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What is bounty hunting? Most of those who are already experienced in the field will simply tell you "making easy money". But let's view it in a less cryptic manner. Bounty hunting is mainly a business. We can see that the title itself is made out of two words: "Bounty" and "hunting". Bounties are simply sums of money that someone will place "on someone's head". The ones who place the bounties are usually people who have enough money to do this, and they want someone dead (for one reason or another) but they don't have the means to fight themselves. Hunting stands for the idea of looking on the market, finding a bounty you like, go and kill the one mentioned in it, then give proof and claim the promised money.

So, all in all, bounty hunting is a way for those with great fighting capacities to also make money out of killing people.

General Bounty Hunters and Bounty Placers

The people with money

Usually bounties are set up by everyone who wants to and has the money to do so. As far as we can say, every major house faction has it's own "bounty board", where it always posts more and more bounties for anyone to claim them. Still, there are always the big corporations like IMG or GMG who offer bounties.

As an alternative, someone could always place a bounty even if he's just a lonely trader or such, as long as he has a grudge and the means to give money to others.

Who takes the money

Those who hunt bounties can be of any kind, Bounty Hunters, Freelancers, Mercenaries... etc.

Whether you're part of the BHG, the Reavers or just a lonely freelancer, you can always claim bounties, as long as your ID permits it.

What truly matters is that you do things right.

  • Most bounties are posted on the forums, so that's where you need to look for them, on the DiscoGC Forums > Index > News and Commerce > Bounty Boards.
  • After you picked a preferred bounty, you just go in space and hunt for the one who has money on his head. When you kill him, you record the kill with your gun-cam and then bring that proof on back on the forums.
  • You receive your money and you're done. But remember: You must be the first to claim that bounty.