Deckard Cain

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Deckard Cain
Origin Flag-gallia.png Kingdom of Gallia
Occupation Solar Engineering
Gender Male
Affiliation Solar Engineering
Solar Engineering 29.01.819
Rank Liner Division
Status Active (819 A.S.)
Born 2 Dezembre 693 AGS, Planet Bourges, Berry
Died Still alive.

Deckard Cain is an employee at Solar Engineering.


Cain was born on Planet Bourges, Berry in 693 AGS (777 AS). He grew up in a rather poor family on Bourges. His parents came to Bourges as Refugees, interested in the loans at low interest rates provided by the government. They put great hope into their only son and sent him to expensive apprenticeship training positions, with no regard to their own health. In 718 AGS, Cain left Planet Bourge in search of a work, which fits to him. Soon he heard of his parents death, whereupon he decided to travel around and make his life worth it. He traveled around in whole Gallia a lot, and had tried a few Corporations to work for, but he never found something what made him satisfied. Finally in 735 AGS, he went to Ile-de-France, his last hope to find the 'meaning of his life'. One day, he was shopping in a mall on Planet New Paris, when he saw this new recruitment poster of the Solar Engineering, to pique his interest. So it came, that he applied here.

Current Status

Her ship identifications:

• Solar|Nantes - (Lucullus)
• Solar|Deckard.Cain - (Moonbeam)


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