Danny White

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Danny White
Origin Flag-liberty.png Liberty
Occupation Sylpheed's Liberty Rogues
Affiliation Liberty Rogues
Rank Underboss - Leader of the Cult of Contraband
Born April 18 762 A.S., Planet Manhattan (Age 54)


Work in Progress


Danny was a normal Child living at Manhatten, his Family wasnt rich, but actually not too poor. The White Family was the average Manhatten standard Family. His Father Bill White working in a Textile Factory, while his Mother Samantha White was staying at Home.

ALG Incident - Short Story

As always Danny was playing outside with his Friends after School. Mostly they were at the Playground, but sometimes they went on Adventures on Junkyards. The little Group of Friends even built their own secret Base inside of the Junkyard. Just as Children normally do. But on this Day everything changed. A slightly broken ALG Container filled up with Toxic Waste was illegally placed in the Junkyard. While the Container was already cracking, the small Groupd of Children found the Container and were impressed by its Size. Four of the Children slowly walked upon it, including Danny, while the other three Kids kept their Distance to the Container. Out of Curiousity one of the Children climbed up onto the Container's Top, Mike was his Name. Mike saw a few Cracks, with some brown Liquid Substance coming out of it, as he slowly moved towards those Cracks he felt that the Ground below him fades. Sounds like cracking Ice on a Lake made him shudder.

Suddenly the cracking Noices got louder and louder, Mike tried to climb down again. Danny already giving him a Hand as the Container breaks. The brown Substance flooding all over the Place, covering all four Children, while the other three had to watch from the Distance. One of them ran of crying and shouting for Help. The other two just sprinted towards the Container with Tears in their Eyes. Two Junkyard Workers appeared, probably by the loud Noise and Screams from the Children. One of those Workers quickly grabbed his Phone and mumbled something into it, immediatly Sirens were turned on.

Danny tried to breath, he felt how the Substance runs into his Nose and Mouth, down his Throat. He started to faint, he wanted to breath, but he knew he couldnt. Last thing Danny felt was a someone grabbing his Arm.

Hospital Report

August 13 771 The Subject White shows damaged Lungs and Throat, many Tests with Depholium failed. The three other Subjects are critical, Subject White seems to be fighting against the Toxic.

Agust 15 771 Subject Thomson died at 13:21, the Toxic destroyed the Subject's Lungs. Subject Jeller and Evans are still critical, Subject White still under Supervision, Depholium seems to be effective now.

August 16 771 Subject Evans died at 06:54, Subject suddenly started to bleed internal. Cause of Death: suffocate. Subject Jeller still critical, no Cure in Sight. Moving Subject White to the Child Station.

August 21 771 Subject Jeller died at 21:32, Cause of Death: Damaged Lungs and Throat, Subject passed away. Subject White can be released soon, Lungs are working to 40%.

August 27 771 Subject White released.

Growing up

Danny grew up at Home, his Father hired a Personal Teacher to give Danny Home School. Samantha and Bill were afraid that something would happen to the already weakened Child. Danny was traumatized from that Accident for a long Time. He lost his Friends, he almost lost his Life. As Teenage he had a lot of Thoughts of killing himself, just to end his pitiful Life. On the other Side he also thought it could be a second Life for him, even if he was crippled.

Staying at Home all the Time he read many Books and Reports about Logistics, Trading and Economy. His Teacher was always proud of Danny and his Knowledge. Danny provided good Marks, good enough to find Work without a Problem.

Searching a Job

Danny left his Home in 791, searching for Work. First he tried it in the Navy, Military needs a perfect working Logistic to provide Support, Food and Ammunition towards the Forces. But due to his weakened Health State they didnt accept him. That was like a Punch into his Face. He tried again at Ageira, but again he wasnt accepted.

Danny fell into Desperation. He started to drink, even enjoyed a few Drugs. He slipped down into the darker Side of Manhatten. Violence, Drug Smuggle and even Murders. Money was missing, Danny drowned in the Sea of Despair. He started working for a Liberty Rogue, just taking care of a few Goods, hiding them from the Cops. He didnt have a Problem with that until he got his Cash and he slowly turned into a Money Loving Smuggler on Planet Manhatten. Moral and Ethics vanished, Brutality raised. Soon Danny was one of the most known Criminals on Planet Manhatten.

Liberty Rogue Carreer

Other than many Liberty Rogues Danny joined them in an older Age. Young People dreaming about Credits, Ships, Guns and Women. Well Danny had the same Wish, Planet Manhatten wasnt a safe Place for a known Criminal, so he hired a Smuggler to transport him to a better Place. On Buffalo he started with a small Cardamine Shop, it went well until he had the Thought to do more than just selling Cardamine.

He bought himself a Bloodhound, ready to do some stuff outside of Buffalo. It didnt take long as he was asked by a Liberty Rogue who was flying under Sylpheed's Name to join up. Sure he couldnt deny and joined the Group. His Ship was upgraded to a Hyena, which didnt last long. The Fighting Cough Drop as he called the Ship was destroyed by a Bounty Hunter, Danny himself managed to safe his arse.

Showing up a lot of Activity he was promoted to a Veteran. Danny started to make Trips around Sirius, he flew up to Omicron Malta to trade with the Outcasts. He flew to Freital in Omega-11 to sort out Deals with the Red Hessians. Rumors say he even traded with the Corsairs once. He soon was able to wear the Title of an Ace among the Liberty Rogues.

After the Underboss, "Ashes" Yotoka has left the Liberty Rogues to join the Blood Dragons in her Home Kusari, Danny was promoted by Andrew Mort to the Underboss. For a short Time he even was the Boss of the Liberty Rogues until Sylpheed came back to take his old Seat. Currently Danny is one of the Underbosses.