Claire Lelouch

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NAME: Claire Lelouch


PLACE OF BIRTH: Planet Nevers, Burgundy System

GENDER: Female

DISTINGUISHING FEATURES: -Blue eyes -Black hair -Pale -Technological replacement for her right eye -Wears an armored suit at all times

CURRENT RANK: commander

CURRENT ASSIGNMENT: Sapphire Assault Wing Commander

CURRENT FLEET: Corona Battlegroup

CURRENT SHIPS: [Classified]


In Gallia

While Claire was residing within Gallic borders, she was a freelancing escort, protecting any traders in the area from being pirated. This meant from time to time, Claire was opposed to corrupt Police officials. over the years, Claire and her wingmen (or "crew" as she refers to them) got quite a reputation within the corrupt Police. During a job, the police ambushed the cargo ship she was defending. The Cargo ship decided to run, forcing Claire and her wingmen to follow. The corrupt police ambushers were quick to disrupt the cruise engines of the fighter ships. in the short fight that followed, all of Claire's wingmen's ships were destroyed, with the pilots ejected. Claire, the last fighter still remaining operational, fled in the only direction she could go...the council. the police ships followed as far as they could, but after a time, one of them sent a message to Claire's ship stating that if she stayed in Gallic space, her family would be killed. fearing for her family's lives, and for her friends, she left Gallic space through the minefield.

In The outer systems

Claire dropped her wingmen off at "Reunion" station, and headed off on her own, leaving a promise to her companion that, if she found a new suitable home, she would come back and retrieve them. Claire traveled around, searching the Tau Systems. As she was exploring Tau-29, she came across a Distress Call. She immediately set her course in the direction it as coming from. When she got there, she found a yacht and some fighters under attack from a group of fighters. she read the IFF transponder signals of the ships, and found that the yacht was a researcher, and its allies were navy ships of some sort. the other ships were Identified as pirating vessels. Claire quickly brought her ship into the fight, surprising everyone participating. on her first attack run, her mini-razor was able to decimate one pirate vessel, destroying it in one hit. after the shock of her entering the battle wore off, the other pirates targeted her, to avenger their fallen comrade. Claire managed to bring her ship around, and fire another mini-razor, but her ship was simultaneously hit with multiple torpedoes, and multitudes of missiles and gun fire. With her ship crippled, her cockpit cracked and slowly depressurizing along with most the weapons off line or destroyed, and her ships core going critical, she activated her cruise engines, and headed towards the bigest pirate vessel in the area. When she was very close to the pirate, she killed all power to the engines, and started firing all remaining guns. The pirate vessel, taken by suprise at the manuvour, was destroyed, but the collision to Claire's ship all but destroyed it. The Navy ships moved in to defend their Crippled unknown ally, while the rest of the pirates fled the area. Claire's ship was completely dead.

Corona Battlegroup

after Clair's ship was safely recovered, the unconscious Claire was pulled out of her broken vessel, and medically examined. it was quickly concluded that she was Gallic. The damage to her body was extensive. her right eye was all but destroyed, along with her spine and some other parts of her torso. The Science department outfitted her with prototype technology, using her as a test subject, but allowing her full functionality again. The engineers present were able to find the ship log of everything that occurred since Claire departed to defend the Cargo ship. Her UY-258 Sunbeam was sent to the science division for reverse engineering and for possible reconstruction or reproduction. after Claire became conscious, she was offered a place within the Battlegroup. She agreed, after a detailed briefing about the battlegroup.