History of Gallia

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Exodus from Sol

During the war between the Alliance and the Coalition fought across Sol, the Alliance eventually realized that it was losing and decided to flee to new systems to continue life there. To this end, five sleeper ships were constructed- the Liberty, the Bretonia, the Kusari, the Rheinland, and the Hispania, each representing the nations of Earth that were most powerful. The Americas aboard the Liberty, the United Kingdom aboard the Bretonia, Japan aboard the Kusari, Germany aboard the Rheinland, and the Mediterranean nations aboard the Hispania. France, however, had recently had its fleet crushed before the decision was made, and was considered not worthy of its own sleeper ship. French agents discovered this, and decided not to be left for the Coalition by their "allies". In secret, France constructed its own sleeper ship, the Gallia, using the infrastructure that would otherwise support their fleet. After the five sleeper ships left, the Gallia set out not toward the Sirius sector, but a region "close" to it, relatively speaking- a star cluster not nearly as numerous as the systems of Sirius, but richer in resources. It had been passed up by the other nations as it could not sustain all five nations, but for only one it was plentiful enough.

The Kingdom of Gallia

Once the Gallia had arrived in what would become Ile-de-France, its leading passengers decided that a Monarchy would be the most efficient system of government for their intended goals- namely, running an isolationist domain and preparing to exact revenge on those who had betrayed them. A more liberal system of government was likely to lose sight of their purpose