Carlos Matias Santiago

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Carlos Santiago, was born in 800 A.S and raised at planet Malta in a poor family with his parents and a younger brother.


One day while he was on his way to sell cardamine to New York the Liberty Navy blocked his way. They scanned his cargo and ordered him to drop the cargo and surrender so he refused and the battle started.

After sometime of fighting he started to lose his weapons and one small bomber hit his ship with a torpedo and all the sudden he felt the heat of the explosion and he fainted and this was the last thing he can remember and when he opened his eyes he found himself in Huntsville prison in Texas system for a sentence of life and there he met a new friend Ayman Axel Alonso aka (Frankenstien).

He stayed in Huntsville prison for almost a year with Frankenstien, it was not easy to escape from Huntsville prison so he kept planning for it the whole year and the plan was as followed:

How he met Frankenstien at Huntsville prison:

How they escaped is beyond anyone's knowledge. One theory is that they had an insider working in the prison at the time of their escape and it was confirmed. At the time Huntsville prison didn't keep closed circuit cameras in the cells to watch the inmates but only cameras outside the cells to see anyone who went to or from the cells at any time.

They had been at Huntsville for almost a year plotting their escape though it wasn't going to be an easy one. they couldn't break through the walls that just lead into space so that left the cell door. The only problem with getting out is the cameras and the hundreds of guards from their cell to the hangar bay where they could possibly get a shuttle and somehow manage to escape.

The escape from Huntsville prison:

Carlos actually did have someone help him escape, his right hand man Frankenstein.

Carlos had known the whereabouts of Frank and ambushed a guard who was to be transferred to Huntsville prison, killed him and assumed his identity. Over the many months Carlos began to know the ins and outs of the prison, the shift changes, the maintenance logs and the food cart. Soon it would only be a matter of time before the escape could be planned.

On April, 19th 822 A.S. at 12:35 A.M.

The plan was sprung. Frank faked a heart attack so Carlos and another guard entered the cell. The other guard was knocked out and his weapon ceased. Carlos dashed from the cell and disabled the camera allowing Frank to walk out before reestablishing the connection before anyone noticed. The continued along the hallway for a few meters until it was too late they were spotted. Frank shot and killed the guard and stole his weapon as well. The shuttle bay was 5 decks above them and the needed to make up alot of ground if this was going to have any success.

Shooting guards and taking their guns meant no loss of ammunition. It was long until they both came to the shuttle bay doors. With nobody in sight they made a mad dash for the closest ship, a CTE 750AE Starflier. Huntsville prison guards gained entry and began shooting at the craft hoping it would depressurize which it didn't as no vital systems were hit. Carlos and Frank then blasted the shuttle bay doors and depressurized the entire bay sucking 35 guards, cargo and other equipment into the vacuum of space. With full thrusters online and cruise active they made a mad scramble for the Bering system especially the Bering jumphole. Sensors detected 2 LSF Cruisers on a intercept course. Holding their current course they were able to beat the cruisers to the jumphole and escape Liberty. They moved to a nearby Freeport 2 to switch out of the starflier when Liberty LSF and soon to be Liberty Navy came looking for it. They assumed the control of a Rhino transport and made their way back to Malta using the jumpholes along the way to avoid any police or naval interaction.