Buster Commodore

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Buster Commodore
Buster Commodore 819 A.S.
Origin Flag-liberty.png Liberty
Occupation The Mad Architect, The Liberty Rogues
Gender Male
Affiliation Piracy
' 814 A.S. - Present
Rank Underboss
Status Alive
Born June, 11th, 789 A.S., Pittsburgh

Buster Commodore, Lead Scientist for The Liberty Rogues R&D Department, Has been coined the name "The Mad Architect" by many of his cohorts due to his vast ingenuity in building new and improved weapons systems, Ship models, and other machines of destruction used by the Liberty Rogues. Buster spent most of his life uneducated, only learning to read after he joined the Rogues. He pursued an education in astrophysics and is now one of the greatest minds in the pirate organization. He is most recently noted for his work on Codename: Project Disaster, where he rebuilt an old Liberty Dreadnought to be used by the Rogue warlord, Moka.


Early Life

Buster Commodore was born in 789 A.S. to Eugene Commodore and Anita Commodore on Planet Pittsburgh. Eugene Bailed on Buster and Anita when Buster was only 3 years old, leaving Anita to take care of her son on her own. Anita was a very simple minded person and instead of parenting Buster, she sought means of satisfying her Cardamine addiction. When Buster was 11 years old, his mother was arrested for stealing an antenna off of Newark station. She was tried and found Insane and was sent to Amarillo Asylum on planet Houston.

Buster was then sent to live with his older brother Willie who was a freelance mechanic on Freeport 2 in Bering. Willie taught Buster everything he knew about propellent systems and how ships work. Sadly however this was all that Willie could teach Buster before dying in a tragic accident and therefore, Buster never got a proper education. He was however able to land a job as a pilot for Interspace Commerce in 808 A.S.

Buster lived a simple life for 5 years, moving goods from system to system and helping with repairs to ships here and there when he could. He had his own place, ship, and even got a dog to keep him company. Then one day, IC downsized their company by 500 employees and Buster was one of them. They told him that they had caught him stealing from the company and had to fire him. They took his house, his ship, and even his dog, Buckwheat. Buster was alone. He cried and raged for nights, cursing IC for ruining his life. He took what little credits he had left and bought a starflier and headed back to New York. Upon his return to New York, he was pirated by a Rogue named Sarah McFarlane. She told him who the Rogues were and what they represented in Liberty. In such a time in Buster's life, where revenge and anguish filled his mind, Buster joined the Liberty Rogues.

The Life of a Pirate

Buster worked with the Rogues as a light ship mechanic. fixing their battered ships when they came back from a patrol. He was given an old busted up Greyhound by Sarah to venture out into the systems to try and make a little money of his own. Buster followed in suit with the other rogues, learning the life of a pirate and how to extort corporate employees into giving him money. He picked up the trade rather quickly and gained notice by the Warlord, Moka and the Evil Hussy, Ruby. Ruby thought it would be a good idea for Buster to go to school, and said it would make him a much more devious pirate. So Buster went out to search for knowledge and set forth a new path in his life.

A Changed Man

Buster returned to the Rogues 3 years later, a completely different person than he was before. he had a vast knowledge of astrophysics, nuclear physics, and electrical engineering. His personality had changed from a kind hearted, backwoods hick from pittsburgh to almost maniacal genius. He was well versed in the Rogue technology and devoted his time to helping innovate new weapon designs for the Rogues, including a better version of the Greyhound and reverse engineering the Outcast Inferno to help create the Tartarus Rogue Pulse Cannon.

An Unfortunate Chain of Events

Buster was kidnapped by a Terrorist named Anthony Roberts after being drugged at a bar on Leiden base. Roberts took Buster prisoner in hopes of extorting the Rogues for cash and technology. However the negotiations failed and it cost Buster both of his arms. He was left for dead in Rheinland space and was picked up by a Hessian patrol. The Hessians took him to Vogtland and grafted cybernetic arms onto Buster and nursed him back to health. after 3 months of being held captive, Buster was finally able to return home. He hitched a ride with a Hessian blood diamond smuggling vessel back to Buffalo and returned to duty.

