General Light Cruiser Tactics

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Lesson 1: Which Ship?

Light cruisers in general are all very similar. The concept when handling such vessels is the same for each one. When you observe light cruisers closely, you will not only find that they have higher agility than heavy cruisers, but also a completely different fighting style. Most light cruiser captains will attempt to exploit their smaller shape and avoid getting hit at all, while heavy cruiser captains will most likely exploit the advantage of their greater power-core and the number of guns. So when picking light cruisers, focus on their shape and power supply, we will be mostly referring to those requirements.

Lesson 2: The Loadout

The power-cores usually allow the usage of light mortars. Light mortars are especially useful in hit-and-run tactics. The fact that you'll be dodging blows most of the time means that you won't always be in the position to get a clear shot, let alone a constant surge of fire. One light mortar every few seconds will make up for all the damage you would have done with the remaining turrets if you sat still, so you have to make sure it hits. As stated, all other turrets should be standard faction turrets, they are used for battles that involve Fighters and Bombers. See below how to counter each type.

It is always useful to equip graviton shields as your worst nightmare will be pulse weapons. Also, it is recommended that you use the best Armor Upgrade you can find.

Lesson 3: Battles

Before reading further it is important to read and understand the whole concept behind Engine Kill as it represents the basic of PvP combat. Also, it would be useful to understand the basics of Team Coordination and Solo Combat.

It goes without saying that you should always keep your ship in check, train regularly and develop new techniques.

Lesson 4: Counters

Light Cruiser vs any Fighter/Bomber class

Light Cruiser vs any Capship class

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