Daam K'Vosh

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The Daam K'Vosh were a mysterious, incredibly powerful sapient race existent at least as late as the Cretaceous period (145,550,000-65,500,000 BC) and were the creators of the Slomon K'Hara.

Nothing is known of Daam K'Vosh physiology and biology. They were a race of scientists and experimenters, creating and modifying species for curiosity and amusement. A major Daam K'Vosh political entity was the Daam K'Vosh Empire, a galactic and possibly multi-galactic empire numbering at least two member species.

At some point prior to 0 A.S., the Daam K'Vosh disappeared from the known universe. The cause of such an event is still unknown even to the Slomon K'Hara. Xenoarchaeology Professor Roland Quintaine remarked shortly before the end of the Nomad War that he had found no signs of a war, natural disaster or disease around the time of the Daam K'Vosh's disappearance.

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