Battleship Daishouri

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Battleship Daishouri
Bayern class Battleship
Battleship Daishouri.jpg
GmgLogo.png Gas Miners Guild
E3, Sigma-21
Technical Data
Gravity Partial
Docking bays Yes
Amenities Limited
Population 220

Daishouri, or "Triumphant Victory," is one of three Rheinland warships commandeered from the Rheinland Military by GMG Paramilitary during the apex of the 80 year war between the two. Thanks to the early brilliance of famed GMG engineer, Dr Ito Namura, all three battleships were dissected, studied and made operational with GMG developed technology. Daishouri sustained the least amount of damage when commandeered and was thus the easiest to modify and the first battleship deployed to begin its role of guarding Sigma-59.

The other GMG warships were the Ayakashi Maru or "Ghost Ship That Appears After a Shipwreck" and Namura (named after the same famous engineer that lost his life reviving the ship, Dr. Namura). After a later loss of the Namura, the GMG decommissioned the remaining warships and hid them deep in Sigma-59. In recent years, with the system fully developed, GMG once again had the two battleships augmented with modern technology and they were redeployed. Daishouri resumes its guardianship of Sigma-59 from its southern flank, while the Ayakashi Maru slipped off into deep space.

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Heavy Fighter
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