Kawada Station

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Kawada Station
Hedonai class Station
Kawada Station.jpg
ChrysanthemumLogo.png Golden Chrysanthemums
G6, Hiroshima
Technical Data
Gravity Complete
Docking bays Yes
Amenities Limited
Population 240

With the Hiroshima system once being a remote, underdeveloped region, Kawada Station was established as a retreat for Golden Chrysanthemum activists who were returning from shipping raids, propaganda missions and the like.

As Hiroshima became a more active system, especially in the conflict between the Kusari Naval Forces and Blood Dragons, the GC now own a station in one of the most critical strategic locations in Kusari. Frequent visitors are Blood Dragons on the way to battle, but it also occasionally serves as a way-station for some Cardamine smugglers. The Chrysanthemums, of course, know how to exploit this by utilizing the Dragons' expertise to fortify their station so that they're able to focus more on providing propaganda and recruiting young women from the region.

Missions Offered

Bribes Offered




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Light Fighter
Raven's Talon
Very Heavy Fighter