Auxilia Coalition

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This is an unofficial player group.

Auxilia Coalition
Origin Sirius
Affiliation Freelancer
Alignment Independent
Recruitment Click to join
Date of founding 823 A.S.
Founder(s) Wreckter
Base of operations All Sirius
Primary ID Freelancer ID
IFF Freelancer
Tag(s) {AC}=
Primary role
Ensure security and service to those who hires the Auxilia Coalition affiliated groups. Refound sub-groups Mercenaries and restore the "Mercenary Era".
Secondary role
Earn money
Table of contents

"Everyone can change his life, how many times it wants, when it wants and how it wants. Past is forgettable but the future is always uncertain."

-Paul Morrison, Kappa Company

The Auxilia Coalition is a service composed by the union of Mercenary groups that join in a Mercenary Council, do collaborations with the other mercenaries and help the new adventurers to face up the dangerous space of Sirius. Every mercenary group is independent between them and the only thing that they have in common is a seat in the Mercenary Council, useful for every discussion that could interest who want to be powerful and, at the same time, have a good relation with the other mercenary groups.

Historical Briefing


"Mercenary": Person who performs an activity to the just purpose to make money. This definition remained unchanged for more years, decades, centuries, millennia, looks like a word like many others. The mercenary life wasn't so simple, all days you risked the life for activities where in an other place it had proposed with better rewards, furthermore you had to do it before that another mercenary preceded you. So a safer way to make money independently was be a Freelancer and the difference was the type of avaiable job, more of these much less adrenaline than Mercenaries job. There weren't more famous adventurers as well as more cases where one of these was necessary. This was so until at certain point of the human history. The 6th century A.S. was the precursor of today's serious problems: A system has decimated, the Unioners has founded, human colonies disappeared on deep spaces and a war intended to last precisely 79 years began. The situation worsened in later centuries: Xenos and Liberty Rouges appeared, Denver industries collapsed, a popular revolution goofs up the devastated Rheinland, just came out of a war and like if wouldn't enough a poet unleashed a mess in Kusari. So apparently there were new reasons to kill, a good time to intervene for mercenaries. This last seized the opportunity to compete among them too and this provoked other minor battles, a fact that who hired them didn't like it. This first "Mercenary Era" wasn't began with the right foot and in little time more corporations stopped to hire mercenaries and decided to make do. So slowly more mercenary groups dissolved for lack of money they earned with lesser sealed contracts and there weren't any trace about their.

The "Mercenary Era"

But with more gone rivals a "Reborn Era" began to who managed to survive and now they had more space to operate without compete with other mercenary rivals, rather, this is where the "Change" happened. 8th century A.S., the requests of the intervention of mercenary groups increased fast enough to allow their to survive from eventual taxes imposed from who housed their pilots, at the same time some mercenary groups obtained enough prestige to be recognized as "good soldiers that do their work very well". Very soon they were more famous to meet other big mercenary companies that they realized their fame in the other corners of Sirius too. The secret of this success derived from a simple word: "Collaboration". When a mercenary group met another one they didn't compete among them like before anymore but they quickly started to agree about various unification proposals. Everyone were hungry for money but they known that the unification was useful to earn them with more chance too and maybe in large quantity. When the factions "saw" this they restarted to thrust them and this time they didn't repent of the choice. Mercenaries had used to beat company's competitions, especially out of house spaces, where the authorities didn't matter and there could be dangers everywhere because of criminal organizations or some typical pirates. Trading companies hired mercenaries not only for protection but, as mentioned before, to "attack" other rival companies, the ways were simple: simulate a pirates attack, a sabotage, hijack of transports and terroristic attacks on bases, all this without knowing who really gave the order. Today again no one knows the truth about some similar events, archivied by authorities as "Pirate assault". Since the hot zones were out of house spaces the major large mercenary companies grew right there. 2 of them will do another important step of the Mercenary Era.

The "Mercenary council"

