Corona Battlegroup

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Corona Battlegroup
Corona battlegroup 200.png
Alignment Lawful
Date of founding Restructured into current form in 817 A.S.
Founder(s) Scarlet Orias
Current leader(s) Scarlet Orias
Base of operations No Official Base
Primary role
Research and Development of Liberty Navy Technology
Secondary role
Still maintains an active military force
Table of contents

Pre-Independent History

The Corona Battlegroup was a small Liberty Navy flotilla initially formed to patrol California to help fight the increased amounts of pirate activity in the system. Upon formation it consisted of a Liberty Assault Battle Cruiser, several Liberty Gunboats, and several bomber and fighter wings. However, soon after Captain Scarlet Orias took command of the battlegroup, its focus shifted drastically and it became more of a research and development branch supported by its own personal fleet than an actually battlegroup as its base of operations moved from California to Ames Research Station and Colorado. This transformation was used to cover up high clearance research, involving adapting alien tech, furthering the understanding of the nomad threat, weapon development, and other important projects since, on paper at least, it was still a standard battlegroup, albeit one with a highly developed trade and support fleet behind it. Of course, the battlegroup still maintains patrols within the Colorado system to maintain its cover but it also provides escorts for supply convoys going to and from Ames Research Station and all large ships are expected to keep a small contingent of scientists on board at all times to provide a heavily fortified space to conduct high end military experimental projects.

Independent History

Due to budget cuts and generally being ignored by the Liberty Navy High Command, Corona Battlegroup ended up leaving with most of its members to become their own independent research company. They are currently setting up contacts with other factions and trying to make a name for themselves.

Basic Information

  • IFF: Zoner
  • ID: Zoner ID / Zoner Guard ID - Caps above GB and transports, Merc ID - Snubs and GBs, Researcher ID - all the Science Division Vessels
  • Faction tag: =CB=


The primary goals of the Corona Battlegroup include: providing an intricate, mobile, and heavily fortified system of laboratories to further increase the Liberty Navy’s scientific development, maintain and supply a primary laboratory at Ames Research Station, and to gather, create and preform in field test of experimental technology.


Combat Division

CB CombatDivisionLogo.png

  • Division Head: Captain Jacob Gordon

On paper this is the primary division of the Corona Battlegroup, however after taking its new direction, in practice this is the least important division. Its official duty is to patrol the tradelanes of Colorado, but while this duty is performed it has a more important purpose. Unofficially, the primary duty of the combat division is to provide combat support for the rest of the Corona Battlegroup in the form of escorting both researchers and supply convoys. Other duties consist of providing mobile laboratories on capital ships, live testing of experimental weaponry on fighters, and maintaining the battlegroup's false front of being a primarily combat driven branch of the Liberty Navy.

Research and Development Division

CB ScienceDivLogo.png

  • Division Head: Commander Bennet Marco

The true heart of the Corona Battlegroup, this division leads at the forefront of Liberty Navy research and development and takes on the highest priority projects. They develop experimental weaponry, preform tests to better understand nomads and the threat they provide, and other projects to better Liberty as a whole.

Supply and Engineering

CB SupplyDivLogo.png

  • Division Head: Commander Michael O'Neal Jr

If the R&D division is the heart of the Corona Battlegroup then the Supply and Engineering division is the backbone. It is what brings supplies needed to preform the experiments preformed by the R&D division. Without this division the rest of the Corona Battlegroup would fall apart.


Fighters and Bombers: =CB=Wing-Number[Last Name]

Capital Ships(Including Gunboats): =CB=CBS-Shipname

All Research Vessels: =CB=CBSV-Shipname

All Other Transports: =CB=CBT-Shipname

All Other Freighters: =CB=CBF-Shipname


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