Beckley Base

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Beckley Base
Mt.Vernon class Station
Beckley Base.jpg
XenosLogo.png Xenos
C7, Virginia
Technical Data
Gravity Partial
Docking bays Yes
Amenities Yes
Population 90

Beckley is a hastily cobbled-together station built from scrap metal and the modules taken from various transports and frigates that the Xeno movement has destroyed over the years. It was commissioned in 822 A.S. by an influential member of the Xenos named Jim “Gentleman” Stacey. By sheer luck or miracle, Stacey evidently managed to chart at least the better half of the Virginia system, at the time completely Classified by the Liberty Navy, without being discovered. Beckley was outfitted with a large hangar bay taken from an old derelict carrier that was scavenged by the itinerant terrorists, and the bays were stuffed near to the brim with their ramshackle ships.

Stacey believed that a strike against the facilities in orbit of Columbia could cause widespread panic and confusion amongst the Liberty government, so he personally led an armada of snubcraft on an attack. In the surprise, they inflicted a fair amount of damage to one dock of the shipyard and depressurized an Archer-class cruiser, but the tide turned quickly from there as they were surrounded and all cut down. Ironically, his death achieved a minor, opposite effect as to his revolutionary hypothesis; Beckley’s skeleton crew was not given further orders or any kind of contingency plan should the plan fail.

Presently, Beckley is operated on minimum power by a skeleton crew to remain hidden, but operates long distance patrols aimed at stopping any inbound traffic from Rheinland or beyond. The recent rise of Bundschuh activity within the neighboring New Hampshire system has also sparked great concern among the Xenos, who are considering fielding scouts into there to find and strike at their base of operations. The residents have debated making a run for it and scuttling the scrap-heap, depending on their successes in the near future.

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Heavy Fighter
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