However, Buster's time in captivity took a tremendous toll on his character. He became cold, sinister, and violent. He found himself in a deep state of depression and turned to alcoholism and drug abuse, most notably the energy enhancing drug, Narcodin. But luckily for Buster, these were all well accepted traits in the world of piracy and he soon learned to embrace them.

Project Disaster

3 months later, Buster was tasked to head the operation the Rogues had coined, Project Disaster. He assisted Moka in acquiring the knowledge and materials to rebuild a junked Liberty Dreadnought. The Rogues combat acquired the vessel after a Navy raid on their home system of Cassini. Moka then tasked Buster to rebuild the ships engine core using Outcast technology provided by the Outcast Don, Deathrunner. after a grueling 46 days of development on The Nonsense Factory in Cassini, Buster finally completed his greatest achievement to date. The Rogues first fully operational Battleship Power Core.

A New Level of Confidence and Power

During the end of 819, Buster was promoted to Moka's second in command. Soon after, The Rogues found themselves knee-deep in war with The Hellfire Legion. As Moka's leading general, Buster led the named "Cardamine Consortium" alongside Moka which was an allied front of Rogues, Hackers, And Outcasts. The CC drove the Hellfire Legion from Humboldt and Magellan deep into the Legions home system of Vespucci and sieged 2 of the HF's Bases. The bases were destroyed and the Legion surrendered.

Friends in Low Places

After the war ended, Buster found himself befriended by a young Rogue girl named Pita. Pita was a schizophrenic that spoke to dolls and was under the care of Ruby and Moka. Seeing Pita as a strange daughter-figure, Buster helped to protect the girl from harm. After a close encounter with a sadistic Nomad morph, Buster learned the truth about Pita and that Ruby was abusing and medicating the girl to keep her under control. The girl had turned up missing and Buster tracked her down to find her in the care of a Navy officer, James Lambert. Buster cleverly found a way to steal Pita from Lambert and hid her at Fortaleza Base where he assumed she was safe. However Ruby was waiting for them and before Buster could reach the hangar Pita landed in she was gone again. Buster was able to track Ruby and Pita to a remote location in Humboldt but found the Liberty Navy, led by Lambert had also caught her trail. Outnumbered and Outgunned, Buster watched as Lambert killed Ruby and took Pita into personal custody.


Thing and a Pursuit of Happiness

After saving her from an almost tragic Bar accident, Buster began courting the Liberty Rogue known as Thing. Stunned by her beauty and smitten by her quirky personality they soon fell for each other. Soon after Buster felt his time in the Rogues was coming to a dangerous end and so put measures in place to get him and Thing out. They left for Freeport 6 and had their records wiped. Buster started his own Mechanic and supply company, Rusty Thrusters LLC, under the Alias Rusty Commstock and Thing changed her name to Violet Commstock.

You can take the Rogue out of a Man, But you cant take a Man out of the Rogues

Buster's perfect life was brought to an abrupt end after his parts supplier, Vinnie, was kidnapped by Xenos. Buster, needing the parts for his business by a deadline, took the trip to Liberty himself. It wasnt long before he was recognized and soon was on everyones scanner. Bounty Hunters were sent after him and his shop was raided and destroyed. Buster fled and soon after recieved an anonymous message to go to Yukon. Buster soon found himself face to face with his old Boss, Moka whom gave him an opportunity to join the Rogues Elite Guard in Cassini. Buster reluctantly agreed to help Moka one last time in his quest for total control of the sprawling Liberty Underworld.

Buster's Thrusters (Ship List)

PLR:Incarnated.Fella - Montante Gunboat class - 820 A.S.

PLR:Illiterate.Fella - Z-5900 Werewolf class - Commissioned in 814 A.S.

PLR:Intelligent.Fella - Z-9000 Barghest class - 818 A.S.

PLR:Buster.Rhymes - RA-4 Gunboat class - 819 A.S.

PLR:Infuriated.Fella - Series Z "Sabre" BW Very Heavy Fighter - 819 A.S.

PLR:Busters.Brothel - 'Pilgrim' Slave Liner - 819 A.S.

PLR:Wartorn.Prince - Pirate Train - 819 A.S.