the Omega Company Logo
Still in the 8th century, during the "Mercenary Era" more companies gained enough money to improve their armament and consequently power, fame and people but only 2 of them were distinguished from all others: the "Kappa company" and the "Omega company". They controlled most of independent sirius' systems. When they met initially the power lust risked to get the better but with a sabotage attempt of a Kappa company's operation made by some Omega company's mercenary extremists (that then they were sanctioned), in the 701 A.S. they started immediately the agreements of "non-aggression"; 3 years later they united. The name of the new biggest mercenary company was the "Mercenary council", a kind of "nation" had founded, with his "policy" and his "council". This system was organized in this way: There wasn't a real hierarchy, all members had equal, since that the Zone of Influence was so extended, there were still regions mainly controlled by what now they were local mercenaries. For example the omega systems had "patrolled" by mercenaries who had derived by the Omega company, that controlled these systems before of the union. A spokesperson had elected, one of region. There were initially 2 but with the turnout of foreign mercenaries they had increased in 6. At that point the Zone of influence had now extended in all Sirius. Indeed, in half century most of mercenaries joined in the Mercenary council, that had obtained in the meantime different names. The first change had done with the join of the "Rowan Clan", the most famous mercenary company in Rheinland, in the 708 A.S. .
the Kappa Company Logo
With this the council had renamed in "Legio Triumvirate". 3 years later the"Kazoku Inoue", in Kusari joined too, leading the rename of the company in "Eastern Congregatio". Some decades later, in the 741 A.S. the "Moore Group", emerged as most powerful mercenary company in Bretonia, to defend from other rival companies joined in the council too. No changes about the name this time, apart some suggestions like "The Ring". In conclusion, just a family named "Fowler" managed to get noticed in the Libery space. They joined in the group too, "changing" the name in "Mercenary union". All mercenaries of Sirius looked to be part of this big coalition. This proved to be a problem. With most of mercenaries joined in that single group the corporations couldn't have more freedom of choice. At last the only group they could hire was just that "Empire". To prevent this they did another important choice: To consider the union ONLY as "Titular" but the minor groups were free to be hired by different corporations. So the mercenaries had more contracts avaiable and the "Mercenary union" was just a "place" to talk about things in common like Money and progress. In cases like a group had hired to go against another mercenary group they hadn't choice and they had to fight each other, sometimes trying to avoid each other, but those cases were very rare and in the best case the mercenaries groups were hired for sabotage operations or guerrillas.

The "Auxilia Coalition"

The mercenary council, at last was the reunion of all mercenaries groups' spokesmen with 100 people per spokesman and was held secretely and in a random (or cheaper) location of Sirius. Generally the reunions began with the call of all spokesmen from their seats. The main mercenary council's representative was always located on center of the room and with gestures too it called the spokesmen to talk if they involved. A Meeting minute was read containing all the Sirius general's situation, that ones of the mercenary companies and if possible, the summary of all threads suspended from the recent reunion, after this moment the spokesmen could intervene to solve that last questions, once that resolved new topics were discussed. 9 April 745 A.S. , Albert Madison, Moore group's spokesman, from that day started to say always a word during his discussions:

A Mercenary Council session. They chose various and, sometimes, particular locations to do that in secret and at the same time they went dressed with some clothes suitable to the location. In this case, they were somewhere in Omega systems.
"We are a big family. Togheter we can create a new nation but we are not common civilians, we are mercenaries! We fight every day, we are not sedentary. Caring of a Mercenary's family should be a need of all ours because as I told before, we are a family and when we have to fight between us for personal profits it's the worst moment of the entire coalition! Yes, I said <<Coalition>> because I believe in the future of the Auxilia Coalition!"

This word continued to stay in his discussions until he resigned from his role for old age, it's said that he had continued to believe and repeat it until his death, happened in 1 March 773 A.S. . One day, when he finished another discussion with that word inside, Max Rambrecht, Kappa company's spokesman lost the patience and like he was annoyed he asked to him <<what the hell is that "Auxilia Coalition"?>>. Like he had expected a similar behaviour, without change his mood he immediately answered: <<The Auxilia Coalition is one my project that it should be one OUR project! I want an "alliance" with any mercenary and freelancer! I want to create a service who will help any guy who want to start a space-life full of adventures and career opportunities! We are expert it this but the newests will have difficulty to fit in this world full of dangers. We will help them, thanks to Auxilia Coalition!>>. This changed the spokesman of the Kappa company's mood, leaving a silence in all the room where the reunion held. Then the representative decided to conclude the seat. The next day a message has received to all people who was present in the yesterday's reunion. Another one had convened, in a different place but the topic was changed: talking about the "Auxilia Coalition". When all was ready the representative called Albert to go to the center of the room; he said: <<Show us what is this "Auxilia Coalition" project.>>. Albert answered: <<We are the "Auxilia Coalition">> the representative asked: <<What do you mean?>>. He answered: <<I mean that we are the "Auxilia Coalition", or better... we can be it! Just simply change some rule in our Mercenary union laws.>>. <<What rules?>> the representative said. <<We are more closed, honourable representative. Our ritual admissions to recruit new members are more complex and this won't guarantee new men of our coalition. We must open to all the world, to stop to be invisible, to stop to act in the shadows, to become a public authority that travels without a settled home. We are free to go and do what we want with our laws and we will be recognized by the house authorities.>>. The representative wasn't much agree and there were some discussions between him and Albert, but seemed that most of people there was interested about that proposal. At last, passing to votes, 425 of 601 participants were favourable to the project and the reunion had concluded. Initially the insurgence of a big organization that now was the "Auxilia Coalition", caused the panic around other corporations that worried what the hell was this entity called "Auxilia Coalition". More propaganda was spreading very quickly and the Houses were agitated for the sudden movement of more people in all Sirius. But then, in less time the situation placated: the mercenary's services had a positive impact about the progress and economy of who hired the mercenary companies and their purposes wasn't to create an united sedentary faction. In fact the Auxilia Coalition hadn't a fix place; they continued to move around Sirius in search of more chances to offer their services. The mercenary groups, unlikely of who was part of the mercenary council, didn't move around the sector instead. Initially their names were considered like "Zone of influence" of the mercenary operations in Sirius: when a mercenary joined in a group, he could change his mercenary group simply moving to their "Mercenary zone" (With application rituals, of course. Just once for all the mercenary career). For example a Liberty adventureer, joined in the Fowler family, in Liberty spaces but when he went to Bretonia spaces, he could be part of the Moore group. Once he did the application (that could be done on the moment, with a Moore group's mercenary's presence) he could go in Bretonia spaces with the Moore group member title but when he came back to Liberty, he retook the Fowler family member title. The success of the "Auxilia Coalition' service" managed to placate all tensions that could create because of who wanted to create other hostilities between allied factions, eliminating various terrorists, bosses but also secrent agents, lawful and unlawful spies, before they could to make some troubles.

