Kyle Marshall

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Kyle Marshall
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Origin Flag-bretonia.png Bretonia
Occupation Captain of the HMS-Cromwell
Gender Male
Height 181 cm
Weight 96 Kilograms
Hair color Brown
Eye color Black
Affiliation Unknown
Status Unknown. Officially M.I.A.
Born 4th of July, 789 A.S.


Kyle was born in a modest family on planet Leeds, having just a sister. Kyle's life was a bit unusual, as he first had to work in the mines of Planet Leeds along his parents due to a strict regime in their part of the planet. Kyle was always a big dreamer, and wanted to get away from Leeds at all costs, to get away from his surroundings. When he was 19, he arrived on planet New London by hopping on a freighter, and finding a settlement relatively fast.

Shortly after he came on the planet, he realized he needed a steady income of credits to sustain his life, and save enough to get his parents out of what he had described as a living hell before it was too late, and so he decided to apply for the BAF. He went to military school, and due to his skills he was ranked as captain, assigned to a old Churchill that is now destroyed, the HMS-Peacekeeper. In his career he made a lot of comrades, yet with the time their number decreased, until all that remained were 3 great friends of his.

In 818 A.S., when the first battleship of the Cromwell-class came out, he decided to step on it even more and ask for a transfer to the front on the Taus against the Kusarian forces. Due to his previous service record in the Armed Forces, he was assigned as the captain of the HMS-Cromwell, and a few weeks after his fresh new assignment him and the crew of the Cromwell were sent within Tau-31 to aid the Macduff.

Sadly, when the Macduff pulled back to Newcastle, the Cromwell remained behind because it's core failed. The Cromwell-class was prone to failures due to it's prototype nature, holding Marshall behind along with his crew. At the date of 2th of December, 818 A.S., at 1500, Kyle gave the order to all of the ships that were left behind due to all kinds of reasons to enter the state of cryogenic-freezing, after he sent earlier that they will be there, waiting for the other Armed Forces to come and rescue them one day.

Present Day

Today Kyle's status is unknown to many, as he was also classified as M.I.A, but in reality Marshall is alive and well, re-awakening what ever was left from the Macduff in the Taus, first awakened by a explorer that stumbled upon his flagship


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Personal Templar
Personal Challenger


Individuals Relationship
Robert Winslow
Trusted individual; Awakened Kyle from his slumber
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Liberty Navy
Everyone Else
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