Arthur Levesque

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Arthur Levesque
Origin Flag-gallia.png Gallia
Affiliation The Council
Born Planet Marne
Died Still Alive

Arthur Renaud Levesque, an Amiral of the Republique movement. Seen left is a recent picture of the Amiral wearing civilian attire, at a formal meeting between two political parties that have formed under the Republique banner.


Official Name: Arthur Renaud Levesque

Age: Forty-Three

Gender: Male

Weight: 180 lbs.

Height: 6'0

Political Affiliation: Unknown at this time.

Criminal Records:

  • Wanted for Treason against the Crown of Gallia

Religion: Unknown

Nationality: Gallic

Known Medical Record(s):

  • Gunshot wound(s) to the leg.


January 23rd, Arthur Levesque was born to the Luc Levesque, and Jeanne Levesque. Born into a noble family that proudly served the King and Crown of Gallia. His father was a soldier in the Royal Army on Marne, and his mother was a nurse that served in the Royal Army as well on Marne. (775 A.S.)

Military Career


Life outside of the Military


Due to the Gallic civil war, and the revolution, Arthur currently doesn't have any hobbies that he takes part of full time, or when he's off. Other then volunteer work around places on Marne and Quillan, he's busy directing Military flow and strategy, as well as spending most of his time visiting the houses of the fallen soldiers to send his regards.

Military and Personal ships