The "fall"

Only a thing managed to end the "Mercenary Era": The Nomad war. All has started when the Zoners, in 800 A.S. detected a strange activity in the Sigma-17 system and they hired some Inoue mercenaries to investigate. They never returned and after, Freeport 7, a station in that system, was destroyed. This incident was an alarm for the Auxilia Coalition, because not only a mysterious presence was detected, since everyone was innocent of that but because the mercenary company had failed and hadn't neither managed to recover his men. This last's bodies were refound died one year later, immediately after the end of the Nomad war. No Inoue members went to claim the bodies because they everyone died, like all mercenaries. Every mercenary group had a different sad destiny, all because of Nomads, that killed or infected every vagrant, explorer or adventurers. Indeed the corporations started to hire mercenaries to stop the Nomad invasion but the complete disappearance of the Rowan clan in Rheinland made to know to everyone that it was the greatest menace of all Sirius. The Auxilia Coalition, instead, continued to hope for some situation's change but more it continued to send their men more the situation worse, until to make to extinguish the Kazoku Inoue too. When, indeed the Kusari was under the Nomad indoctrination (With the infection of Tekagi) the mercenaries were already all dead or infected and their disappearances were hidden by the Kusari/Rheinland government, infected by Nomads. The third mercenary group to find the end was the Fowler. In minorance compared to the other ones, their resistance time was short, probably they were their infected members to infect some LSF people. The Bretonia was the only who had had minor damage from the Nomad war, so the Moore group should be survived. Instead the terror provoked by that events leaded the group to dismiss and their members retired from the space life. When the Nomad War was finished, the Auxilia Coalition had remained without members and none mercenary groups came foward to a "reborn" chance, so finally, in the 802 A.S. the Auxilia Coalition has dismissed.

From the postwar to today

The Sirius sector knew a temporary period of peace for about 10 years after the Nomad war and this was a disadvantage for another reborn of the "Mercenary Era". Nobody or not more people or companies needed of an army, almost everyone had it, because of what happened before and they knew that maybe that threat wouldn't be disappeared forever. Various independent freelancers started to do some "more extreme" jobs during the Kusari-Bretonia tensions, started since 812 A.S. and even during their war and that of Liberty and Rheinland, started on 817 A.S. but now everyone had forgotten of the past and, consequentely, of the Auxilia Coalition and nobody had in mind to refound it. The idea to do it started more years later, in the 823 A.S.

The two symbols reproduced from the object found in the Omicrons during "Wreckter"'s research travel
"All began one year later. I had just came back from a travel in the omicrons for research and curiosiry puroposes with low success. In my apartment in Planet Los Angeles I had a small laboratory for my personal scientific research, since I like to discover [...]. I examined all what I had collected in that travel but at last I didn't find, indeed, nothing of interested. I had just closed the laboratory and put all on his place when I noticed that I hadn't well-examined one of those trinkets that I thought it was the same thing like all others like that there. It had two small symbols that didn't belong to any known corporation: a white circle surrounded of red and a lion head in black background [...]. I didn't remember anymore how much hours I passed to read and study what I had found but I was so interested about that organizations that I had in mind to bring back to that splendor, to make revive what they called "Mercenary Era", an epoch where you made literally a wish and it happened... with a cost, of course. Now I want to re-propose to this hostile and dangerous world what I found, for a future maybe a bit more safe!"

The person in question hasn't still a real and precise identity. All what it's knew is the fact that he's called "Wreckter" and he's now the leader of a new Auxilia Coalition. At the same year, a communication had transmitted in the planet California Minor to announce the return of the organization. Initially nobody was impressed about this incoming change but now, something will be happening...


  • Ensure security and service to those who hires the Auxilia Coalition affiliated groups
  • Refound sub-groups Mercenaries and restore the "Mercenary Era"
  • Earn money


The mercenary council is neutral to all the factions but the internal mercenary groups relations can change depending on the faction who hires the group

Faction Relationship
House factions
At War