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New York
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The New York system is the capital of House Liberty and one of the most populated areas of the entire Sirius Sector. Centered around a relatively cool G8-class star not unlike the sun of the Sol System are two fully habitable and colonized planets, Manhattan and Pittsburgh. The latter also features a moon, Maine. Further locations of interest include nine permanent space stations (of which one is home to the Liberty Rogues and another owned by the Junkers), two stationary capital-sized ships with full docking facilities, the mysterious Badlands and the enigmatic Zone 21.

The system's geography is dominated by the many scrap fields that arose from years of industrial exploitation. Named after the former State of New Jersey and the City of Pittsburgh and City of Detroit, they are frequented by corporate clean-up crews, self-employed salvagers as well as the occasional pirate or smuggler. The system's deep south is home to the already mentioned Badlands, a peculiar dark matter cloud which used to be home to two research stations, Benford and Ithaca, until external circumstances forced them to be abandoned by their crews.

New York is host to five major corporations and countless pirate outfits preying on them. There are Jump Gates and Holes to four different systems. Located near the Sector Core, it is frequently used as central point of reference by map-makers across Sirian space, a fact which the Liberty Government is eager to promote.

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