Daam K'Vosh Empire

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Daam K'vosh
Daam K'vosh Empire
Temporary Daam K'Vosh Banner.png
Capital Unknown,
Official languages Unknown, belived to use both phonetic communication and telepathy
Government Unknown, possible form of Telepathic Hive Mind
- Leader   Unknown
Founded Atleast several tens of millions (possibly billions) of years before Human evolution A.S.
Controlled space

Most of the Milky Way Galaxy, at it's height

Affiliated organisations

The Daam K'Vosh Empire was an incredibly ancient and advanced species existant at least as early as the Cretaceous period (145,500,000-65,500,000 BC) consisting of at least two member species, the ruling Daam K'Vosh and the Slomon K'Hara.


Very little is known of the Daam K'vosh history or origins. But it is known that they were once the Dominant sentient species in the Milky Way galaxy, creating a vast, Galaxy-Spanning Empire, which may have connected to other Galaxies. While not the only advanced civilization in the Galaxy at it's time, it's territorial control and technological superiority were unmatched until well after it's fall.

Slomon K'Hara within the Sirius Sector went into a form of hibernation, which they would remain in until being reawakened by a Rheinland expedition into the unknown planet in the Omicron Major System, and sometime after that, the Daam K'Vosh disappeared. No one, not even the Slomon K'Hara know what happened to them. Professor Roland Quintaine remarked that as of 800 A.S., there was no evidence of a war, natural disaster or disease within the Empire, that the Daam K'Vosh had simply vanished.

Today, the Empire is known of in Sirius only through the field of xenoarchealogy and the ruins of their civilization, such as the massive Dyson Spheres or the Slomon K'Hara. On Planet Manhattan, a secret facility exists functioning as a children's library and a path to K'Hara independence from the energy field of the Dyson Spheres, called Valhalla One. Through this, the first strides into jump gate technology were made in secret, as were early forays into xenoarchaelogy.


The structure of the Empire is largely unknown. Whether the Daam K'vosh were telepathically linked like the Slomon K'hara, or used a more conventional government is also unclear, due to a lack of understanding of their Biology, with no known preserved corpses that have been found.

However, it is unlikely a 'human-like' form of government would have been practical, given the vast territories and number of sentients under the Daam K'vosh's control.


The Daam K'vosh possessed amazingly advanced technology, far exceeding any other race's at the time of their existence (though subsequent races may have improved on their own further), often bordering on the 'mystic'. It is known that they possessed advanced Hypergates to connect their territories, extremely advanced materials science, the ability to engineer structures as massive as Dyson Spheres for energy collection, and the ability to create Artificial, and later Biological intelligence.

While much of this technology has been lost to time, some has remained intact over the millenia, and reverse engineered and put to use by younger races such as Humans. However, much of their science is still to be uncovered.

Foriegn Relations

The general disposition of the Daam K'vosh is unknown exactly, though it may not have been particularly benine, judging by the disposition of the Slomon K'hara. Though, this may have been a practical and intentional concern, rather then Overt Belligerence on their part.

Atleast one other advanced race, the Crathygtan, is known to have interacted with and eventually fought with the Daam K'vosh towards the end of their known history. As well, the threat of the rogue FGTW Intellect indicates hostility as well. There is also evidence of the intervention of a Third Race, who's identity and disposition is unknown and not entirely confirmed.

However, these conflicts did not seem to directly contribute to the Daam K'vosh's disappearance, which was too sudden and left too much of their technology intact for the explination of a war to be the cause. One theory is that the Daam K'vosh may have 'ascended' to a higher plane of existence through some advanced means, or may have simply moved to another part of Space to escape the conflicts.

Controlled and Contested Space

While not controlling the entire Milky Way Galaxy (due to it's sheer size, that would have been impossible even for them), the Daam K'vosh controlled an immense Spiders' web of worlds and sectors of space throughout the Milky Way (and possibly other) Galaxies. All of these were connected by Hypergates and most contain remnants of Daam K'vosh technology even today (though some have been erased by time).

The Sirius Sector is known to have been an Outpost of the Daam K'vosh, with several major constructs scattered about it's vicinity, including a large Dyson Sphere. It is belived Sirius was specifically constructed to aid the fledgeling Slomon K'hara, once they awoke, with many of the surviving structures engineered to their biology and use.

Most of the surviving Da'am K'vosh structures are in Space, with planetary facilities known, but largely destroyed by Inclement weather, erosion, and Geological activity over Millions of years. Several notable exceptions include Valhalla One, and underground ruins on planets Crete, Pygar, and Sprague. Presumably, there are other artifacts in Sirius, waiting to be discovered.

Most information on other regions controlled by the Daam K'vosh is sketchy and presumably no longer accurate, due to Galactic drift. Presumably, most former Daam K'vosh territory has been inhabited by newer Civilizations which have risen over the intervening Tens of Millions of Years.