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This is a player faction. For the affiliated NPC faction, see Liberty Navy
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Liberty Navy
LN Logo.png
Origin Flag-liberty.png Liberty
Affiliation Liberty Navy
Alignment Lawful
Date of founding 230 A.S.
Founder(s) unknown
Current leader(s) Fleet Admiral Roy Sanders
Base of operations Richmond Station, Virginia


The Liberty Navy represents all that is free in this world of inequalities and untruths of character. We stand where others won’t, we fight what they say is a losing battle. Why? For the freedom of those who depend on us, we are the Southern Alliance and we do not falter when the line is drawn for peace and war.

The Liberty Navy receive direct economic support from the Powell administration currently in charge of Liberty. Due to the support that the current establishment gifts us with, we currently have the most advanced naval fleet in Sirius capable of combating most any enemy. State of the art research into any and all advancements is always underway at classified naval research bases making it so those who can not fight may rest easy.

Historical Information

The Liberty Navy is responsible for protecting the economic well-being of liberty through military force, both within the boundaries of the colony anf in the independent systems that border its territory. The current Liberty Navy was formed after President Jacobi created the Southern Alliance and the Northern Compact. These two navies worked in total autonomy to each other. However, the Northern Compact soon became corrupt and following several LSF reports on their illegal and immoral activities it was decided that they should be absorbed into the Southern Alliance to form the greater Liberty Navy. Some, however, rebelled against this idea and turned against Liberty. Many of these groups were disbanded or destroyed. Some, however, managed to escape Liberty to live in the Borderworlds or Independent worlds. One such group is the 522nd Battlegroup.

Tactical Information

  • Fleet headquarters are located in the Virginia system.
  • Tactical movements are on a need to know basis.
  • Acceptable crafts range from Light Fighters to Bombers depending on rank.
  • Capital ships are confined to command personnel only; Special circumstances excluded.

Requirements of Application

  • You absolutely must be able to RP, this is key to your acceptance. More so than combat ability, If you can not RP you will not be accepted, should we find out that you lied about your RP skills you will be removed from our Ranks.
  • You must be well acquainted with both Discovery Forum Rules and Discovery RP 24/7 Server Rules. You will be quizzed on this.
  • Forum participation is also obligatory for this faction, if you do not post on the forums you will not be an acceptable member of the Liberty Navy.
  • You will have access to the Liberty Navy bank and armoury for your initial setup, after this we will not be able to support you economically. Therefore, you will fund your characters in most cases.
  • No offensive language, no childish comments, no out of character spam in both private and open channels.
  • Liberty Navy Tag, ID and an appropriate ship are required for you to be recognised as a full ensign in the Liberty Navy, until then you will be considered a recruit in training.
  • If you violate any or all of the above mentioned rules you will face demotion, removal or potential exile.
  • You must never use OOC in system chat. Even if the entire system is flaming your entire generation, country, caste, creed, family, universe, anything. You will always reply via the PM function. Failure to do with will result in a dismissal.

Command Structure

Fleet Admiral The overall commander of the Liberty Navy. Orders from the fleet admiral must be obeyed unless overturned by both admirals, both vice admirals or a full vote from any commands. Can fly any ship allowed.

Admiral Admirals command a section of the Liberty Navy, each one having a certain amount of men and ships assigned to them. They are answerable only to the fleet admiral, both vice admirals or a full vote from any of the commands. Can fly up to a battleship without requiring authorization.

Vice Admiral The two vice admirals report directly to the fleet admiral. They each council the fleet admiral and aid in decision making. Any policies or decisions made can be overturned by the fleet admiral, both admirals or a full vote from any command. Can fly up to a battleship without requiring authorization.

Captain A captain has proven his worth within the Liberty Navy, they are the most esteemed officers before high command. Decisions can be overturned by a higher ranking officer or a full vote from the mid or lower commands. Can fly up to a cruiser without requiring authorization.

Commander The next stage up from Lieutenant Commander, this is a pretigous position as it shows the ascent into mid command. Commanders can order lower command and can be overturned by any high command or a full vote from the lower or mid commands. Can fly up to a gunboat without requiring authorization.

Lieutenant Commander The highest rank in the lower command. Lieutenant commanders have proven their loyalty and devotion to the Liberty Navy and have been rewarded as such. This is the first rank that can fly a capital ship in the Navy. Can fly up to a gunboat without requiring authorization.

Lieutenant Lieutenants are the mainstay of the commanding officers. They can command and order ensigns and sub lieutenants but every rank above them can over-rule a decision they make. This is the last rank that is restricted to fighters and bombers only. Can fly up to a bomber without requiring authorization.

Sub-Lieutenant Sub-Lieutenants symbolise the stepping stone into the command structure. Chosen from the most able and promising ensigns, they are given the task of commanding new recruits and ensigns in space. Can fly up to a bomber without requiring authorization.

Ensign Ensigns are the core of the navy. They make up the backbone of any fighting force and as such are incredibly common. Can fly up to a very heavy fighter without requiring authorization.

Recruit Recruits are those that have very recently enlisted in the Liberty Navy. They have yet to prove themselves worthy, useful or reliable and so cannot achieve the rank of ensign until they do so. Can fly up to a very heavy fighter without requiring authorization.

Approved Vessels

Naming conventions for LN craft are as follows;

  • [LN]-Firstname.Lastname (Fighter & Bomber designation)
  • [LN]-LNT-XXXX (Domestic and inter system trading craft designation)
  • [LN]-LNS-XXXX (Capital & Repair ship designation)

Capital ships are limited to senior staff only, and those that have been given special permissions by senior staff to operate them. This includes Gunboats, Cruisers, Battlecruisers, Dreadnaughts and Carriers.

An application process will be instituted so that any pilots wishing to operate a capital ship may so apply with their credentials and state their case.

Please post in the Liberty message dump with your formal request for a capital ship.

Strike Craft
Captial Ships

It is also permitted for pilots of the LN to operate on a part time basis a Liberty Naval trading craft for supplying themselves with funds as well as bolstering the Liberty economy. Permitted ships for this trade are listed as follows;

Utility Ships
Li freighter.png
Super Transport
Transport small.png
Transport large.png
Large Transport
Dsy trainx2.png
Dsy trainx3.png
Large Train
Dsy trainx4.png
Advanced Train
Prison liner.png
Prison Liner



Message Dump


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