Dominic Vasquez

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Dominic "Dom" Vasquez
Dead Man Walking Tall
Origin Planet Malta, Omicron Alpha
Gender Male
Affiliation Samarran Raiders
Rank Rookie
Status Alive
Born August 21, 786 A.S.
Nervus Belli, Pecunia infinita

"In the Beginning"

Nothing is known how this young man's life has started. He was probably left somewhere on the streets of Malta to die. His fate was locked. He was going to die the moment he was born. Luckily, he survived. Elisa, an old lady without children, found him, and took care of him until he was better.

Malta was a rough place to live, to breath Cardamine, to eat Cardamine, to drink Cardamine. His guardian angel, Elisa took good care and raised a strong young boy. She named him Dominic, by her husband who got killed in a Corsair attack. When he hit 16 Years, he started to work on a Cardamine field next to his "village". 2 Years later, a large economic crisis hitted the unprepared Outcast population.Trying to survive the crisis, Elisa had to leave Malta and to search for work somewhere in House space.

An unusual trip

Dominic has never seen the outer space. He was amazed how it looked, how it sounded. He saw many men and women flying around the transport he and his guardian were in. He was amazed by the skills the pilots were blessed with. The trip prolonged when the transport suffered some issues with the engines. A couple of Outcast raiders were sent to protect the transport which was hauling precious cargo towards New Tokyo's huge Black Market. The 2 Outcast pilots boarded the transport seeking for someone to join their cause. Dominic was unprepared, yet, he wanted to go with them. He finally stood up, came to the Outcast, and told him: "You searching for sum help there? Ye i am your man." The Pilot looked at him for a moment, then said: "Okay, you seem fit. Let's go".

Elise didn't know what was happening. She tought that he was going over to check what the pilots were doing. Dominic forgot about her, he was amazed of the ships, of the space, of everything outside his homeworld. He tried to accept what was going outside his familiar space and to accept that he is one of the Outcasts.

The Outcasts

Boarded on the Pilots ship, he started questioning him about it, about his life as an Outcast, about everything. Good for him, the pilot was trying to explain everything, if it was someone else, he would probably jettison him in space, as he was starting to ask too much questions. The destination: Omicron Eta. The starting point of all Outcasts. Training, equipping and then fighting with Corsairs. A life he could not imagine. Everything was new to him. Alas, he joined their cause, he couldn't back out now. Trips to space, then back, then again and again until his fighting and flying skills were perfect.

14 Years later