Galicia Research Station

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Galicia Research Station
Investigue Estacion class Station
Galicia Research Station.jpg
Flag-outcasts.png Outcasts
D5, Omicron Beta
Technical Data
Gravity Complete
Docking bays Yes
Amenities Yes
Population 380

Galicia Research Station was set up not too far from Ruiz and in far orbit of Planet Elysium in order to further study the mysterious former gas giant. That's not all, though, for a few laboratories have been set aside to examine and experiment on Cardamine away from the prying eyes of the Maltese population. Those scientists perform tests on the drug to collect data on some of its auxiliary genetic alterations and conduct detailed analyses about Cardamine's euphoria inducing effects on the human body. This station also recently led a controversial project to test the feasibility of growing Cardamine grass inside its bio-domes, thus potentially on other planets as well, but with very little in the way of success. Another rendition of the project is currently being planned, which is to be aided by a more public campaign in an attempt to boost support of the concept.

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