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Removed alongside of Omicron Phi in 4.93.0 Patch 3

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Bastia Station
Ajaccio class Station
Bastia Station.png
Flag-outcasts.png Outcast Guard
D4, Omicron Phi
Technical Data
Gravity Limited
Docking bays Restricted
Amenities Limited
Crew 300

Bastia was once a small outpost established near the Omicron Alpha Jump Hole, as the first Outcast base in Omicron Phi. From here they continued to scout the nebula, eventually discovering the Razgriz Abyss and other jump holes of varying stability. Originally conceived as a supply depot for expeditions into the system, Bastia grew to serve as a major logistical hub for the construction of Corsica upon the discovery of the monolithic rock in which it was built.

Today it serves as a waystation and traffic control hub for flights into and out of Omicron Phi, and is a relatively quiet base in comparison to the usual bustle of Outcast smuggling stations or military complexes.

Missions Offered

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Bw elite.png
Heavy Fighter
Bw vheavy fighter.png
Very Heavy Fighter