she found herself being treated by the woman who would become her closest friend still living, Annika Haupt who would later become the Oberst of the VWA. Annika and Anna got along and developed somewhat of a friendship, after hearing she was married Anna felt some pity for the young nurse, she saw herself in Annika and treated her as such. After making a new friend and being patched up finally, Anna and Annika were both sent off in the Hessian offensive to capture Leipzig Station.

The siege of Leipzig station

Anna's first real instance of close quarters ground combat was at Leipzig station, she was one of the fighters deployed to cover troop shuttles onto the station. Anna decided to land on the station and take matters into her own hands. She fought through the initial blockade of soldiers in the hangar bay along with some other Hessian soldiers before moving through the Office rooms and the stations quarters. The adrenaline of close range combat with guns and in her case -brass knuckles- was much more satisfying than space combat. Anna butchered soldiers, officials, and anyone refusing sanctuary by the Army. While blasting off people's limbs and crushing people's heads in with her brass knuckles she once again came across Annika who was stationed as a combat medic. Anna felt the need to defend and as such rushed to her aid, eventually the room they were in was overrun with Federal troops. The pair made their way to the station's storage facilities to find all of the minerals and machinery nearly gone, after Anna brutally killed more federal troops in defense of Annika, Annika began to question Anna's methods and morals. Anna and Annika's differing political views were realized but Anna still saw Annika as a friend and someone she felt obliged to take care of. Shortly after working their way to the station's bridge the pair had their first meetup with SOA agent's looking for clues as to why the station's storage facilities were empty. Anna was as imposing as the agents if not more, Annika was disgusted by their presence and nervous at the same time, marking the differences in personalities. After the station was secure Anna was approached by some members of the Hessian Oberkommando and given the rank of Hauptmann for her efforts as a pilot and her efforts at Leipzig.

After being promoted to Hauptmann Anna was enlightened on the SOA and their operations and methods in the Omegas. Anna didn't question the SOA's methods but approved of their goals, realizing her value as a combat asset and her ruthless and incorruptible attitude the Oberkommando had her deployed to Planet Tangier.

The Contamination Outbreak of 818 A.S.

Anna's first experience walking on a planet was walking on Tangier, the only place in the Omegas or Rheinland that was more of a living hell than Vogtland was planet Tangier. Its extreme volcanic eruptions and tremors raged through the planet by day, at night the snap freezing temperatures killed anything not suited to handle the cold. Despite its hellish conditions, the planet had an abundant amount of resources where the RHA had set up mining facilities that stretched deep into the planets mantle. The SOA set up laboratories on the surface as well disguised as mining facilities to further conceal their experiments and tests on nomads and their technology. The SOA had hundreds of nomad specimens in the laboratories, they were still unable to get a live infected pilot, but it didn't hinder their experiments in the slightest. The planet at the time was also barely contested by small remnants of corsairs who had set up camps on the surface a short while before the RHA moved to the planet in force. Anna was sent to Tangier by the Oberkommando to clean the planet of remaining corsair forces. Anna led several offensives against the corsair camps, a mix of airstrikes and ground assaults. With her ruthless and vile new character, killing was as easy as breathing and her motivation to kill every living Corsair on the planet was at its peak. Despite several gunshot wounds, shrapnel wounds, and most notably a severe burn wound oh her arm from the planets lava lakes. She and the rest of the ground forces prevailed in driving the remaining Corsair forces off the planet.

After months of fighting the Corsairs, another problem arose. A contamination outbreak in the SOA's core laboratory had killed most of the facilities security forces and the Hessian ground troops including Anna were assigned to reclaim the facility by any means necessary. Anna was deployed with a team of soldiers to infiltrate and terminate the infected forces in the laboratory, while clearing out the higher levels they ran into one of the Security officers. SOA agent Albert Fuchs otherwise known as "Viking" joined with Anna's squad in helping the termination effort. Viking's respect for Anna's ability to be ruthless and accomplish any task assigned surged as they spent nearly a year working their way through key chokepoints in the facility to reclaim it. Anna's attitude changed Viking's opinion on women in the Army, and ironically for him, he wanted Anna to wear the title of a major or even the brigadegeneral. Viking and Anna became very trusted allies, Viking was promoted to the rank of major in the SOA and repaid Anna by feeding confidential information by the SOA to Anna whenever Director Dresner wasn't willing to share. After the contamination Anna was sent home to Vogtland while the Oberkommando decided what to do with her next. By the time she had returned to Vogtland her aggressive, cold-hearted, unyielding, and incorruptible personality had completely taken over. She shot several thugs that approached her strangely on her way to her apartment. She decided to go and see Annika Haupt, whom had been driven out of her home and nearly killed by her husband Dennis Haupt. Dennis covered up the incident and claimed Annika was out at the infirmary while he got ready to leave. Anna searched the infimary with no success, after returning she found evidence that suggested Annika was assaulted and killed. She was enraged, Annika wasn't just killed -or so she thought at the time-, she was betrayed. Anna chased Dennis off of Vogtland station back to Planet Tangier. Anna eventually found and killed Dennis after a long and breathtaking fight on the surface.

