Liberty Air Force

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This is an unofficial player group. For the affiliated NPC faction, see Liberty Navy..

Liberty Air Force
Origin Flag-liberty.png Republic of Liberty
Affiliation Liberty Navy
Alignment Lawful
Recruitment Click to join
Date of founding 819 AS A.S.
Founder(s) Avalanche (Forum Name)
Current leader(s) Daniel Winters
Base of operations Flagship: United.States
Tag(s) LAF|
Primary role
To become a large and well respected force.
Secondary role
To be a military force, not your local cop.


The Liberty Air Force is the aerial warfare branch of the Liberty government. It is one of the smallest branches of the military due to being partly redundant but the Air Force supports the spearhead in any shape or form possible. The Air Force has various compliments of military equipment used for atmospheric combat and interplanetary defense and offense but it has only been a few years when the Air Force has requested to build and support its very own space craft battle group. The pilots of the battle group, codenamed Task Force Sierra were pioneers of space combat on behalf of the entire Air Force.

At the current moment, the Air Force has one rented Liberty Navy Carrier called The United States, ten Snub Craft Fighters and eight Bombers. The Personnel that support the Carrier are all transfer from top performance airfields and land bases belonging to the Air Force. The Navy has given support in few days of the transfer to make sure the new crew would be able to support the ship. That is all the Air Force has at the moment and they are not expecting it to change dramatically for some time.



The Spacecraft Carriers Bridge

Liberty Carrier was developed for combat situations where ability to carry and support numerous smaller crafts is crucial for victory. This ship can hold dozens of fighters deep inside its heavy hull, safe from enemy capital weaponry. Huge docking bay allows to dispatch fighters quickly - or recall them if hostile forces are prevailing.

Built in early 813 A.S as a strike carrier for the Liberty Navy, it has served in the Rheinland War for all of its time. Never been put out of action to date and only been sent to the docks for combat repairs twice during its six years. Two months ago it was signed over to the Air Force to act as their command and control center.

∙ Heavy Mortar

∙ Two Missile

∙ Two Razor

∙ Primary Turret



The Air Force has a long history of being the first line of defense of the people. The Navy began to act as the space combat force for the Republic of Liberty so the Air Force was left as the only operational air power over the Liberty planets. Many feared that an invasion would be executed on the Planet of Hudson and so over sixty percent of all Air Force operations, personnel and equipment were transfered over to planet Hudson. California kept a further 25 percent, Colorado 12, Pennsylvania 12 and New York held the remainder. Air Force leadership and Air Marshall's felt strongly that New York was the most secure planet in Liberty controlled space due to the almost impossible task of setting enough ground forces on the planet to warrant the Air Force being desperately needed. Hudson remained the biggest threat of a invasion from Rheinland ground and air forces so it was therefore the most heavily populated by ground & air forces. The system of Texas also became the most heavily populated for Navy Space Craft to act as a deterrent to the scenario of an invasion.

The Air Force became the work horse for the Army and Marines. It transported every soldier or piece of equipment such as an artillery gun or tank over long distances to the front line. It also dropped down supplies and ammunition to the troops in any type of terrain. When Artillery bases began to run low on stock piles of shells and energy for the cannons then the Air Force would be called to drop in whatever is needed. The most common heavy work horse for the Air Force is the Chinook Transport. It is super sonic, heavily armoured and yet able to carry over 72 soldiers. With the ability to also hover with thrusters underneath the aircraft it can hover for over 30 minutes. This allows it to drop troops in cities, drop down supplies to the ground, pick up troops and or vehicles.

As well as transportation the Air Force also conducts vital combat air support for the Army. Attack gunships, heavy, light and passive bombers, Ariel recon, missile support, emergency extraction and more. It truly is the shield and sword of the army.

The Air Force pilot has an overall in the colour of light blue which is the Air Force's colour. Along with Air Force mark II armour to give the pilot protection of vital organs and flexibility in the cockpit. Detachable utility belt and sidearm holster comes built in. Gloves and boots are always worn. The helmet protects the whole head from projectiles, light level lasers, explosions and impacts. The visor also has the same properties and protects the user just as much as the metal helmet however it is more likely to shatter. The visor has built in electronics that bring up the battle net and mapping to guide the pilot of the terrain and coordinate strikes and ground forces positions on a virtual battlefield.

However, with the Liberty Navy being the largest fighting force in Sirius the Air Force assets became very safe from Orbital attacks. Airfields, Air Force equipment and personnel were some of the safest out of all the branches of the military. Not wanting to be made completely redundant the General of the Air Force decided it could support the Navy in space by not just flying supplies to Navy depots on the planets surface from the factories. And so, in result the Command in Chief gave permission to create the Air Force's Space Command.

Space Command controls, monitors and handles everything to do with space operations and spacecraft with the Air Force. The leader of Space Command is the appointed General Daniel Winters.

