Declan Schaefer

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Declan Schaefer
Origin Flag-liberty.png Liberty
Affiliation Nova Security & Procurement Limited
Rank Director
Born June 7th, 785 A.S., Planet Denver
Died Still Alive


The son of immigrant parents, Declan was born on Planet Denver in 785 A.S. to Wilhelm and Elizabeth Schaefer (of Rheinland and Bretonian origin respectively). Since he could walk, Declan loved the night sky, being fixated on the stories of old Imperial Rheinland from his father. From an early age young Declan decided he wanted to emulate his heroes one day. This would culminate in his later decision to join the Liberty Security Force.


As the son of two immigrants, life was hard for Declan, especially growing up on Denver, a planet known to have a large social elite. Despite being comfortably middle class, the flippancy of the Denver elites would mark Declan with a resentment of the upper class that would stay with him for years to come. Never a very strong child, Declan was often bullied in school, leading to him developing a rather taciturn and serious demeanor, only breaking down into levity when among his closest friends and family.

Despite this however, Declan was an avid football player in his high school years and this would follow him well into university, where he received a bachelors degree in software engineering. After university, he would join the LSF.

Liberty Security Force

At the age of 22 he would join the Liberty Security Force as an analyst, and quickly proved to be an able programmer. This would keep him busy however, as he had a keen interest in computer systems. However, there was always a gaping hole in his life, the memory of the stories his father told him of battles in the distant past. As a result, he would ask for and receive a field position.

In the field, Declan proved to be an able, albeit average pilot, but also, to be relatively inept at undercover work. However, to balance this, he proved to have creativity in excess of his superiors, who commended him on his unique solutions to field problems. This resulted in his removal from field work, and being transferred to a command position.

In 813 A.S. however, he would meet then agent Kell Tainer, the man who would later turn renegade and join the "terrorist" organization known as The Order. It was Schaefer who would influence the young agent in his outlook and methodology. This influence could later be seen in how Kell handled the Order Wedjat and the Preservers.

In 815 A.S., Declan retired from active service with several of his colleagues to found the intelligence think tank company, Nova Technologies.

Nova Technologies

After its founding, Declan served as Nova's director for three years, until its acquisition by Ageira Technologies. He was possibly one of the first people to recognize the threat Rheinland could become, and set the company's resources into a mapping and intelligence gathering frenzy in Rheinland. As a result, Declan is one of the foremost authorities in Liberty on Rheinland's geography.

Secondly, as Director of Nova Technologies, he had the company direct part of its resources to studying the elusive "terrorist" group known as the Order. As a result, Nova is in possession of one of the largest databanks in Liberty on the Order. However, the location of the data core storing this information is remote and known only to Declan himself, if the LSF or Liberty Navy were ever to find out, untold destruction would ensue.

However, in late 817 A.S. after a virus infected the company's computer systems, the resulting loss of data nearly bankrupted Nova completely and he was approached by Ageira Technologies representatives for his company's unique abilities, specifically for industrial espionage and security. In agreement with his advisors, Declan accepted the proposal put forth by Ageira.

Nova Security & Procurement

Now renamed to Nova Security & Procurement, Declan still is the Director of his old company, but now is leading it alongside two others, the Chief of Operations and Chief of Human Resources.


As a result of his experiences, Declan exhibits a rather taciturn and serious manner. However, he is also very compassionate and possesses an easy camaraderie with his colleagues and employees.

While a staunch Libertonian patriot, he does not agree with the House's current war with Rheinland or recent actions. As a result of his parentage, he also maintains ties to both Bretonia and Rheinland.

He is also known to both sympathize with and maintain ties to the Order.

Personal Life

Declan is married and has two children