Becoming Generalmajor of the RHA

After slaughtering Dennis Anna returned home from Tangier to find herslef being promoted to the rank of Major. With Oberkommando's ranks completely disorganized, they needed someone like Anna -despite her gender- to command the Hessian forces in the Omegas. With positive comments from Viking, Anna was given and astonishing amount of military control. Minor outposts and installations soon perished at her very word. Rather than slaughtering her opponents with her fists and guns, all she needed to do now was say a few words. Any other Majors in the Army that challenged her command were either killed or labeled missing within days. Around 822 A.S. with diplomatic relations gathering dust and the Oberkommando being so indecisive, Anna stepped up and gave herself the rank of Brigadegeneral. At the time the title of Brigadegeneral holstered command of the Army's military forces and diplomats. Some in the Oberkommando still disapproved of Anna taking the title, she killed those that spoke out against her solely based on her gender. Anna's aggressiveness was noted heavily in her diplomatic talks, at first neither her allies nor her enemies took her word seriously. She answered to them by butchering hundreds of Federal troops and corporate stations across Rheinland and the bordering Omega systems. After unleashing several devastating offensives and repelling the Military's efforts to recapture Dresden, her name became the most feared name in all of Rheinland and the Omegas. A few months after purging Rheinland of so many corporate and Federal installations, she was approached by the new Oberst of the VWA, Annika Haupt. Anna was in relief, but knowing Annika future diplomacy with the VWA would be difficult especially with the VWA's leadership changes and with the RHA Oberkommando's distaste for their relations with the Order.

Since being reunited with Annika, Anna has re-worked the Army's ranks and given herself the title of Generalmajor. In order to mask herself from Assassination attempts and other obvious hazards, she has taken refuge on Planet Wiesbaden in Omega-54. The public is unaware of Wiesbaden having any settlements, most of all being the place where the Generalmajor resides in secret. Only a select few members from the SOA and the Oberkommando are allowed to meet at her private quarters on Wiesbaden where she still currently resides. Anna Heinrich has come to be the most ruthless leader to head the Red Hessian Army, her aggressive attitude reflects the Army's moves against dozens of corporate and federal installations killing hundreds of thousands of people some innocent and some not. Anna Heinrich is an individual wanted dead by the Federal government, the Corsair Empire, the Core, and now the Kingdom of Bretonia as well.

Personal affairs/Personality

Anna's Iris change depending how strong her feelings get.

Despite her extreme state of anger and aggressiveness some of Anna's goodwill still barely thrives within her. While in preparation for a massive offensive in Omega-7 Anna was wounded by an assassination attempt from a group of traitors within the Army. She was sent on a mobile medical transport to Hamburg to be treated in secret. However, one of the traitors managed to sneak aboard the vessel and damage the ship sending it into the Atmosphere of Planet Hamburg cloaked. The ship crashed with Anna still in stasis and everyone died except Anna. After breaking out of the pod and desperately trying to find shelter Anna collapsed and went unconscious before being rescued by a local inhabitant. Anna awoke in the home of Nivaldo Fischer an ex-military pilot and a VWA sympathizer. Nivaldo had the looks and reminded her of Florian, Anna's cold heart melted in talking too Nivaldo. Eventually, Anna completely forgot her position within the Army and fell in love with Nivaldo. The feeling was mutual, and eventually Anna confessed who she was and her past, despite the impact of a few words, Nivaldo's feelings for Anna didn't fade. Nivaldo brought out the goodwill in Anna, after a month of spending time together the Federal police eventually caught up with Anna and found her staying with Nivaldo. The police unit raided and killed Nivaldo in the process of getting to Anna. In that instant, the melted loving heart that was briefly brought out froze once again, the anger and blood-lust set in tenfold. Anna left Nivaldo's house and returned to Hessian space. Upon her return she gave herself the title of Generalmajor and killed all in the Oberkommando who opposed her.

Despite seeming lost forever, Anna found herself to be carrying a child, a son. Upon realizing Anna had herself put in a sort of "stasis" that provided life support to her and her child before she gave birth. The details of Anna having a child have been kept secret from everyone, and she has plans of sending her son to be raised by and live in the safety of the VWA. Annika and Anna's son Isaak are the last two people breathing that have any chance of bringing out what's left of Anna's goodwill. Anna's love for her son is unbreakable, and she will go to any length to ensure his survival.


Modified RH-GM40 "Odin" Red Hessian Very Heavy Fighter
Modified RH-GM110 "Heimdall" Red Hessian Gunship
Modified RH-D1 "Jormungand" Red Hessian Battleship


Individuals Relationship
Isaak Heinrich
Annika Haupt
Oldest friend
Liam Heinrich
Albert Fuchs "Viking"
Trusted Ally
Siegfried Draay
Long time Ally
Nikita Tabakov
Respected Associate
Driedrik Sterr
To be killed
Hector Beltran
To be killed
Factions Relationship
Oldest Allies
Strongest Ally
Close Ally
Respected Associates
Independent Miners Guild
Business Partners on occasion
Gas Miners Guild
Rarely Encountered
Junkers Congress
Untrusted Associates
Non-Rheinland houses and corporations
To be Killed
The Order
Openly hostile
The Unioners
To be killed
The Bundestag and Rheinland Corporations
To be killed
The Core
To be killed
The Corsairs
To be killed
Slomon K'Hara
To be killed