The Navy dominates space and space combat with Liberty's multiple enemies but Air Force Space Command was not formed so that they could send Air Force pilots in Navy equipment to fight in bulk toe to toe with the enemy whoever they may be. Instead the Air Force, with only twenty current pilots (Estimates of roughly 100 by the end of the year) operates as a support force for the Navy. The Air Force assaults the enemy space with the Navy or if the time comes, by itself with a small force. Additionally, the Air Force is not a responding force for law enforcement or piracy acts. Its equipment and pilots are too valuable when in reality a Navy, Security Force or Police pilot would be on station just as quickly.

However there have been cases when Air Force pilots did get tangled into a brawl with the pirates. This has only ever been the case if a trading vessel reaches the pilots local area and calls for aid. Other situations include if the Air Force pilot drops out of the trade lane and catches a trader or vessel in danger. In these situations it is expected of pilots to act in a defensive manner however if the odds of survival are slim, they are expected to always fall back and regroup.

An Air Force patrol. Squadron Zulu.

During the last few months of 818 A.S, the Air Force began to design and build their own space ship. Unique to themselves. However progress has been limited due to funding. It is expected to be not until 820 A.S before a fleet of Air Force space fighters can be deployed.

For now, Air Force space combat regulations include limited contact and engagements with pirates and other unlawful groups and more centralised to Rheinland invasions, Alien threats, Order threats and the defense of Bretonia (Leeds & Edinburgh). The Spacecraft Carrier The United States is being deployed under Navy Command with Air Force pilots to Bretonia to support the effort against the oncoming Gallic fleets.

Space Command

Space Command is the center point for all Space operations conducted under the Air Force. The leader of Space Command is a chosen Air Force 4 star General who appoints two 3 star Generals to act as his advisors and heirs.

Space Command is the equivalent to the Navy's High Command.

Observation Deck


Spacecraft -

Li elite.png
Very Heavy Fighter
Li elite2.png
Heavy Fighter
Li elite2.png
Very Heavy Fighter

Weaponry -

   ∙ Liberty Navy Weapons
   ∙ Respective Ship Mounts
   ∙ Codenames
   ∙ Civilian Weapons


The Space Command of the Air Force has a very small compliment of fighter pilots. The main bulk of the Space Command are the crew on board the United States Carrier. However for the fighter pilots, they do not have their own spacecraft. Instead all ships are shared among the pilots with some exceptions. If pilots transfer from the Navy they may personalize their fighter and keep it under their control. The only people that have access the Carrier is those who are members of Space Command.

Once in space in either a default shared fighter or in their own fighter, pilots will rally up into squadrons with a call sign such as Juliet Squadron or Lima Squadron. Each comprised of two to four pilots. This will help with combat organization and leadership. Highest ranking pilot will take control of a Squadron and lead it until a superior comes to either relieve them of command or to command their and all other squadrons present.

This is how it will be run for the current moment, changes may be applied in the near or far future.


∙ We will not fight one-of pirates.

∙ We will not babysit your trader.

∙ We will not respond to your call if you already have enough people on the scene and the fight is fair.

∙ We will follow officials orders. Not your independent LNS Capital ship.

∙ We will fight against Rheinlanders, Nomads, Large-scale pirates & Royal Navy forces.

∙ We will not fight the lone Roc Bomber on the lane that you nag us to.

∙ We are a military force, not your local law enforcement.


∙ Faction Colours are White & Blue shades.

∙ All forum activity will be conducted within these colours and within this font & style.

∙ Very important members understand and accept that.

∙ Most members will have the chance to use shared ships but you can have your own if wanted.

∙ ID & IFF are LN.


∙ To become a large and well respected force.

∙ To get our own ship line, ID & Restrictions, Guard system.

∙ To act as the most hardcore professional group of combat pilots you'll ever meet.

∙ To RP as real combat pilots in squadrons and flight groups with effective co-ordination and a real-combat situation feel for all members.

∙ A healthy use of microphones.

∙ To be a military force, not your local cop.

∙ To last.


Liberty Air Force Logo

∙ LAF|Armory

∙ LAF|United.States

∙ General Daniel Winters

∙ Colonel David Patton

∙ Major Harold Comstock

∙ Major John Eagle

∙ Major Mike Dave

∙ Captain Kelly Ruiz

∙ Captain Theo Kastillo

∙ Captain Alicia Leeves

∙ Lieutenant Michael.Bradley

∙ Lieutenant James.Burton

∙ Lieutenant Adrian Fisher

∙ Lieutenant Mason Gilroy

∙ Lieutenant Avery.Johnson

∙ Lieutenant Kyle.McCalister

∙ Lieutenant David.Rhodes

∙ Lieutenant Melanie Tyler

∙ Lieutenant Scott Williams

∙ Lieutenant Anja Ryer


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