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Burned Bridges (escape maneuver)

It is not really a combat tactic, but rather an effective escape trick. Allows you to gain distance against the chasing ships. Its applicable in the "civilized" systems near the trade lanes, in situations where you are ambushed or the fight getting out of your hand.

When you try to leave the battlefield, dock on a trade lane, and just before the arms lock: drop one or two mines (according to their strength, it is necessary to test). Shortly after docking, the mines exclude the trade lane of traffic. I recommend you to do the same after you leave the trade lane. If you make it clean, this trick accords you an advantage about 12-15k distance from your pursuers.

It´s a very good trick in a situation, where the escort covers the retreat of unarmed or lightly armed ships, e.g. transport, or when outnumbered by an enemy force. This allows both the transports and the escort to escape by "burning the bridges".

Should this fail, or should your ship not be equipped with mines (such as a transport class vessel), you can still prevent yourself from being chased through the entire tradelane by, just before exiting the lane, activate the rear view (default key "V"), and using any available turrets to shoot the trade lane. Most weapons are powerful enough to disable the lane node you exited in one or two shots. Any pursuers will get a lane disruption and will be thrown out of the lane about 4000m behind you, giving you time to engage cruise.

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